Toyota Iq

Toyota Iq

The Toyota iQ, which us in the States know as a Scion iQ , is never mistaken for a speedster or a sports car. However, weighing in at only 990 kg (2,182 lbs) means that it doesn’t take too much power to make it quick. The folks at GAZOO Racing decided to see what happens when they toss a supercharger on a Toyota iQ with the optional 1.33-liter engine.

The end result is a super-lightweight car that pumps out an impressive 122 PS (120 horsepower) at 5,200 rpm and 174 Nm (128 pound-feet) of torque at 4,800 rpm in a compact package. This means that the supercharger added a full 28 PS (27 horsepower) and 56 Nm (41 pound-feet) of torque. GAZOO Racing is building a very limited number of these iQs – 100 to be exact – and they have dubbed this machine the Toyota iQ GRMN Supercharger.

In addition to a supercharger, GAZOO Racing included an updated suspension and transmission. Also added in were 4-wheel disc brakes, allowing its driver to bring this micro-machine to a halt quickly.

The Toyota iQ GRM Supercharger retails at 3,550,000 Japanese Yen, which is $45,367 at the current exchange rates. That’s a full $27,332 more than the base-level Scion iQ, which is quite a price hike.

The 100 units are already sold out, so if you are looking to snag one of these iQ GRMN Superchargers, you’re going to have to check out the used car market and hope you’re lucky enough to find one.

The Toyota iQ is far from a track-ready sports car. As a matter of fact, the mere thought of seeing a car like the iQ on track conjures up images of turtles participating in a quarter-mile race. But even if the iQ isn’t what you’d associate as a rocket-on-wheels, it doesn’t mean that it can’t look the part of one. That’s where the Toyota iQ City Racer comes in.

Limited only to a little over 300 units while being exclusively marketed in France, the iQ City Racer is being introduced as a sexier and far more aesthetically pleasing dress-up on the iQ. It’s got numerous color options to choose from - Orange Tabasco, Red, Pearl White, or Gray Aluminum - and can also get dressed up with two current black bands on the hood and the roof. There are also new mirror covers, some faux carbon elements on the flanks, a rear apron with a black chrome exhaust, dark tinted windows, and a new set of 16" black alloy wheels.

Output on the Toyota iQ City Car’s 1.33-liter Dual VVT-i petrol engine remains at 98 horsepower, which was expected considering that the whole point of the iQ City Racer was to make the car look more like a sporty racer, but not necessarily perform like one.

As it stands, Toyota has priced the car at €19,950, which is around $26,000 based on current exchange rates. It’s a pretty steep price for a car that only comes with aesthetic improvements, but hey, some people will love its new looks, even if they won’t get any performance enhancements.

Toyota has unveiled details on the new iQ Disco version for the European market. It is called "Disco" because yes, it does look like a disco ball, and because it comes with a professional DJ sound system. The disco ball look is attained by covering the entire car with a bunch of mirror platelets intricately placed mimicking the original mirrored disco ball of the 70s.

The sound system includes a fully powered subwoofer / satellite speaker system with a 15-inch bass reflex subwoofer, 2-channel mixer and two Numark NDX 800 players. The sound system develops 1000 Watts and 130 dB. Aside from this impressive sound system, the iQ Disco also features a new set of 18" alloy wheels and scissors doors.

Under the hood Toyota placed a 1.33-liter Dual VVT-i petrol engine developing 98 HP.

The Toyota iQ Disco will be displayed for the first time at the "Cologne Rocks" event in Köln, Germany.

You know, we could make fun of this car, but it’s just too darn easy. So, for once, we’ll let it slide.

While the US market is still waiting for the Scion iQ to go on sale, the Europeans are already receiving an updated version of the Toyota iQ which will be revealed at the Paris Auto Show. But don’t expect big changes; Toyota decided that the only thing needed to be improved was the interior.

A new gray interior has been introduced, with contrasting black upper trims on the doors and toning fabric upholstery. The new cabin color-way is available with Eclipse Black, Pearl White, Island Blue, and Tyrol Silver exterior finishes, while the established plum interior will continue to be offered with Deep Amethyst, Chilli Red and Decuma Grey.

New soft-touch materials have been introduced and the “manta ray” motif panels on the door and center console adopt a new black finish. A scarlet surround has been added to the center console, toning with contrasting red stitching on the black leather steering wheel.

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They say that beauty comes from within, and it seems Toyota is taking that statement to heart as they are providing the iQ with a facelift consisting solely of a modified interior just in time for the Paris Auto Show. But before that, Toyota will unveil a special edition iQ just for the Japanese market.

This special edition is called the iQ 130G and is distinguished by a revised bumper, exterior mirrors painted in a gray finish, and a revised exhaust tip. On the interior the 130G will get a new color combination for the leather finish and piano black trimming. Japanese customers will also be able to choose from a long list of options in order to customize their car.

The iQ 130G is powered by a 1.3 VVT-i engine that can produce 95 HP in JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) spec. The engine is mated to either a manual gearbox or a continuously variable transmission.

