2008 Toyota Supra

Rumors of the new Supra from Toyota have been circulating from mounths. With the Lexus GT 450 serving as the company’s halo sports car, Toyota would benefit by having a sports car that’s a bit more affordable. Wtih two performance machines in its stable, Toyota would no longer be viewed as simply a producer of reliable and green transportations appliance.

There will be both coupe and convertible version of the car, probably introduced at the same time. The convertible is reported to have a folding hard top and is intented to be more of a boutique car than a serious sport car. The coupe, however, will be just that, eqquiped with a 5 liter V8 engine producing 450 hp and 383 lbs-ft of torque. This engine will not be available in the open-air model because of rigidity issues. It is said that when Toyota started development of the Supra, it was only a convertible hard-top form with 4.3 liter V8. Later in the process, Toyota opted to go with a more powerful engine. But with the additional came extra loads that the convertible couldn’t stand, so the company was forced to create a fixed-roof version of the car.

The Supra’s suspension is one befitting that of a true sport car: upper ad lower A-arms up front and a multilink setup at the rear. No doubt the tuning of the shocks and springs will be different in the V8 and V6 models, but expect both version to be relatively firm.

It is expected the V8 Supra to be priced about 50000$. The more affordable Toyota Supra (40000$) will come with a 3.5 liter V6, the same powerplant used in the Lexus IS 350 and GS 350, but tuned to produce more power: 350 hp and 275 lbs-ft of torque.

Toyota will have a car that’ll eclipse the performance of the Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX-8 and Honda S2000. Look for the Supra to make appearance in October of 2007.

Your oppinion about this car, other info you might have, things you don’t like about it, write in here


GTR skyline never wins on Supra!!!!!!!!!!!!! supra rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i ain too sure bout that supra has bin known to whup gtr’s too man an hondas aren’t even in those two legends league

and honda needs to come back wit a more powerful s2000 by the way

supra is legendary on the street but against the GtR there can be no comparison. the street rep of GTR is incredible; to drag race one is enough to make you break out in hives

so sad that they won’t be bringing the supra back tho toyota really now dred they don’t even have a sports car that can rival the new gtr anymore

na front isn’t sleek enough or wide enough to be like a gt

looks good but front wit a small touch of carrera gt?

I agree with badest, in my opinion, which should be yours, is that no street tuner can compete with American muscle, every tuner talks big til you get on the line with my V-8, and any responses about it having the 5.0... dont try I mean you’ll beable to get a 6.2 Camaro for 30k and their charging 50k for a 5.0 and the Camero willrun circles to pretty much any tuner you put up against it. And im just using the Camero as an example

no offence an all ’bigpat’ or watever your name is but it isn’t competing wit the vette an also no vette cost jus 50k where do get your facts from geeze u really need to do your home work n also the vette is actually lighter than a supra supras are heavy for sports cars

Ok here is my 2 cents into this car. I love the supra.. well the mark iv at least the others were junk. (mark iv being model 1993-1998 model) but this car is trying to compete with the wrong type of car. It looks and advertises like a corvette, they cant compete. Im sorry but in real life chevy has stuck with the v8. and the 7.0 litre pushrod engine is insane. It has the response of a 6 cylinder but also has the horsepower. In theory this supra is lighter, but we are bading that fact off the older model. this car being a v8 will also pack alot more pounds. Also dont forget that toyota does not have alot of experience with the v8 engine. All in all this will be an interesting car to watch but in my opinion for 50k i would rather spend an extra 5-10 k to get a vette then add aftermarket parts to that.

for all of u supra haterz out there all of ya’ll they just confirmed it an yeah iam the very first to know about it, they just confirmed they will make the next supra in 2008 an it will have an out put of 400hp.....take that u s

Both Toyota and Lexus are showing concept sports cars on their websites and auto shows. Toyota seems to be pushing the Hybrid Ft-HS. Not a fan of the body but pretty sick stats if they badge it as a Supra.

My two cents on all these comparisons - What sets the Toyota’s apart are quality and the V6 engine block of the last Supra. Probably the best evry made. The strength is ridiculous with plenty of room to bore out as well.

Slighty off but referencing everyone yapping about qtr mile times - qtr mile times.

The first sub 6 second qtr mile import happens to be .....
A Toyota Solara. That is f’d up!

My question would be how do Supra lovers feel about Toyota Putting a V8 Engine On this New SUPRA.
Would they Buy one Or Buy the V6 Supra.

yo turbodlt4z28 i hear wat u sayin an yeah a stocksupra can’t beat any car but give it sum juice an maybe sum weight reduction n you’ll have a hell of a battle on ur hands, so u beat a stock supra ok so wat i beat a stock gtr before no big deal a car is a car

none of those pics so far are clsoe to what we can expect for a production car I am afraid...

’Urallretarded’ (in regards to your earlier post) I couldn’t of said it better my self… and ’mediafosgate’, your so wrong, I spanked a supra about a week ago… I doubt it had much under the hood besides a turbo but still, you talk as if all supra’s are gods and their not… yes their fast, in fact some are faster than SH** but not all of them have six figures sitting under the hood.
As far as this new Supra goes, I’m pre-ordering one as soon as I can, because they’ll stomp wrx’s, skylines, k20 civics, and in my case lt1, lt4, ls1, and the new ls2 Camaros…

I am a little lost and please someone help shed some light.
I found another sight that is completly denying 08 Toyota Supra. In fact, they are stating that the Lexus LF-A will by Toyota’s only supercar. I have called a couple of Toyota Dealerships and they are not even aware of the Supra but would love to discuss the Lexus LF-A.

yo mediafosgate out of all these sukas on this here site i got respect for u cuz wat u said bout the supra is pure facts. thats jus sayin it strait up man the rest of these dead ricers!

all u guys are stupid u think ur guys cars can beat a supra u guys must be tripping how are u gonna compare a civic with a supra is like comparing a rat with a cobra if u guys know alot about cars then u must know what ur up against cause the supra can beat any car stock or tuned

Stop smashing people’s dreams. But I’ll see you at Irwindale SpeedWay. See if you prove your non-sense.

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