2010 Toyota Auris

Toyota will unveil a facelift version of the European Auris at the Geneva Motor Show this March. Sales throughout Europe will begin from early spring.

The Auris 2010 features marked improvements in exterior style, perceived interior quality and ergonomics, but also a wide choice of clean engine technologies and a more refined driving experience.

The engine range will include three petrol and three diesel units offering the performance- and economy-enhancing benefits of Toyota Optimal Drive. Complemented by the Auris HSD’s full hybrid technology, this unique line-up will offer customers the most comprehensive range of powertrains in the C segment.


The platform of Auris is so ordinary, that’s why I think they found it ugly. Anyway, why is it they never mentioned the speed performance of this car? Kinda curious about it.

Auris is not really the ugly car that you were saying guys, it is only simple and the design is so common for us but the important is, it is one of those car that are so reliable on the road and very practical to use in everyday transportation.

I agreed with edwinsantiago that this Auris is not ugly at all. It is still had a feature that is kind of impressive and satisfying.

The Auris doesn’t look bad. Most guys called that ugly, shows no relations to that statement. Maybe it’s a bit boring instead of dynamic Audi A3 or sportive Alfa 147... but not simply ugly.

The Auris 2010 combines marked improvements in exterior style, perceived interior quality and ergonomics and a more refined driving experience."

Actually I think it looks more like a Tribeca from the front.

The front end was taken out from the old model of toyota rav4 and it’s rear end was taken out from Yaris with a collaboration of aygo.

It seems to me that it was just an enhance yaris but I must say that it’s kinda cute.

I wonder what will the premium be over traditional diesel engines. If it’s not a whooping 5k euros then I think this should be a hit.

front end looks like the toyota vios/soluna, with the wheel base of toyota yaris.

Finally toyota has realized that it should mass produce the hybrids and therefor make them a lot cheaper ! I just wish they’d get the design right now. I mean , granny sheek really isn’t the current style

Yikes the blue interior looks like it was vomited all over by bubble vodka drinking college students. The auris is really ugly prius is better as it is a focused hybrid.

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