Considering this special edition was made specifically for the Japanese market, not everyone will be able to enjoy it. We guess we will just have to wait for the Scion iQ to be launched on the US market in 2011 before we get to see any iQ action.

For all intents and purposes, the Aston Martin Cygnet and the Toyota iQ are mirror images of one another and if you’re looking for any styling differences apart from the different badges on the car, chances are, you’re going to have a hard time finding any.

For the life of us, we don’t know why Aston Martin even contemplated on re-badging an iQ to become a Cygnet. It’s not a knock on Toyota by any means; it’s just that Aston could have just made something themselves. They are, after all, a car maker, yes?

In any case, Aston Martin is driving up its marketing for the Cygnet by launching a wallpaper generator on the company’s official website. In the website, users can put on their artistic hats and mix-and-match the Cygnet with a wide choice of colors – there are costumes, would you believe – and download their finished creation on their computers or cell phones.

Given that the Cygnet is only available to previous and present Aston Martin owners, most of us will have to settle for this configurator if we have any plans of buying one. Unless there’s an Aston in your garage, you’re out of luck with trying to get your hands on a Cygnet.

Source: Aston Martin

The Japanese automaker Toyota has just unveiled a new special edition of their compact iQ model called Access, and it will be the lest expensive of the range priced at €11,700 and is 1300 euros less than the next city car up the line. The iQ Access comes well equipped with safety features that you would normally expect from higher priced vehicles like ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist, stability control and traction control, driver and passenger side airbags as well as curtain airbags, knee airbags and a rear window airbag those sitting in the back.

Toyota iQ Access

Toyota didn’t skimp on the creature comforts either, offering a radio equipped with a CD player and MP3 jack sending your favorite tunes through a standard six speaker audi system. The driver will enjoy ergonomic equipment like the adjustable steering wheel with integrated audio controls. Despite it’s small size, the iQ offers plenty of cargo room with the rear seats folded flat for more storage. Being an automobile of this stature, the iQ makes do with a 1.0 liter three cylinder engine making a total of 68 HP, more then enough to scoot through traffic in the iQ.

Small cars are the perfect one for crowded cities. Expecially when you work for local authorities or police forces. Toyota UK will supply a number of 45 iQ for the Traffic Enforcement Systems that are responsible for traffic regulation and community safety.

Even if just a demonstrator car, the iQ will be equipped with a range of mobile CCTV and GPS systems, thermal-imaging cameras and numberplate-readers.

The iQ surveillance cars will be powered by a 1.0-litre engine coupled with the automatic transmission.

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The fuel efficient Japanese automaker Toyota has unveiled two customized iQ models: the iQ for Sports and the iQ Collection at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Both models come straight from the Tokyo based design studio with unique treatments to both the interior and exterior of the gas sipping compact city cars like custom paint, bespoke interior trim and rather unique sets of rims.

Toyota iQ for Sports and iQ Collection

The first of the compact concepts is the iQ Collection with its oversized transparent acrylic roof. The iQ Collection is aimed at providing drivers with a more upscale driving experience and the larger than life sunroof provides the perfect window into which you can admire the vehicle’s upgraded interior appointments and fine touches like white pearl detailing on the center console, instrument binnacle and door panels while the seats are wrapped in supple leather finished with clean white piping.

On the other hand, the iQ for Sports focuses on beefing up the compacts car’s body in order to create one very wild winged hot hatch. Housed inside of the aggressively blistered fenders are a set of custom five spoke rims measuring 18 inches in diameter and hiding a set of massive brakes from the more youth oriented Scion brand of vehicles. The bold body kit is finished off with a set of LED driving lights integrated into the front bumper and a large trapezoid exhaust tip smack dab in the middle of the back bumper. These two unique iterations of the Toyota Toyota iQ are as different as any two concepts can be, but they both are excellent examples of the vehicle’s versatility and ability to take the shape of whatever their owner desires.

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After reporting that the Japanese automaker Toyota is planning to build a hybrid version of the Yaris compact city car yesterday, today it is time to move our attention to something even more environmentally conscious, the even smaller Toyota iQ . That is because Toyota plans to produce their first production EV when the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) variant of the iQ for 2010.

According to iQ’s chief engineer, Hiroki Nakajima, the all-electric iQ will feature in-wheel motors: "In every wheel we had to be able to fit an electric motor." It will also be the first Toyota mass-production model to use lithium ion batteries and will take about 8 hours to fully charge. “Our target is for customers to be able to charge it completely during the night,” and will have a range of 93 miles, more than enough for commuting or around town driving.

In an attempt to dispel the new car buying public’s belief that small means low cost, Nakajima said: “We wanted to position the iQ as premium,” so the BEV version will receive distinct bodywork from the standard iQ and "will get a much better interior” according to the chief engineer. Toyota is a company known for building a well built reliable product so perhaps they can convert a few electric skeptics as well.

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