2008 Toyota Supra

Rumors of the new Supra from Toyota have been circulating from mounths. With the Lexus GT 450 serving as the company’s halo sports car, Toyota would benefit by having a sports car that’s a bit more affordable. Wtih two performance machines in its stable, Toyota would no longer be viewed as simply a producer of reliable and green transportations appliance.

There will be both coupe and convertible version of the car, probably introduced at the same time. The convertible is reported to have a folding hard top and is intented to be more of a boutique car than a serious sport car. The coupe, however, will be just that, eqquiped with a 5 liter V8 engine producing 450 hp and 383 lbs-ft of torque. This engine will not be available in the open-air model because of rigidity issues. It is said that when Toyota started development of the Supra, it was only a convertible hard-top form with 4.3 liter V8. Later in the process, Toyota opted to go with a more powerful engine. But with the additional came extra loads that the convertible couldn’t stand, so the company was forced to create a fixed-roof version of the car.

The Supra’s suspension is one befitting that of a true sport car: upper ad lower A-arms up front and a multilink setup at the rear. No doubt the tuning of the shocks and springs will be different in the V8 and V6 models, but expect both version to be relatively firm.

It is expected the V8 Supra to be priced about 50000$. The more affordable Toyota Supra (40000$) will come with a 3.5 liter V6, the same powerplant used in the Lexus IS 350 and GS 350, but tuned to produce more power: 350 hp and 275 lbs-ft of torque.

Toyota will have a car that’ll eclipse the performance of the Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX-8 and Honda S2000. Look for the Supra to make appearance in October of 2007.

Your oppinion about this car, other info you might have, things you don’t like about it, write in here


Did you say u burn skylines? Doubt it.
Civic Si vs Supra
Supra + many other cars can.
Skyline GTR vs Supra
I’ve seen Skyline GTR get smoked in Nagasaki, Japan. Skyline GTR SPECS 1020 HP , Supra Specs 882 HP.(JDM)
Even a fixed up Civic can’t lol.
Fastest Supra in world is the HKS Supra 6.3sec 1/4 mile.
Evo vs Supra
I’ve seen a 700hp Evo Signal Hill,CA (Evo,SRT4,Subaru) Meets
Still got burned by a Supra...
Not saying worship the supra..still overrated..
Try my 67 Camaro ss with turbo still nothing..
Marthathon ... Your funny..The rest of you the same..
I can’t prove it to you. But show up to Irwindale,CA race track.



Illl take anyone of you at the tracks..
Better tie those laces
I got vans...

It scares me to think I share the road with people like these...

someone needs to work on their typing or english. i have a jet plane and it can beat a gtr supra and enzo all rolled into one. hey is300 owner where did you do your research? because there has been supra rumors since they stopped the supras. how come they havent brought it back yet? can you go research that? can you also bring back some credible evidence? because i would really like a new supra and i would like to know when it comes out.

Dumb@ss they toyota supra is going to be badge as a toyota because the lexus verison for the sport cars is the lexus is500 coupe which is base around they new toyota supra and the lexus-lfa (Lexus gt 450 rename U.S). so who every was that F@ck..... visitor who posted that comment need to to some research before he post ret@rd

I actually work for Toyota Manufacturing and the original plan was to make the new Supra a Lexus but the company soon realized that without a sports car branded as "Toyota", they wouldnt be able to compete with Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc...To make a long story short, it is a Toyota Supra...without an inline straight six.

I have a Nissan Skyline GTR back home and I’m 100% sure mine can beat that Supra cause I’ve beaten all my friends.

This isn’t a supra, toyota has stated this is a new lexus and there are no plans on it being badged a toyota supra

god this thread has a bunch of retards talking about racing cars from different categories. no one is saying that a fixed up civic cant beat a supra!! but what if you tuned the supra? what if you raced a supra stock vs a civic si stock? please dont tell me youd take the civic. oh yeah another thing take this argument to a track where youll actually have to make turns and then well see whose faster? but in the end the dude in the supra can always say that he rolls in a supra and you roll in a fu**ing CIVIC!! congratulations on purchasing a nice entry level coupe!!!

Hey my nig what you talkin about Woopydoo? Hey i’ll race you and own you in whatever you be ridin in you dig. Try and stand up to my Evo and we see who the one who will be talkin smack about my car out..

idk what ur talkin bout woopydoo, but my civic be burn’n skylines and what car do u got woopy? a rust bucket?

hey man heard you guys were talkin about car well i gotta mazda 3 it came with ah turbo you know its completely stock ive almost caught up to 98 supra but it had a twin turbo it was crazy i went to the guy and asked if it was stock and i was like whoah cause i was out noobs haha lol..

wow, you guys are lame! lol! if you’re comparing stock to stock, you’ll lose (depends on what car you’re comparing to. i.e. Enzo > Supra; Civic < Supra). i wouldnt be suprised if a tuned Civic beat a stock Supra.
my point is, you cant compare a fixed up car with a stock car. gotta stay in the same subject/class here buddy.

yea i beat my friends supra with a civic type-r that has an inline 6 engine with a twin turbo. i think it will beat the guy under me

ive beaten my friends twin turbo supra in my Honda Civic Crx but mines fixed up it doesnt really surprise me

i have an Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 MR with a stage 3 turbo system and ive beaten many supras will it be able to beat mine?

it would be a lot better if it came with a twin turbo engine to match up with the original

I’m a true enthusiast of the Supra. I own a 1995 TT supra now. I would love to see an improved supra that dominates the 350z in both speed and sexiness.

I am assuming you’ve seen it tested on the track? If you have, please take some pictures for us all to see. Until then stop calling people idiots just because some of us do not believe rumors. Those pics posted above are of the LF-A super Lexus built to compete with the pending GTR and new NSX. There have been Supra rumors ever since they discontinued it.

Funny you people don’t see the actual prototype being tested on the track at Nurburgring.


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