2010 TRD Toyota Sai Hybrid

Launched last October at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Sai is a familiar looking vehicle to us here at the Top Speed because it is a more economical version of the Lexus HS 250h, especially with fuel efficient gas/electric hybrids being all the rage these days.

TRD Toyota Sai Hybrid

However the good news is that despite the Sai being built with hyper milers in mind, tuners aren’t turning a blind eye to the new hybrid sedan. In fact the Japanese automaker’s in house high performance specialists TRD have revealed their first customization program for the new Sai. The kit includes a complete aero package with a new grill, ground effects and sport tuned suspension as well as a few dress up items like TRD specific oil and fuel filler caps to go along with a variety 16, 17 and 18 inch alloys available in quite a few different designs.


Hybrid cars can really help to save fuel and the fact that it is an eco friendly is quite impressive but I think cars like this is not really reliable and practical for everyday transportation.

The decency is still there and when you see this, you will easily recognize that this one is a hybrid car. An impressive concept which you can’t easily resist.

It looks so impressive except for the wheels and at the back design of this Toyota, Sai, but I love the fact that this is a Hybrid car.

Well I hope that toyota has already resolve the pedal problems.

So ugly & you people pick on Honda what about Toyota? I hate them. Long live Corolla GT S.

This is a great car from Toyota. I’m glad it’s not a copy cat. What I like most about this car is the the concept of a fuel efficient gas/electric hybrid. It’s cool.

It is a great thing that there are a lot of great tuners out there. I mean these car manufacturers may launch some sport editions but it wont be as cool as those tuned and customized rides.

@Euginewoods: I think yes, as long as they don’t violate any rules, they can upgrade or change some parts of previous version of the car.

I think most car that turned into a hybrid cars, are losing their engine performance specially their top speed. But the good part about it is that you can help you save fuel.

Is it acceptable to copy another’s version of their cars? But anyway, this one features fuel efficiency. As long as it’s green, they are good for us.

New styling my foot. But I suspect, much like the latest Lexus RX, this will look much better in the flesh. The fact remains though that the Prado is in dire need of a REAL update and restyling.

The front view of this one looks like a first generation Vios style as you can see the curves below the logo but the space between the logo is thinner and that’s good to feature the new style of front bumper. Well a lot more competitive with the Lexus as I may think but we’ll see the rage of this car on a car show.

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