2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon

Incredibly tough off-roader that offers good equipment, excellent space and bank vault build quality - but feels big, slow and crude compared to more recent rivals.

Features Summary

Truly great in the wild, and the choice of people in the parts of the world where durability is valued above all else, but the Amazon is unsuited to British roads or tastes. The sheer size of the Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon makes it difficult to park or to navigate narrow gaps in, ride quality is compromised by occassional crashes over big bumps, and handling is less than accurate. V8 Petrol engine gives good performance at the cost of horrendous fuel consumption, the 4.2 turbo-diesel sounds loud but offers reasonable performance and considerably better economy. Enormous interior space and excellent standard equipment are the upsides, plus a substantial saving over a Range Rover.

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