Toyota FT-86

Toyota FT-86

While everyone was expecting to see the production version of the Toyota FT-86 sports car, the company has decided to tease us with yet another concept version of the car. Called the FT-86 II, the new concept made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show and, according to Toyota , it takes us a step closer to the final design of its next sports car.

Sin Sin ce Toyota has decided to aim its next sports car at younger buyers, they’ve stepped up their game with a more attractive exterior design. Although we are a little perturbed that we received a second concept instead of a production model, we have to say that the added work on the FT-86 II does make it look a lot better. Guess some extra hours at the drawing board paid off after all. As did the design inspired by the legendary 2000 GT which was first displayed at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota may have had to bring out two concepts to get the design just right, but after being postponed more times than we would like, sales for the Toyota FT-86 will begin in Europe in 2012. Prices will start from around $25,000.

UPDATE 09/07/2011: With the Subaru BRZ Concept revving its way into the Frankfurt Motor Show, there was no way Toyota would be missing the opportunity to showcase the BRZ’s competition - the FT-86 II Concept. So, in true competitive fashion, Toyota will also be at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its "faster, lighter, and sportier" FT-86 II Concept. Check out the teaser video by clicking on the image above!

UPDATE 09/16/2011: A few days ago Toyota promised a new version of the FT-86 II Concept for the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the images Toyota has unveiled only show a new exterior color. Don’t worry Toyota, we know you’re in this thing with Subaru and we haven’t forgotten about the FT-86.

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The FT-86 , in either Toyota or Subaru forms needs no presentation. Everyone knows how this car will look like and for sure we won’t get any surprises from either of the two companies. And we will finally see the production version of the car. Both Toyota Toyota and Subaru will bring the production version of their sports car in December at the Tokyo Auto Show. The model will go on sale in 2012 and the Toyota version will be sold as a Scion FR-S on the US market.

While Toyota offered us all the design glimpse you might have needed with the launch of three different concept cars, Subaru has only revealed a a transparent concept detailing the car’s boxer engine, rear-drive architecture and suspension. And if you were hoping to see an all-wheel-drive version from Subaru, we have to bring you a sad news: Japanese sources familiar with the program say there are no plans for an AWD version.

On the other hand, a good news reveals plans for a convertible version and even a compact sedan to target the BMW 1-Series .

Source: Inside Line

Until Toyota will decide to finally bring the production version FT-86 sports car, the only possibility to actually drive the FT-86 II Concept car is while playing Gran Turismo 5 video game. Well, at least is something, even if the trailer is obviously created by CGI.

With this trailer, the FT-86 II has been added to the very longlist of cars to be featured in GT5. And all we can say is enjoy your ride, at least until you will actually enjoy the real car!

Refresher: the FT-86 II Concept made its debut early this year at the Geneva Motor Show and according to the company it will be most realistic preview of the production version set to arrive in 2012. The sports car is rumored to be powered by a 2.5-liter boxer-four engine that produces 305 HP - an engine shared with its Subaru sibling.

Source: WCF

Now that the 2011 Geneva Motor Show has come and gone, it goes without saying that the event was arguably the biggest and most successful auto show since the 2009 IAAs in Frankfurt, Germany.

Some might contend that, but as far as we’re concerned, its been a while since we had an auto show that has been as widely attended by almost all automakers in the world quite like what we saw in Geneva.

And while we may have been introduced to a lot of the cars that were launched in Geneva beforehand, there were still some models, mostly of the concept variety, that took us by surprise.

Most of these models weren’t previewed before the event so when the Geneva Motor Show opened its doors, just about everybody in attendance and those keeping tabs over the Web didn’t see these cars coming.

But now that they’re here, we can take a look at the models that made the 2011 Geneva Motor Show that much more interesting.

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After potential customers took a look at the first Toyota FT-86 concept, they weren’t exactly over-the-top thrilled with what the automaker had accomplished. Taking this information and running with it, Toyota set out to right their wrongs with the first rendition of the FT-86 by coming up with the FT-86 II revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. All of that modifying and Toyota may now be taking a step in a different direction with a possible hybrid version of the sports car. When asked by AutoExpress whether or not a hybrid FT-86 was possible, a Toyota spokesman said: "Why not? It’s no secret we’ve been considering a hybrid sports car for a while."

The FT-86, as well as its Subaru version , will be powered by a 2.0-liter flat-four boxer petrol engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission with compact dimensions for its standard version. The production version of Toyota’s FT-86 may be coming out as early as the 2011 New York Auto Show in April under the Scion badge , while the Subaru version is being promised for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Subaru is currently working on making their sports car more aggressive and aerodynamic. Both versions are expected to go on sale in 2012.

In the meantime, Toyota is going to have a tough time convincing people this is going to be a true sports car when they are already considering hybrid technology for a car that hasn’t even been produced yet.

Source: AutoExpress

The Toyota FT-86 concept wowed us at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show for being a sexy RWD 2+2 that wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg to buy.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, Toyota may have other plans for the production version of the FT-86. During a recent meeting with dealers in Las Vegas, Toyota announced that the FT-86 will be badged not as a Toyota, but as a Scion . What’s more, the previously stated $20,000 price tag has been bumped up to somewhere around $25,000.

