2003 Toyota Personal Mobility

Designed to "meet, link and hang out," the PM is a "wearable" single-person vehicle that targets driver-vehicle unity and offers advanced vehicle-to-vehicle communication.


1. Driver-vehicle unity with ergonomic focus: Cabin and seat shape are designed to fit almost like a glove, while integrating the driver’s intention with the car’s capabilities.

2. Variable "lifelike" posture: The cabin and wheel-suspension structure are separated, allowing the PM to vary its posture according to speed and to facilitate entry and exit. Antennae-like headlamps contribute to the image of an exotic life form.

3. Space input display: A floating virtual display senses driver finger position and shows vehicle data, locations of other PMs and other information.

4. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication: PMs can share information as they travel, follow a leader in platoon formation and rendezvous automatically.


The way it was presented was nice. The art was seen in there. The wheels looks like the one on tron movie.

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