2010 Toyota Hilux by Unichip

Toyota spent some time making small changes to their Hilux model to increase the performance from the year before. The 2010 Hilux had the ability to go 24HP more than the 2009 model and went from 0-60mph 2.5 seconds faster. For a pickup, those changes were enough to put a smile on some people’s faces. For those other people, well, we have a solution for them as well.

It’s not everyday you have the chance to see a tuned pick-up, but Unichip has prepared a tuning package for the Toyota Hilux . While in its standard version the Hilux develops a total of 155 HP. Unichip has raised that output to a total of 180 HP. The peak torque has also been increased to 400 Nm at just 3000 rpm.

The Hilux 3.0 D4D Uni-Q comes pre-programmed with the specially developed ECU map settings for fueling and turbo boost settings, making for an easy and quick performance enhancement proposition – it’s simply a case of ‘plug, play and drive away.

The U-Connect package is applicable to all Toyota Hilux 3.0-litre D-4D models with the part number PPTOY15.1 and were produced from 2005 onwards. The price for the package is £465.30.


I am not fond of using pick-up trucks, but I think this one is good. I like the simpleness of its platform and its paint color. However, I think they must improve its engine specs.

It really looks so simple but I found it a very appealing pick up car and the color that it had seems so great on it and the speed performance is quite good for it.

Hilux is not really impressive, and it is looks so ordinary. The engine performance is so poor in a pick up car like this, I think Toyota needs to enhance it more.

Yeah, its not even that good as well as its performance. I really have a doubt in the reliability of this car for I thought Toyota always recall their cars!

Ordinary pick-up truck!Aside from the affordable price no more good can be found this car! I just remember this car brand making defective valve!

That’s a bit of a double whammy actually. Not only is the Arctic Hilux D-4D famous for reaching magnetic north, but the ’Invincible’ trim level was added after Top Gear proved that an old Hilux is, well, just that.

The proportions of this truck look a lot better than the Tacoma and it looks less bulky. I wonder what size of bed that is. They need to bring this configuration to NA, I’d buy one.

Since TRD launched officially in Australia we can no longer buy TRD parts. All the private companies that sold their gear stopped, and Toyota only sell the TRD trim levels on cars, not the actual parts! TRD Australia is a hindrance when your trying to build a performance Toyota and use TRD parts.

We can easily get those power figure in standard Navara or a bit lower figure in lighter ford ranger.

Toyota should make some research for a new car design because they’re design is getting too much old-fashioned.

Well, I think few would argue on this because the problem, until now, which is Hilux has been viewed as ‘unmappable,’ using traditional OBD based methods.

ECU can give you 30-40 more ponies depending on the hacker or should i say geek replacing it’s program.

Did they also hacked the ECU of the Hilux? because there are no words on how the gain extra HP on it.

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