Toyota Iq

Toyota Iq

Inside sources revealed to Autocar that the Toyota iQ could form the basis for another, larger car. The new model will compete with the upcoming Volkswagen Up!

When the iQ arrives early in 2009 it will be powered by a choice of two petrol and one diesel engine. All will be ultra-clean, meeting upcoming Euro 5 and Euro 6 pollution limits. A stop-start system will further improve economy.

The iQ project started back in 2003, for a market slot that Toyota described as “small yet premium”. One senior Toyota Toyota source said he expects the car to be priced “between the Fiat 500 and the Mini” and Toyota expects to sell as many as 500,000 examples of the iQ and its upcoming baby SUV in 2009.

Toyota will not offer a hybrid version for the iQ because there is no room for a battery pack (the iQ is just 2.99m long).

Source: AutoCar

Toyota unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the production version of the IQ Concept unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The IQ will go on sale late 2008, with production expected to be around 100,000 units during its first year.

Toyota IQ

The iQ delivers dynamism and stability despite its small size. It challenges conventional thinking through a design that is forward-looking, intelligent and energetic, while retaining clarity of purpose and function.

iQ is 2,985mm long and 1,500mm high. Its compact ingenuity lies in its comparatively long, 2,000mm wheelbase.

Toyota IQ

iQ will be offered with a choice of two petrol engines and one diesel. These, together with the compact design, low weight and aerodynamic shape of iQ, will contribute to outstanding fuel economy and exceptionally low CO2 emissions, which are anticipated to start at around 100g/km.

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Toyota will unveil at the Geneva motor Show the production version of the iQ Concept unveiled last at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Production will start in late 2008. iQ is a radical change in vehicle design as well as environmentally friendly transportation, and away from the belief that small cars are basic and less safe.

Toyota iQ and Urban Cruiser will debut in Geneva

Next to it Toyota will also unveil a new extension of its sports utility vehicle line-up into the small car segment: Toyota Urban Cruiser Toyota Urban Cruiser . This new Toyota is an environmentally responsible small SUV aimed at the urban all-roader market. It provides an answer to consumer desires for SUVs but with low fuel consumption and low emissions.

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Toyota will unveil in 2009 an ultra-compact car based on the iQ concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car will be a small fuel-efficient car that will satisfy Europe’s tight emission regulations. The car will be produced in Japan starting at about 100,000 vehicles a year.

Toyota has announced that a production version of the IQ Concept will be unveiled in January 2009. But even if the IQ will be the world smallest four-seater, it won’t be wolds cheapest car: it will cost about €13,000. Toyota plans to sell 80,000 units of its IQ minicar in Europe in the first 12 months after its introduction.

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