2010 Toyota Prius G Sports Concept

The second concept from Toyota’s new factory tuned G Sports line is the automaker’s best selling gas/electric hybrid. Unveiled at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Toyota Prius G Sports Concept, much like the FT-86 G Sport Concept , also comes with a sport suspension, stylish aerodynamic parts and a set of racing buckets.

Toyota Prius G Sports Concept

The Prius G Sports Concept’s body kit is made up of a big mouth front bumper, carbon fiber mirror and rear wheel covers, a molded rear bumper, dual exhaust and G Sport specific emblems on the sides. The fuel efficient tuner car rides on a set of 18 inch alloy wheels wrapped in high performance tires. Meanwhile the Prius’s interior is dark with high contrast red stitching on the leather wrapped steering wheel and ’G-Sports’ branded gear lever which is finished off by a Piano Black center stack and aluminum racing pedals.


ugly looking, specially the rear wheels, they should let it open instead of covering it.

good thing that it is still a concept, because toyota is recalling all the Prius and some vehicles due to pedal problems.

Seriously not good at all. I specially don’t like what they did to the rear wheel fender. It kinda looks like an school car or something. Seriously, if I had a car like this, I’d probably get it to a tuner instead of buying this sports edition.

Is there any details about the weight of this car? Because for me, the car looks heavy and wide. I am not sure yet, but I don’t think this is capable of winning on any competitions.

Very nice indeed.. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they haven’t even released the "normal" FT-86 and now they’ve shown a concept based on it? Weird... Anyways, it looks good and I can’t wait to see the FT-86 IRL.

Looking at the car from its side to its rear, its really nice, sporty and great. But the front part is a disaster. if Angelsilhouette thinks its a Roomba, I think its so -like.

Green cars would be easier to market if they look good. But by the looks of the Toyota Prius, I don’t think they would be attracting the people in buying a more responsible car.

I’m aware of the cliche that goes, "It’s the thought that counts." But I don’t think that its applicable here. It does look hideous!

My God, it’s hideous... I have no clue why, but when I look at it, all that springs to mind is a Roomba

Oh for God’s sake it’s a Prius. I mean, I’m all for Toyota trying to be sporty, but come on. Let the greenies drive in peace.

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