Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

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There is a rumor that the bookies in Vegas are setting a line on the timing of the next Toyota recall. But no one is willing to lay off the odds. Yes, they’ve done it again. It’s another Toyota recall. Worse for Toyota, it’s the Tundra this time. You know the Tundra: the truck with the scored camshafts, the collapsing tailgates, the disappointing sales and the huge incentives. This time it’s the prop shaft. As in the “propeller shaft.” That’s where the driveshaft goes into the (...)
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Toyota is drastically curtailing production of the new Tundra as demand for the pick-up drops, according to the Financial Times, even as Toyota has added incentives. Production in November, just under 19,000 vehicles, was down 29% from the October production level and about 25% below the average production for August, September, and October. Though Toyota claimed the reduction in production was planned, due to anticipated slow sales in January and February, which are ordinarly (...)

Tundra has always been a very disputed subject. First was about its poor security level compared to its competitors, then it was about its 5.7 liter V8 engine. But as we are used by now, the company put all this behind and continue doing what they know best: pleasing thier customers.

Toyota expanded the Tundra full-size pickup truck lineup for 2008, adding 13 new model variations and enhancing standard equipment levels to create a greater value. The 2008 Tundra now offers a choice of 44 model variations in three cab styles. Since its introduction in February 2007, Tundra’s share of the half-ton full-size pickup truck segment has more than doubled, going from eight to 17 percent.

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Consumer Reports, the publication of Consumer’s Union, has long been accused of a bias toward imported cars, particularly those made by Japanese brand manufacturers, and against anything built by a Detroit automaker. The bias hasn’t changed. Apparently, it’s intentional and institutional. The current issue of Consumer Reports purports to offer a comparison test of the new Toyota Toyota Tundra pick-up truck and the Chevy Silverado, as well as the Dodge Ram Ram and Ford Ford F-150. So, you’d expect them to (...)
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Diesel engine saves you money on fuel. The question is by how much? A normal gas fueled Dodge Ram 1500 pickup can on average can get about 15mpg city and 19mpg on highway. A Diesel fueled 1500 pickup can get about 19.5mpg city and almost 25mpg on highway. Diesel engines could save you money, and help out the environment.

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After a rocky start, the Tundra pick-up truck has “hit its stride this month,” according to Jim Lentz, Toyota Motor Sales executive vice-president. Its sales were up in June to 21,727, a 146% increase over the same month a year earlier. So, is this good news for Toyota? Or no big deal? Maybe both. Toyota introduced a new Tundra in February. So comparison of current sales to those of the previous year are deceiving – the previous Tundra was a very old design that was never popular in the (...)
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Toyota is rethinking and likely to cancel plans to introduce a heavy duty version of the Tundra pick up truck, leaving this huge and prestigious market segment exclusively to American truck makers. Nissan has already announced that it will not build a heavy duty version of the Titan. The Tundra introduction has been marred by complaints about the quality of the interior, the absence of adequate frame rigidity, and fit and finish issues. It has also had the public humiliation of new (...)
Toyota may be facing its biggest failure in history: all the Tundras equipped with 5.7-liter V-8s may be recalled to replace the engines, a company spokesman said Wednesday. "Engine failure kills a car’s ability to run and it’s not a simple thing to fix." The launch of the new Tundra earlier this year was the most important introduction in the company’s history in the United States. But the rollout has suffered delays and disappointments. For instance, the Tundra earned lower frontal crash (...)
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