2010 Toyota FT-86 Concept

The speculation is over, the Japanese automaker Toyota has finally shown the world the highly anticipated successor to the original AE86 "Hachi Roku" with the FT-86 Concept. The old Toyota Corolla was celebrated for its lightweight fun to drive layout. The new project has previously been referred to as a Toyobaru because the affordable sports car was developed in collaboration with Subaru and is scheduled to make its world debut in just a few weeks at the Tokyo Motor Show . We are happy to report that even though this is just the concept, the production model will look a lot like it, with the only revisions being done to the cars interior. However we won’t know for sure until the end of 2011.

The Flash Red FT-86 Concept is inspired by the Corolla based AE86 sports coupe from the 1980s, and carries a very strong resemblance to the FT-HS Concept that was revealed back in 2007 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The FT-86 is a compact, rear wheel drive sports concept powered by a 2.0 Liter horizontally opposed, naturally aspirated four cylinder gasoline burning engine supplied by Subaru. In its non boosted form, the flat four make a maximum output of 150 HP, but the automaker is toying around with the idea of a more powerful super charged version depending on consumer demands, but for now we will have to settle for a simple boxer engine connected to a 6 speed manual transmission and equipped with ADVICS brakes.

When designing the FT-86 Concept Toyota’s engineers wanted to give the car a very low center of gravity for improved handling and efficient aerodynamics so that it can cut through the air with ease. So the four passenger FT-86 ended up being 4,160 mm long, 1,760 mm wide and 1,260 mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm. Toyota’s design team has also included quite a few sporting touches to the concept’s interior; starting off with a flat bottom steering wheel, aluminum pedals and red stitching to accent the leather wrapped steering wheel and parking brake lever. The grey instrument panel is seamlessly molded into the darker dash and from the looks of things, is ready to hit Fuji Speedway.

Updated 05/03/2010: Toyota revealed new images of the FT-86 (Future Toyota-86) during the concept’s European debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Check the gallery to see them all!

To see what the Hachi Roku is all about, check out the video and Press Release after the jump.

Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya’s AE86 Adventure

Press release

TMC seeks to develop the ultimate earth-conscious environmentally-considerate vehicle with a focus on hybrid technologies without losing sight of the appeal of cars themselves or the joy of driving.

Toyota FT-86 Concept

Over the past several years, the need has been rising for motor vehicles that take into consideration global warming and other environmental issues, while there has also been concern that there have been too few new sports cars that make the heart beat faster and that the time is right for a new generation of sports cars. In response to these needs, TMC has developed the FT-86 Concept, a sports car equipped with a 2,000cc, horizontally opposed, four-cylinder, naturally-aspirated gasoline engine that evokes the joy of driving a car and the pleasure of vehicle ownership.

As the name "Future Toyota 86 Concept" implies, the FT-86 Concept, which will be exhibited at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, is a new 86 Toyota with a flash red finish. It is a compact, rear-wheel drive sports concept car that embodies speed and the excitement of driving that give cars their appeal as well as environmental performance.

Toyota FT-86 Concept

A Toyota Sports Car for a New Era when the Driver Plays the Main Role

The FT-86 Concept is 4,160mm long, 1,760mm wide, and 1,260mm high with a wheelbase of 2,570mm, giving it a compact feeling that is easy for the driver to handle while able to accommodate four occupants. In addition to being light and having a low center of gravity, the FT-86 Concept boasts the handling of a racing car as well as a 6-speed manual transmission and ADVICS brakes.

Toyota FT-86 Concept

The stylish concept captures the heart with the "functional utility" of its highly-refined body. It is the creation of Toyota Europe Design Devel Devel opment known as ED2, which has established body lines that take into consideration a low center of gravity and aerodynamics. The interior is distinctive, featuring an instrument panel with a gray and white base, gauges with red neon lights and digital displays, and a navigation system. In addition, a zipper that evokes an image of interior lapping with minimal covering of a highly-refined body presents a striking display.

It is necessary to create a vehicle in which the driver plays the main role in order to have as many people as possible experience the joy of driving.

Toyota FT-86 Concept

The FT-86 Concept is neither an electric vehicle nor a hybrid vehicle, but is a sports model with a gasoline engine developed to convey the essential appeal of automobiles in a new era. It is a must-see concept car that expresses TMC’s desire to once again create a Toyota sports car.


