Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica

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Celica was originally designed for motorists motorists who love fun and style, and more than just a simple means of transportation.
The name is derived from the Latin word célico meaning "from the heavens" or "celestial".
Through all generations, Celicas have been built around Toyota’s high-performance inline-4 engines.
The plans for the Celica started in 1967.

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The years pass for Toyota Celica to.After 36 years of life , 7 generations, and 5 wins in the World-wide rally for the coupe,the hour of the retierment reaches.

The Toyota Celica is on its way out — but then it’s coming back in a brand new guise. But don’t hold your breath, because it’s not likely to appear until 2008. According to a report in this week’s Autocar, the Japanese car giant, which recently overtook GM as the world’s biggest carmaker, is developing a mid-engined, 4WD hybrid car with four seats to replace both the MR2 and Celica. Both cars are nearing the end of their lives and will be withdrawn by mid-2006. It could be called a Celica (...)

Now in its seventh generation, Toyota’s redesigned front-drive 2-door hatchback coupe came in GT and sportier GT-S trim. No convertible was offered. Wheelbase grew by 2.4 inches, but the new coupe was about 4 inches shorter overall, half an inch narrower, and about as tall as its predecessor. Basic engine in the GT was a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder, making 140 horsepower.

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