Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

To what lengths will you go to to prove that your Toyota Prius is not a push-over on the road. Apparently, for Timothy Hird of Winder, Georgia, far enough to get him thrown in jail.

The Toyota Prius owner became so incensed at the lack of ’road cred’ his Toyota Prius was getting that, in a fit of rage, he attempted to race a Honda Civic just to show that his Prius could hang with the non-hybrid types. The incident occurred at a Publix supermarket near Braselton, Georgia when the driver of the Civic pulled out in front of Hird, inciting him to the point that he ran to his Prius, sped up, and caught the Civic before shouting "Watch this!" at the passenger of the Civic and began blocking their car. In an attempt to get past the raging Hird, the driver of the Civic almost ran into a police car.

As a result of the incident, both drivers were booked for reckless driving with Hird suffering the brunt of the punishment - he got thrown in jail - for his highly aggressive, and obviously dangerous attempt in proving that his beloved hybrid Prius was no slouch on the road.

Way to go, Mr. Hird. You did prove your point, although we didn’t see the whole point of it in the first place. Hey, more power to you and your stay behind bars.

The Toyota Prius isn’t exactly a car that you’d mistake to be all-terrain-ready, but apparently for some people – celebrities, even – all-terrain tires and Toyota’s hybrid car go together like peanut butter and jelly.

A few weeks after purchasing a Toyota Prius, the lovely Eliza Dushku wasn’t necessarily impressed with the standard tires they came in, so she decided to sell those tires on eBay for charity and replace them with all-terrain tires.

We shudder to think what a Toyota Prius will look like when it’s on an off-road excursion, but Eliza Dushku seems to think that it’s a good idea. And because she’s sizzling hot, we’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

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We barely had time to do some follow-up checks regarding the runaway Toyota Prius in San Diego a couple of days when reports began circulating that another Prius – this time from the other side of the country in New York – figured in another unintended acceleration, only this time, the 56-year old driver didn’t have the assistance of the California Highway Patrol so she ended up crashing into a stone wall.

Fortunately, the incident happened just outside her home when after pulling out of her driveway, the car began to accelerate across the street straight into the awaiting wall. According to reports, the lady was lucky enough to escape the crash without any major injuries, but we all know that it could’ve been much worse.

That’s precisely why these defects with Toyota vehicles is getting way too out of hand and if the Japanese company doesn’t do anything about it soon – they don’t have a fix for the ‘entrapped’ accelerator pedals – there’s a chance that this may not be the last time we’re going to report a crash of this nature in the future.

We may have an obligation to report incidents of this nature, but - for the sake of those involved in these accidents - we prefer to not do it this often.

If Toyota wanted any more proof as to how dangerous those sticky accelerator pedals can be, they can look no further at this traffic incident that occurred in San Diego where the driver of a Toyota Prius placed an emergency 911 call because the accelerator of his Prius ‘jumped’ and he couldn’t do anything to make the car slow down.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the runaway Prius was travelling on Interstate 8 near San Diego when the accelerator of hybrid inexplicably got stuck leaving the driver, 61-year old James Sikes, in a high-speed, no-stopping vehicle. Fortunately, the CHP responded quickly and as soon as they caught up with the Prius, put their patrol car in front of the Prius and used it slow down the hybrid car before coming to a stop near the La Post Bridge with the patrol car directly in front of it.

Here’s the news report that was given by NBC’s local San Diego affiliate who was able to get a few words from Sikes as he explained exactly what happened to his Toyota Prius.

Source: NBC

With Toyota embroiled in the biggest crisis in company history, you’d figure that there’s no way to go but up for the embattled auto giant. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Toyota’s problems are far from over.

After already recalling an estimated 8 million vehicles over sticky accelerator, a new problem has arisen from a number of Toyota units, forcing the Japanese-based automaker to recall about 437,000 more units of the Toyota Prius , the Lexus HS 250h , and the Toyota Sai .

What makes is worse for Toyota is that the recall of these units is completely different from the over 9 million vehicles that Toyota Toyota has previously recalled. While those cars suffered from sticky accelerators pedals, this latest batch consisting mostly of Prius and Lexus HS 250h models involve “inconsistent braking during slow and steady application of brakes on rough or slick road surfaces when the ABS is activated in an effort to maintain traction.”

