2011 Toyota FCV-R Concept

The Tokyo Motor Show will be featuring an onslaught of concept cars coming from some of Japan’s biggest auto shows. The biggest of them all is Toyota , and they’ve finally revealed exactly what’s in store for us when the show opens at the end of November.

Once of the concepts that will be in attendance is the FCV-R (Fuel Cell Vehicle - Reality & Revolution). The FCV-R is a hydrogen-powered sedan-type concept that is being run on a promising source of CO2 emission-free energy that, according to Toyota, can be produced in a variety of ways using a number of sources and can be easily stored and transported.

The concept is being pegged as a future fuel cell model that the company is looking into bringing into production in a few year’s time. The overall set-up of the FCV-R Concept was designed with the aforementioned fuel-cell unit located just under the a specially designed bodyshell.

This unit carries a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank and has been improved to be able to produce a cruising distance of approximately 700 km, which is just under the Japanese JC08 test cycle.

More details behind the Toyota FCV-R will be made available when the Tokyo Motor Show opens on November 30.


Again? Really, lights again, Toyota?

Most of Toyota’s recent concepts manifest illuminating features.

This is an exceptional car. Toyota really deserves to reign over the Auto Shows. The FCV-R concept is very refreshing to the eyes. The concept about chosen engine is just as good as the company itself. 

Some of its external parts are so vibrant, and I’m captivated by them.

I love how its grills and wheel rims appear to be illuminating. The head lamps are very unique and attractive too.

It’s an eyebrow-raising concept. The bumper looks big and pointless. It’s supposed to be a good concept but the bumper really annoys me. Sorry to say that, but the overall was great regardless of the bumper. smiley

I don’t like the design of this car. It looks so weird and i am not impressed on its color as well. The front design looks so bulky on it. But what caught my attention about this FCV-R is its wheels, Very outstanding and unique.

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