2006 Toyota RAV4 Sports

A super sporty conversion of the RAV4 X is on display today at Geneva Motor Show. The RAV4 Sports
perfectly combines rugged sports styling with an ultimate premium SUV. The RAV4 Sports showcar makes a clear statement of intent with its more sporty front and rear bumper
design, featuring a new radiator grille and integrated front fog lamps. The larger air intake creates a
bold horizontal above the protection shield - which is complemented by a similar protection shield to
the rear.


Rear styling is more aggressive too, with the exhaust integrated in to the protection shield. The high performance diesel engine, the D-4D 180 (177 DIN hp, as standard) has been tuned to further enhance the driving potential of the Toyota RAV4 Sports. It now delivers outstanding power of 204 DIN hp and 331 lbs-ft of torque.

Extra sports performance requires extra cooling. RAV4 Sports has a modified radiator grille and extra
air intakes on the bonnet to feed the engine. From the side, a truly sporty look. Side skirts are lower for enhanced aerodynamics while the massive 21-inch alloy wheels, which retain the original RAV4 X design, fill the arches to the limit. Front and rear tyre sizes are 255/35 R21.

Of course, the RAV4 Sport must be able to stop as well as it goes. Uprated, perforated disc brakes are gripped with 6-piston callipers at the front and 4-piston at the rear. Suspension is stiffened and lowered with reinforced shock absorbers to take the rough with the smooth. Dark tinted glass hides the interior from view and offers full privacy to the passengers inside and the Liquid Metal exterior colour is exclusively made for the RAV4 Sports.

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