It may sound a little too complicated at first but the bottom line is that these cars have a very serious braking problem, which could end up leading to fatal accidents down the road. While accidents stemming from this problem have been minimal, Toyota isn’t taking any more chances in making irreparable damage to its already hard-hit reputation.

The hits just keep coming for Toyota .

Already facing a global recall of catastrophic proportions – around 8 million Toyotas have been recalled because of defective accelerator pedals – Toyota’s is bracing itself for another global recall, this time for the Toyota Prius.

Reports have been coming out in Toyota’s home country of Japan, particularly from the country’s biggest newspaper, Yomiuri, that the automaker is scheduled to announce the recall of its Prius line sometime in the next few days because of growing braking concerns that seems to have plagued the hybrid vehicle.

Contrary to the problems associated with other Toyota models, the problem with the Prius seems to be solvable through a software upgrade, which can be done rather easily and less time than the bigger accelerator issues that has afflicted a large chunk of Toyota’s fleet.

Nevertheless, the impending recall of the Prius is the last thing Toyota needs right now, especially after it has all but shattered its reputation as a safe and reliable brand. Where this goes is anybody’s guess, but the way things are going, it’s going to take a while before Toyota can re-establish its image and reputation that has been stained and tarnished to incredulous levels.

Source: Autocar UK

The second concept from Toyota’s new factory tuned G Sports line is the automaker’s best selling gas/electric hybrid. Unveiled at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Toyota Prius G Sports Concept, much like the FT-86 G Sport Concept , also comes with a sport suspension, stylish aerodynamic parts and a set of racing buckets.

Toyota Prius G Sports Concept

The Prius G Sports Concept’s body kit is made up of a big mouth front bumper, carbon fiber mirror and rear wheel covers, a molded rear bumper, dual exhaust and G Sport specific emblems on the sides. The fuel efficient tuner car rides on a set of 18 inch alloy wheels wrapped in high performance tires. Meanwhile the Prius’s interior is dark with high contrast red stitching on the leather wrapped steering wheel and ’G-Sports’ branded gear lever which is finished off by a Piano Black center stack and aluminum racing pedals.

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Just the other day we were talking about just how happy we were to see tuners paying a bit of special attention to alternatively powered hybrid automobiles. While these types of gas/electric vehicles tend to go towards efficiency minded hyper milers, there are still a few enthusiasts out there looking to make these cars, like the 50 MPG Toyota Prius Toyota Prius , truly their own. When it comes to the art of automotive aftermarket styling, there are few tuning firms that can compete with Tommy Kaira and this is the latest kit to roll out of their design studio.

Tommy Kaira tuned Toyota Prius

The kit includes a reworked aero package consisting of a more aggressive front bumper with built in carbon fiber splitter, lower hanging side skirts and a new rear apron complete with vents on either side and a diffuser in the middle to finish off the ground effects package that actually improves the Toyota’s coefficient of drag. Tommy Kaira is also offering a host of other upgrade options like HID headlamps, hatch mounted spoilers, high performance suspension components and a sporty exhaust to finish off the body mods available in either carbon fiber or more traditional FRP. The Japanese tuner also offers more wheels then you can shake a stick at in order to satisfy every one of their customer’s wishes for a fun next generation green vehicle that unites ecology and sports to create a truly unique mode of personal transportation.

Toyota Prius Black Bison Edition by Wald International

The only thing better then getting 50 MPG from a Toyota Prius hybrid is tuning one. The Japanese aftermarket specialists at Wald International have made a name for themselves with their lineup of ultra aggressive Black Bison body kits for everything from the Nissan GT-R to the Toyota Land Cruiser . Another Toyota, a much smaller and much less thirsty, but equally as mean lookingPrius has just joined the Black Bison ranks. Wald International has added a full front bumper with more sculpted lines, side vents, wide body fenders and the all important oversized driving lights. This is only the firs image of the modified hyper miler, so stay tuned for more details.

The toyota Prius Aerius and Aemulus (latin for "belonging to the air" and "envious imitation") made its debut today at SEMA Show. The car will be auctioned, with money going to

Toyota Prius Aerius and Aemulus

The car features a a four-piece Aero Kit using polyurethane and partially recycled materials manufactured by 3D Carbon. The kit includes a front lip spoiler, side skirts, and a rear lower valance.

For the Aerius and Aemulus car, Toyota used a custom three-coat color using a blue-green Lumina pigment that resembles airiness and the color of the sky and Five Axis, FIVE:AD S6:F 19-inch wheels.

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