Is this a good or a bad thing? Well, it depends on who you ask.

While we’re not completely enamored with the FT-86 falling under the Scion brand, we understand Toyota’s decision in doing so given that Scion hasn’t exactly been setting auto sales on fire. The Scion-badged FT-86 could be what Scion needs to kick-start its line-up back to prominence.

Despite the announcement, Toyota has not thrown out the possibility of seeing a Toyota version in the future. As far as we’re concerned though, we don’t see the merits of having a Toyota Toyota version now that the production version of the 2+2 sports coupe is being badged as a Scion. They’ll be competing against each other in a market that Scion desperately needs to make an impact on.

We think that having a Toyota version of the FT-86 will undermine the Scion version. But that’s what we think. If Toyota sees a more promising result than what we’re seeing, then more power to them.

The Toyota/Subaru collaboration has all of us car enthusiasts talking, but with the Subaru FT-86 getting ready to blow Toyota’s version out of the water, the Japanese company is already thinking of a backup plan. According to some insiders at Toyota , a sedan version of the FT-86 has been given the green light and is considered a "plan B that will be introduced to cover the FT-86 investment in case the coupe doesn’t become a commercial success." The new sedan will cost somewhere in the area of $30K.

The sedan version will be built on the same Subaru Liberty platform that the coupe version is built on with the same Subaru 204 HP boxer engine under the hood. This engine will be mated to a six speed manual gearbox or a continuously variable transmission (CVT). There are also rumors of a top version model that will use the Subaru 3.6-liter H6 powerplant delivering 256 HP.

So, if built, the sedan version will be the third model in the FT-86 sedan, next to the coupe and the "baby " version.

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Finally, some concrete information on Toyota’s FT-86 production vehicle coming out of the company’s G sports division. Apparently, Toyota Japan had an invite-only event to showcase their Noah and Voxy people-movers, but it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to the highly anticipated FT-86.

According to 7tune, the Toyota FT-86 is definitely on schedule and ready to make its appearance in November 2011, contrary to the rumors circulating that its debut was pushed back to 2013 . 7tune sat down with Dr. Shigeyuki Hori, Project General Manager for the Sports Vehicle Management division and Kazuo Okino, Group manager for the same division and they confirmed that the FT-86 is about 50% complete and is still on target in terms of pricing. Their mid-range level spec will cost about $29,000. They also discussed the possibility of a turbocharged engine, but the decision on that is still up in the air at Toyota. In total, the FT-86 will come in three spec levels with two engines. A hybrid vehicle is also in the works, but will not come in one of the spec levels of the FT-86. Toyota says they are saving that powerplant for a different sports vehicle.

Some more good news for the folks that are patiently waiting for the release of the FT-86 is this: the concept will not see many changes to its design. The minor changes that will be made will be more aesthetic, leaving the overall shape untouched.
When asked about the anxiety held by the public in terms of the FT-86, Chief Officer for Toyota’s Motor Sports Division, Tadashi Yamashina, replied that “the cars development was on schedule and that because of Toyota’s connection with Subaru, there was no way that the car wasn’t going to be great.”

There you have it, folks, straight from the automotive horse’s mouth.

Source: 7Tune

When it comes to the production version of the Toyota FT-86 , we have heard all kinds of rumors. The latest rumor going around the mill reports that the officially unveiling has been delayed to 2013 .

Today, we found new details on the future car. Get this, the production version might not be called the FT-86. Instead it seems Toyota Toyota has marked the FR-S name, with FR standing for front-rear (as in, front-engine, rear-wheel drive) and the S will stand for sports car. Frankly, we don’t care what they call it as long as they get it done already.

The FT-86 is a compact, rear wheel drive sports concept powered by a 2.0 Liter horizontally opposed, naturally aspirated four cylinder gasoline burning engine supplied by Subaru. In its non boosted form, the flat four make a maximum output of 150 HP, but the automaker is toying around with the idea of a more powerful super charged version depending on consumer demands.

Source: Toyobaru

Oh Toyota. They haven’t been having a good year. With all of the problems they have been having with the dreaded recalls, they pretty much have their hands full. Truth to that statement comes in the form of a delay of the long awaited sports car developed by Toyota in cooperation with Subaru . While everyone was waiting to see the final product in 2011, Toyota announced that the FT-86 has been postponed to 2013.

Toyota offered two reasons for this decision: first it seems that the company will change the design once again and second is the actual global economic slowdown. We think we can safely assume that the fact that a lot of people have lost their faith in Toyota could also be considered a good reason to postpone an automobile.

Toyota has also announced that the success the Honda CR-Z is having on the market is another thing to take under consideration. It appears that the hybrid engine in the CR-Z may end up influencing the development of the FT-86 further illustrating that Toyota really wants to get this one right before unleashing it to the world.

What hasn’t changed again is the cost of the vehicle. In Japan the FT-86 will be priced at a little over 2,000,000 yen (22,135 USD).

Source: 7Tune

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