@ Uncia - I think they’ve included some ideas and concept from supra.

Why are they showing a Supra behind it? This an affordable sports coupe; the Supra was a supercar legend and still is. This car is a successor to the Celica; not the Supra.

the style of this car in the front looks like ashton martin, and at the back it looks like Toyota Eclipse.

You too. I don’t know what happened to the comment though, it came in my forum message box.

Ahhh! I see exactly what you’re saying and agree. Have a great day!

I wouldn’t, especially not over a Celica or a 911. Iam not denying that from a styling point, these cars stand out, especially the Camaro. That comment was for someone who wrote something about this car going retro. Which is why I said it is okay from a styling point of view but cars like the Z go for retro sytling without sacrificing the tecnology available in the 21st century. When trucks have independant suspensions and yet a sporstcar has a live axle, somethings wrong.

The Camaro/SRT8’s/Mustangs have plenty that makes them special, it just takes more than a casual glance. I have a 2007 Charger SRT8 and people that drive it and the 07 911 4S and 08 Cayman S I have ALWAYS pick the Charger! Blows my mind! I don’t get it, but something makes it special in those people’s minds. They even take the SRT8 over the 01 CLK55 AMG I have in almost every case!!! These are younger folks that have nothing to ’relive’ and have probably never been in the originals. Beats me brother AK47...but with my test sample, people like the new American muscle just fine. Peace! smiley

Not all manufacturers are cheap to keep using the old models. The idea behind new models is to impove on the older cars. No one in their right mind would purchase a live axle Mustang. Nissan gave us a good example of how to go retro while having high tech features to compete with mordern cars.

What do the Mustang, Challenger and Camaro have that makes them special? Nothing. They are more for people who want to relive their old days than actual enthusiasts.

No one’s going to pay a quater million for a Supra - great car, but that’s what the LF-L is for. The GT-R needs a competitor, and Toyota can make one as good as anybody.

And the Supra, like the R35, would be just as profitable as any Toyota - not by sales volume, but because halo cars get people interested in a company’s other offerings.

Toyota wouldn’t make a 70k Supra when they can slap on the Lexus badge and make it 250k. Of course the IS-F and Supra don’t compete but if the price is similiar, there is no way people will pass a 417hp luxury sedan with M3 performance for a hardcore coupe. Not enough for Toyota to make one anyway.

Sorry Tamuramarou, I don’t think you can gut Nissan when it is producing the GT-R

Toyota really does need to bump up the bhp, though. 150 is a joke considering that the 17K Celica GT-S from a few years back had 180.

Well, maybe 70 grand so that it would compete more closely with the GT-R. The IS-F would never compete with a Supra, though. The IS-F is a pumped-up luxury sedan; the Supra a track-ready supercar not meant for cruising or commuting but as a collector vehicle and racer. That’s like saying an M5 competes with a Z06 because they’re both 80K sporty cars.

Toyota just officially gutted Nissan. This thing is HOT. . . . Praying to the GODS that this is a production version

Damn! I have to admit, when Toyota makes a sportscar, it does like no other. But whats with supercharging? Come on Subaru! Its your flat four, make it a turbo.

And Uncia, 50k would push it in IS-F territory. Toyota wouldn’t want that. They should have a TRD version of this thing though, a twin V6 as the top of the line model.

Anyways a lightweight car with a proper manual and handbrake! Thats rare these days.

Also it’d be nice if they added a targa option.

I think it’d be a good move for Toyota to replace some of the key body panels with carbon fiber, stiffen the chassis, shoehorn in a twin-turbo version of the Camry’s V6, add some luxury features, give it a TRD suspension, slap on a 50K price tag and call it a Supra.

I actually like the front bumper. The wheels are similar to those of the Fisker Karma so that they produce less drag. Toyota’s specs sheets used to be full of 6-speed manuals in their cars, and it’s good to see they’re finally returning to that philosophy. The only thing that has me worried is that 150 bhp figure - it needs to be around 200 to truly compete with the 2.0 Genesis coupe. Bump it up and I’ll buy one. They should discontinue that gutless tC thing and market this as a new Celica.

and that’s a good thing!

I think it is simply sick

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