Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

  The Toyota Corolla is the longest-running model in Toyota’s lineup, as it debuted in the U.S. in 1968 – two years after it made its debut in Japan. Through the years, the Corolla has remained the same compact model, but has undergone several format changes – coupe, wagon, sedan, etc. The Corolla was at one time the entry-level model for Toyota, but is now only the entry-level sedan, as the Yaris now stands as Toyota’s entry model. There is no scheduled redesign for the Corolla in the near future, though a Tourer – station wagon – version has been caught testing.

The venerable Corolla has been a mainstay in Toyota’s U.S. lineup since its introduction in 1968. Toyota’s longest-running nameplate has undergone numerous alterations over the years, but has always remained a stalwart of the compact sedan segment. In 1997, the Corolla surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle as the best selling nameplate worldwide. That tradition continues today with the updated 2014 Toyota Corolla .

I recently spent a week getting to know a Corolla equipped in the LE Eco trim — the Corolla’s most fuel-efficient trim package. Equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder, electronic power steering, skinny tires, and a Continuously Variable Transmission, the Corolla earns an EPA economy rating of 30 mpg city, 42 mpg highway, and 35 mpg combined.

Coated in a deep Evergreen color, the Corolla did a great job at keeping its fuel-conscience end of the bargain. My weekly total average topped just over 31 mpg, besting the Corolla’s EPA city rating. A light throttle and careful driving quickly saw the average increase on slower highway jaunts, making the EPA’s estimates seem obtainable.

The Corolla proved to be a reasonable yet rather tossable set of wheels during its week stay, though there were a few quibbles about NVH.

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The Podcast is back, and we have new recording equipment! That means we sound better than ever, and to celebrate we talk even longer than ever. Actually that last part was a tiny mistake, but we ended up with a full 90-minute show packed with awesome stuff for you guys. Hope you don’t mind.

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In this week’s Weekly Wheels, Mark and Justin had some competing compacts with the Toyota Corolla and the Kia Forte respectively. I came into the fray with the entertainment side of the party in the 2014 Porsche Cayman S .

News stories cover the Golf R Wagon spy shots, Alfa 4C updates , a new special edition car from Hennessey and the death of the Caterham/Renault alliance . We also cover Ford’s plans to recreate a PR stunt from the ’60s and the potential for a 400 horsepower, four-cylinder Porsche .

We had a few questions to go over in the Q/A section thanks to all of you awesome listeners out there including how we got into the business, what cars we think didn’t get enough love in the last decade and we discuss if hybrid is the way to go for supercars.

We wrap up the show with a brand new segment called Drive, Own, Burn. We get a choice of three cars; one we have to own forever, one car we get to drive once, and one car we have to burn outright and never get to touch. To continue with the Hybrid supercar theme, our choices were the Ferrari LaFerrari , McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 . Unsurprisingly, none of us quite agree, and Mark and Justin got it wrong.

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Hosts: Christian Moe, Justin Cupler, Mark McNabb
Weekley Wheels: Porsche Cayman S, Kia Forte EX, Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Dream Build Challenge is one of our most anticipated happenings leading up to the 2013 SEMA Auto Show .

This year, a quartet of new models are headed to SEMA and all of them are rowdy, crazy, and all sorts of awesome.

One of them is the Toyota Corolla , the Japanese automaker’s compact sedan. Or what’s left of what looks like the Corolla.

Called the Corolla Crusher, the vehicle is the official entry of BMX rider Drew Bezanzon. It sure looks like a program developed by somebody with an affinity for bicycles as shown by a pair of them sitting comfortably on the bike rack in the roof. Look closely at the front and rear of the Corolla and you’ll notice that Bezanzon installed grind rails on both components, keeping the BMX spirit alive and in full bloom.

Speaking of full bloom, this is what the Corolla is going to look like if you infused it with an active sport spirit. The radical purple colors, mixed in with spicy graphics highlighted by the headphones-wearing skull - an ode to Skullcandy - speaks to the kind of attitude this Corolla has in truckloads.

Moving back to those bikes, you can actually take both down to open the trunk, at which point, you’ll see nesting locations for bike tools, plus a pair of mountable speakers with light bars, the latter of which are connected to a ball-busting audio system from Skullcandy. Custom iPad integration controls the interior features, including music out of upgraded speakers shaped in the Skullcandy logo, while the front seat headrests carry 3-to-1 scale representations of Skullcandy’s newest Crusher headphones.

