Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

We were not exactly elated when we heard Toyota was bringing a two-door Camry to the SEMA Show this year. An everyday sedan isn’t really what we would call a tuning marvel. Then we saw the photos for the new RK Collection Camry NASCAR Edition and were a little surprised to see a car with a little more spunk than what we’re used to seeing on this boring little ride

The Camry NASCAR Edition was built as a model that could show Toyota Racing Development (TRD) the potential for the vehicle. RK Collection managed this seemingly impossible feat by adding a custom body kit, a Toyota grill, carbon fiber brake ducts with fog lights, TRD emblems, and new 20" TSW Jarama wheels.

Under the hood there is a powerful TRD NASCAR V8 engine that measures 358 cubic inches and delivers an impressive 680 HP at 8500 RPM. The engine is mated to a Tremic T-56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission with a Ram dual-disc street clutch.

The interior sees custom leather-covered panels, a suede headliner with integrated rear tweeters, leather-covered power seats with custom TRD billet logos, a billet shifter, and a dashboard with SPEK gauges by Proparts. Further racing spunk was added with a four-point roll cage. Handling was improved with the use of Camry modified Macpherson struts in the front and a Venza modified multi-link independent suspension in the rear.

After the SEMA Show, the RK Collection Camry NASCAR Editionwill be headed to the Phoenix International Raceway on November 12th for the start of the NASCAR race weekend.

UPDATE 02/13/12:It took a lot longer than we expected, but hey, it’s always better to be late than to never show up at all, right? Check out the video prepared by RK Collection of the Camry NASCAR Edition. We don’t need to remind you how surprisingly sick this car is, so just watch the video after the jump and see for yourself!

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So, has anybody ever said that they only buy American made cars? Well, if they’re driving anything but the Toyota Camry, you can all them a liar. has released its annual American Made Index, which tells us which car is the most American Made.

First place was the Toyota Camry , which is actually a little funny. It’s not just the Camry that is American made. Toyota’s Sienna is in tenth and the Tundra brings home eighth.

Second place was another “Japanese” sedan, the Honda Accord . The biggest surprise was that the Accord took the place of an American icon, the Ford F-150 , which is now completely off the list.

The change is due to the fact that 75-percent of the Accord is American and the car is being assembled in two plants in the United States. The F-150 saw its American parts percentage drop from 80 percent to 55 percent.

Ford gets a little redemption, as the Escape is in the third and the Focus is in fourth. General Motors brings home fifth with the Chevrolet Malibu and Chrysler gets seventh and ninth with the Ram 1500 and theJeep Wrangler .

So, only half of the top ten are so called “American cars”, with the other five being “imports”. Pretty amusing if you ask us.

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Looks like Toyota ’s woes aren’t about to slow down - no pun intended - anytime soon. That became apparent when the latest Toyota vehicle - a Toyota Camry - crashed into an Advance Auto Parts store in Shreveport, Lousiana, almost running into a Corvette owner inside the store.

According to the owner of the Camry-turned-missile, he was trying to stop the car and braked only to watch helplessly as the car instead accelerated straight through the car parts store. Fortunately for the driver, the local police investigating the incident have yet to issue a citation and as far as the Corvette owner who nearly lost his life, he lived to tell the story of his harrowing ordeal, complete with a vivid description of the crash as it occurred.

Check out what he had to say after the jump.

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Toyota almost wishes that these kinds of days would come more often.
OK, it’s not our place to continuously make fun of Toyota in light of the crisis they’re in these days so we figure that we’d – for once – commend them for this rather cutesy and upbeat ad for the 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid , which was built in Australia.

Taking its cue from (500) Days of Summer – yes, we loved that movie! – this Toyota ad sees a man who, despite the rather monotonous nature of his work, still finds it to appreciate the niceties that life – and a Toyota Camry Hybrid – affords.

Heck, we even have a full slate of gymnasts, acrobats, and cannonballs to accentuate the jollies of driving a Camry Hybrid.

Source: Toyota

When somebody mentions drag racing, chances are you picture two high-powered sports cars duking it out for those ever-so-important high-speed bragging rights. Those types of races are a treat to watch, especially when they’re relatively evenly matched, which would then provide us with a clear idea as to what sports car trumps another in a flat-out straight race from start to finish.

On the other hand, mid-sized sedans aren’t exactly the kinds of cars that you’d find getting involved in a full-throttle drag race, which then makes this drag race video of a 2010 Hyundai Sonata and a 2010 Toyota Camry both perplexing and amusing to watch.

