2007 Toyota Yaris T Sport

The Yaris T Sport concept is a design exercise that anticipates version of the new Yaris, to arrive at the showrooms next year.

This concept has been developed around the philosophy of ‘refined sports hatch’, embodied in a compact bodytype, capable of delivering driving fun to young buyers which, nevertheless, are also seeking a car with a high level of equipment and comfort – something necessary for everyday commuting or weekend trips.


The Toyota Yaris T Sport concept certainly looks the part, with strong sports styling. At the front the black mesh grille is a highlight and adds emphasis to the deep bumper design with integrated front fog lights. The rear bumper has also been redesigned and the deep side skirts and rear spoiler complete the aerodynamic, T Sport styling.

Full 17-inch wheels are standard to offer exceptional handling and ride while the T Sport look is completed by a new tail light design and specially chromed exhaust pipe. To add that personal touch, the T Sport badge is added to the front grille. The Yaris T Sport is finished in a personalised colour, Storm Grey.

A new 1.8-litre petrol engine will complement this dynamic sports package.

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Bring it on! I will be one of the first in the showroom to get my hands on this little beauty, as an avid yaris owner (had three in not as many years) this one promises to revolutionise the yaris image. Only one problem ... i have to wait almost a year!!!

We’ve had our Yaris T-Sport for two years and apart from needing a bit more power it’s brilliant. The new one looks great and the 1.8 litre engine promises more go. We’ll certainly be looking at one of these in about a years time.

The new 2007 Toyota Yaris T Sport looks like a nice little car. I wonder if there are any interior pics available. I would like to see what changes, if any Toyota have made to the standard Yaris cabin fitout.

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