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Toyota has invested a lot into the redesigned 2014 Corolla sedan, heralding its new designs both inside and out as fresh and exciting, but despite the new looks, the Corolla falls short in the safety department. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranks the new Corolla as “marginal” in the small-overlap crash test.

The new-for-2013 small overlap crash test has caught many automakers off-guard with its stringent new standards, but Toyota is feeling the ill effects with many of its vehicles. The Camry , Prius V , and RAV4 all received a “poor” rating in the new test. As a result, those vehicles will not qualify for the IIHS Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ honors.

During the test, the Corolla suffered damage to the driver’s foot well, raising the chances of lower-leg injuries. The dummy’s head also rolled to the left of the airbag and could potentially strike the A-pillar or dashboard. Luckily, the side curtain airbag deployed properly and prevented any injuries to the dummy’s head.

Toyota was obviously not happy with the results. Spokesman John Hanson even questioned the new standard’s relevancy by saying, “When all-new crash tests are introduced by the [IIHS], we need to be confident that the changes needed to accommodate the tests will enhance overall safety in real-world crashes.”

The IIHS says the new standards are in response to research suggesting that 25 percent of all highway deaths are caused by small overlap head-on collisions.

The news isn’t all bad for Toyota, however. The redesigned Scion tC earned the second-highest safety rating of “acceptable” in the small-overlap frontal crash test back in August.

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Toyota is coming back to this year’s SEMA Auto Show , and it’s bringing along the Dream Build Challenge for an encore run.

Last year, the competition was won by NASCAR racer Kyle Busch , who took home the title for his work on the 2013 Toyota Camry , or as he later on christened it: the Rowdy Camry .

This year, another NASCAR driver, Parker Kligerman, will team up with Kyle Busch Racing to be one of the four participants in the complete custom build of four unique Toyotas. In the case of Kligerman, he has the task of using another Camry and create a rally -inspired version that has been dubbed the "CamRally".

Meanwhile, freestyle skier Simon Dumont will be teaming up with Oakley to work on a Toyota 4Runner , or as it will be built and called, the "Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner".

Representing the world of Supercross are a pair of the sports biggest stars, Justin Brayton and Josh Grant, both of whom will collaborate with Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross to build the "Let’s Go Moto Tundra " pickup.

And finally, BMX rider Drew Bezanzon has the Toyota Corolla all to himself. He’ll still get help from Skullcandy to build what we can only imagine to be an audio box on wheels, thus its aptly named handle, the "Corolla Crusher".

All four entries will be in attendance at the SEMA Auto Show where just like last year, the fans get to decide which build stands out ahead of the pack.

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Toyota is attempting to build excitement around one of the company’s longest-running and most conservative nameplates: the Corolla. It’s an uphill climb that started months ago with the 2013 Toyota Corolla Furia concept making the rounds at the major 2013 American auto shows and culminated with the official launch of the new `Rolla in Santa Monica. The redesign aims to bring some life back into the model after years of languishing while the entire Toyota lineup was redesigned around it.

The Corolla is a serious cash cow for Toyota , with 2012 sales reaching nearly 300,000 units, despite the lack of substantive changes since 2003. What’s the rush to replace a model whose tooling and engineering costs have long since been paid off? After eleven years, the 2014 model finally promises to bring the Corolla into the fold with modern electronics and styling, refined engines and more spacious dimensions all around.

Those expecting revolution will be mildly disappointed, but the changes are far deeper than a facelift in hopes of re-energizing what has become a laughing stock in the wider automotive enthusiast community. Desperate to ditch its beige image, the new Corolla promises to win back the boy-racer crowd that’s long-since abandoned the Corolla in favor of the mechanically similar Scion tC coupe or the rear-drive Scion FR-S .

With two solid sports models in the Scion corner of Toyota showrooms, does the new Corolla’s style risk alienating loyalists? Or do the new updates simply massage in a quieter ride, better infotainment tech and a bit more room in the back?

Ahead of the 2014’s arrival in early September, we’ve prepared a full review, image gallery and styling analysis of the new Corolla.

Update 8/27/2013: Toyota has just released the pricing details for the 2014 Corolla. It starts out at $16,800 and caps at $20,100, minus optional equipment. Se the specifics after the jump.