Sure, they belong in the same segment and the tale of the tape would say that this one isn’t some novelty mismatch. But watching this race feels like you’re watching two well-off executives running a 100-meter sprint in their full-on business regalia. It should be entertaining, no doubt, but it doesn’t have the same energy and flashiness as, say, a Nissan GT-R taking on a Corvette ZR1.

Nevertheless, for your amusement, we invite you to watch the video to see which of these mid-sized ‘racers’ ends up reigning supreme.

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The last model in Toyota’s line-up at SEMA Show is the Surfrider Camry Hybrid CNG. The car was created in cooperation to Street Image and the the gasoline fuel system was replaced with a CNG system.

The exterior of the vehicle was given a sportier concept look with the installation of an aggressive body kit featuring a custom front grill and unique rear bumper that covers the tail pipe and exhaust system. The overall ride height was lowered on an adjustable coilover suspension, allowing the car to hug the set of 20-inch alloy wheels rolling on Toyo Proxy 4 tires. A new multi-colored vehicle wrap that features CNG and Surfrider logos completes the unique look.

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The Camry and Camry Hybrid models are entering the 2010 model year with revised exterior styling, a new four-cylinder powertrain and new safety, audio and convenience features. For 2010 Toyota will offer: Camry standard, LE, SE and XLE versions with prices ranging between $19,395 for a standard Camry with new six-speed manual transmission to $29,045 for the XLE with a six-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid version is priced at $26,150.

Toyota Camry

The standard version are powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that deliver 169 hp, or 179 hp in the SE versions. The top of the line models get a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that delivers 268 hp and is mated to a six -speed automatic transmission.

On the exterior, Camry gets a newly designed grille and front bumper, an enlarged lower intake, larger projector headlamps and restyled tail lamps. The Camry and LE grades feature restyled standard wheel covers. The XLE grade will run on new 16-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, while the SE grade adds new 17-inch sporty alloy wheels.

Toyota Camry

Inside, Camry is available with an optional audio system equipped with a new USB port for auxiliary music sources, Bluetooth(R), integrated satellite radio, single-CD, and MP3 and Bluetooth(R) streaming music capability. Previously an option, all Camry gas models will now be equipped with Vehicle Stability Control with traction control. Auto up/down power windows with jam protection on all four doors is standard equipment.

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Toyota Australia revealed today the HC-CV (Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle), a concept that will be revealed at the 2009 Melbourne International Motor Show.

The hybrid Camry uses a four-cylinder petrol engine linked to a powerful electric motor. It produces more power than a conventional petrol-engine vehicle while delivering better fuel economy.

Toyota HC-CV

"HC-CV is our expression of the contemporary hybrid sedan." The front of the car is characterised by expressive, sharp lines and taught surfaces. It echoes the latest Toyota Hybrid styling cues, with vertical fog lamps, larger lower opening and a streamlined upper grille.

Toyota HC-CV

The headlights are symbolic of Toyota’s hybrid image with a blue hue. They fuse technical elements with natural forms. Some lenses have a waterfall impression, while others are functional, lightweight and technical in appearance. The rear LED lamps, also with a blue hue, provide an unmistakable hybrid look.

The body colour is unique - a satin white pearl with subtle blue highlights to provide a serene, calm feeling. The paint allows intricate detailing and features to show through.

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First revealed in the 1980s, the Camry saw a minor facelift this year at the Detroit Auto Show. For 2010 Toyota will offer: Camry standard, LE, SE and XLE versions with prices ranging between $19,395 for a standard Camry with new six-speed manual transmission to $29,045 for the XLE with a six-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid version is priced at $26,150.

The standard version are powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that deliver 169 hp, or 179 hp in the SE versions. The top of the line models get a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that delivers 268 hp and is mated to a six -speed automatic transmission.

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Toyota unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show the compressed natural gas (CNG) Camry Hybrid concept vehicle. According to the company the car features "just one of the many alternative fuels we’re exploring in our ongoing advanced technology research and development."

Toyota CNG Camry Hybrid Concept

The CNG Camry Hybrid Concept is powered by a 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine with Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive and the gasoline fuel system has been replaced by CNG system. The maximum output is 170 hp (Engine + Electric Motor + Generator + Power Storage).

Toyota CNG Camry Hybrid Concept

The CNG Camry features a sporty look: a sleek custom front fascia and front bumper cover eliminate the grill opening, while a custom rear bumper covers the tail pipe and visible exhaust system. The vehicle is fitted with 19 x 7.5 alloy wheels and Bridgestone Potenza 225/35ZR19 run-flat tires to accommodate the lack of a spare tire.

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