Toyota MR2

Toyota MR2

Looks like Toyota and Gazoo Racing will be bringing more than just the Lexus LF-A to the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race this week. In a surprising announcement, the Japanese automaker will also bring their new mid-engine convertible hybrid concept to Nurburgring, which they’ve christened as the GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II.

An updated version of the first concept that was introduced at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon, the GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II is an MR2 -based hybrid concept that features plenty of styling cues from the fabled MR2 sports car. It was also designed in a far more aggressive detail befitting of its status as a new-age hybrid concept car.

In addition to the advanced convertible design language of the car, Toyota and GRMN (Gazoo Racing tuned by MN2) also improved on the car’s mid-engine sports-hybrid AWD system that now carries a 3.5-liter Type 2GR-FXE V6 engine that produces 249 horsepower to go with a front electric motor that bumps up the output to 299 horsepower.

So far, these are the only details we have of the new GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II, but rest assured, we’ll have more details when the car makes its official debut at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring this weekend.

You know when people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
Well this dude took it to a whole new level. See, he has a Toyota MR2 , a nice sports car that has no chance when parked beside, say, a Ferrari F430 Spider.

Apparently, our MR2 owner found a way to make his MR2 a little more presentable: he dressed up his Toyota sports car to look like a Ferrari F430 Spider. We say “look like” because no matter how hard he tried, you still wouldn’t mistake one for the other.

The story becomes more ridiculous when the owner of the Fauxrarri decided to participate in a sports car meet somewhere in the Netherlands with his dressed up MR2. Upon arriving at the location of the meet, the owner parked his sports car in one spot, oblivious to the fact that another sports car, albeit a lot more powerful, was parked very close by.

Care to venture a guess at which sports car that was?

Yep. It was a Ferrari F430 Spider, and a real one at that.

Source: AutoJunk.NL

While everyone is waiting for the next generation Toyota MR2 , a guy decided to turn his into a Gumpert Apollo . We’ve seen lots of replicas, but this one is one of the strangest ones!

This is a one-of-a-kind (thank God!) concept, featuring a Toyota MR2 frame along with the modern conveniences of airbags, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, exhaust, and suspension.

Of course, you guessed it, under the hood there is nothing compared to the Audi-sourced 4.2-liter, twin-turbo V8 with 650HP from the Apollo! Instead the owner used a four-cylinder turbo engine, dynoded at 255 whp at 15 psi and 303 whp at around 19 psi. The car meets all regulations and is extremely economical in term of gasoline.

The interior combines black suede leather with red piping and Racing Sparco seats with Racing Harnesses - also in a combination of black and red.

The car is for sale on eBay with a current bid of $12,100.

Source: Carscoop
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Toyota must have realized that their cars were pretty boring, so the Japanese company is set to release a few hybrid sports cars. There will be two coming with names that should sound pretty familiar to car lovers. The first will be the MR2 and the second will be the fabulous Supra .

The MR2 should be here around 2013 and it will feature a hybrid 1.5-liter petrol engine. The car was originally going to get a V6 hybrid, but after the strong sales of the Honda CR-Z , Toyota has decided a four pot was the better option.

The Supra was thought to be dead, but the strong sales of hybrid cars have brought it back again. The new Supra will be powered by a V6 hybrid motor, similar to the FT-HS concept on which the car is based. Of course this is not exactly a new piece of news considering we caught wind of this vision back in 2008 , but now it seems that the vision has progressed to a full blown project in the new Supra.

Hit the jump for the full story including what may be interesting competition for the MR2 and Supra.

Source: Autocar

Either this is the ugliest Ferrari 360 we’ve ever seen or it’s something else – a Toyota MR2 , perhaps - that’s masquerading as a Prancing Horse.
In any case, we don’t have a clue as to why somebody would want to turn an MR2 into a Fakerrari other than maybe they think that people are stupid enough to believe they have a Ferrari 360 .

But if you don’t have an ounce of shame in your bones and you are interested in this kit to rebadged your Toyota into a 360, then all you need to do is fork over $2,000.

But we do have to warn you. Contrary to what you’re thinking, driving around a Fakerrari around town won’t do a whole lot to bump up your cred. The truth is, you’re probably doing more damage to yourself by sitting behind the wheel of a Fakerrari.

For starters, it makes you look cheap and more important than that, any self-respecting man would know what a genuine Ferrari 360 looks like. And this is most definitely not one of them.

Source: eBay

In their perpetual game of one-upsmanship, Toyota has been rumoured to come out with a car that would rival Honda ’s new CR-Z hybrid sports coupe.

While nothing yet has been confirmed by Toyota, Japan’s Best Car magazine has nevertheless taken its own spin on the matter, releasing a photo of what it says could be the Toyota MR-S – the long rumoured hybrid successor of the MR2 .

We’re not exactly fluent in Nihonggo so we’ll just have to make do with an artist’s rendering of what the MR-S could potentially look like, and judging from the image, it looks like the ‘supposed’ MR-S – with those oh-so-groovy yellow green rims – has taken the reins from the CR-Z in the sportier-looking department.

Now, all of this may end up being just a rumor since Toyota already has a sports coupe that’s set to go out on the market soon in the FT-86 , but then again, speculation is always fun, especially when it comes to the ‘what-you-can-do-I-can-do-better’ game Toyota and Honda have been having for quite some time.

Source: Best Car

All three generations of the Toyota MR2 had exactly what we liked in sports car: lightweight, quick and good weight balance. So it was a sad day in 2004 when Toyota killed off the MR2 in the U.S. (the rest of world lost it in 2007.) But now the sports car may be back to help fulfill the new Prius’ prophecy.

When the latest Prius was still in development, there were plenty of rumors going around that there would be a few different versions of it including a coupe. Now AutoExpress has an interview Toyota executive vice president Masatami Takimoto, who said, “We are aware of the fondness with which the MR2 is held in the U.K. and Europe, and are developing a small hybrid sports car."

So at least the MR2 may make a comeback in the all of Europe, but hopefully that will spill over a little into the U.S. Even if North America doesn’t see a new MR2, the rest of the world should get a car that takes its inspiration from the FT-HS sports car concept revealed back in 2007 at the Detroit Auto Show. That car should be priced at less than $30k, and still return about 60 mpg. THis will make it a direct competitor to the Honda CR-Z .

Source: AutoExpress
The life for MR-2 ended, and for ones who wanted to have a MR-2, but didn’t get the chance during the MR-2’s life, Toyota will launch a limited edition: the "V Edition" that is going to be limited to only 1000 vehicles. The car will be available only for the Japan market, begining with January 2007. The limited edition version will feature leather seat and door trim, a three-spoke sports steering wheel, a new instrument panel with metal highlights and a titanium color for the (...)
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