Update 10/7/2013: The 2014 Corolla just underwent testing from the IIHS, and it received a shockingly low "Marginal" score in the small-overlap test. See more after the jump.

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Toyota is expanding its Corolla lineup with the addition of two new special editions based on the LE and S trim levels. The new Toyota Corolla LE and S Special Edition will be limited to 7,500 units (2,250 LE models and 5,250 S models) and will be priced at $20,550. The model will be available starting April.

The LE Special Edition will be offered with a unique Black Currant Metallic exterior color and will sit on 16-inch alloy wheels. For the interior, the model will add heated, Beige-leather-trimmed seats, and Display Audio with Navigation and Entune. "Special Edition" floor mats and exterior badges will remind you are driving a Corolla that’s just about as special as they come from the factory.

For the S version, Toyota will include a unique Hot Lava paint and 17-inch alloy wheels. The model will also come standard with sport fabric seats and Display Audio with Navigation and Entune™. Just like with the LE version, the new S Special Edition gets "Special Edition" floor mats and exterior badges.

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The Corolla quietly makes its way into its 45th year of production as we enter the 2013 model year. Toyota, not one to mess with success, chose to let the Corolla’s 45th anniversary pass with no fanfare. In fact, the 2013 model year pretty much carries all of the same trimmings from the 2012 model year, save for a few minor changes.

The Corolla can carry on unchanged and not lose any steam because it is only two model years removed from a slight refresh and that it has a very specific role: draw in young buyers with a low price and high quality. It is not in Toyota’s lineup to dazzle anyone out of $30K. It is happy providing basic amenities at sub-$17K prices.

The goal in this is to get buyers impressed with the entry-level `Yota sedan and that should eventually lead to these buyers snagging up a top-line Avalon – so theory says.

The 2013 Toyota Corolla comes in three trim levels: L, LE and S. With each level comes a little more luxury and the S model actually makes the Corolla fairly bearable for even picky buyers.

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The Toyota Corolla is currently in its eleventh generation, but a wagon version hasn’t been offered since 2005 when Toyota decided to axe it. However, more and more customers have been asking for wagon models in the past few years, so the Japanese company has decided to bring the Corolla Tourer back onto the market. The model will be making its official debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and will be put on sale in early 2014.

The all new Corolla Tourer (known as the Auris in Europe) has been caught by our spy photographers during hot weather testing in Southern Europe. As you can see, the model is heavily camouflaged meaning that its exterior design will be significantly improved when compared to the current generation.

A few changes will also be made under the hood, but American customers will still enjoy the same 1.8-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine, which produces 132 HP, found in the sedan version.

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Akio Toyoda, President of Subaru’s parent company, Toyota , has announced that the next Subaru Impreza would be based on the venerable Toyota Corolla .

In a statement to select members of the press, Toyoda was quoted as saying, “We [at Toyota] are always looking to consolidate redundant parts of our lineup so we can pass our cost savings on to our customers. Because of this, we are pleased to announce that the next generation of the Subaru Impreza will be based on our Toyota Corolla, which is the best selling car in the world.”

While Toyoda declined to discuss a timeline for the changes, he did mention that Subaru’s signature boxer engines and symmetrical all wheel drive would not be carried over to the new Impreza because of, “[the] inefficient nature of the design.” He declined to comment further.

Toyoda did however make great note of his excitement over the Impreza’s changes, “Combining Corolla and Impreza designs makes perfect sense. They share the same area on the marketplace and while the Impreza is unique, it was never a class leader. Nevertheless, [the Impreza] will now have the same DNA inside that helped [Toyota] sell over 40 million Corollas.”

A Toyota insider later broke down the changes for us. The new Subaru Impreza will share very little with the Impreza concept that was shown at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. Instead the new Impreza will receive a face lift to look more similar to its Corolla cousin. Our insider also told us that under the hood, the new Impreza would get the Corolla’s 1.8L 4-cylinder engine driving the front wheels. Lastly and most unfortunately of all, our insider told us that Toyoda will relegate the WRX and WRX STI nameplates to being no more than sporty trim packages with, “Very little, if any,” more power added.

UPDATE 04/01/2011: Sorry to pull one over on you guys, but April Fool’s!!! This is all complete fallacy!

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