2011 Toyota Yaris HSD concept

Toyota’s most impressive debut at the Geneva Motor Show was obviously the FT-86 II Concept, but the Japanese automaker came to Switzerland with other impressive concepts as well, including the Yaris HSD concept. This HSD concept previews a production version set to be revealed in 2012.

In the official press release Toyota said: "Making its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Yaris HSD concept anticipates Toyota’s intention to bring full hybrid technology to the B segment, the biggest volume segment in Europe. This represents the next step in Toyota’s full hybrid roll-out strategy in Europe. Incorporating several hybrid-specific styling cues, the Yaris HSD concept introduces a new, forward-looking design execution."

Toyota aims to complete the application of full hybrid technology across its main models in Europe as early as possible in the 2020s. Following the successful introduction of the Auris HSD to the C-segment in 2010, the Yaris HSD concept anticipates Toyota’s intention to bring Hybrid Synergy Drive to the B-segment, the biggest volume segment in Europe.

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Exterior and Interior

Toyota Yaris HSD concept

Compared to a standard Yaris, the HSD Concept features a new, more advanced and sophisticated style to the exterior design. It gets new highly contoured headlamps, a Toyota logo fully integrated within the front lip of the bonnet, a long, sweeping roofline, and a single, crisp character line which runs smoothly throughout the length of the vehicle.

The exterior package is finished by flat, vertical ‘aero’ corners housing front fog-lamps and matching rear reflectors, a large, integral rear spoiler, comprehensive underbody covers and 18" aero wheels featuring enlarged air gaps for improved cooling air flow.


Toyota Yaris HSD concept

The company benefits from the latest Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system that not only generates zero CO2 emissions, but also zero NOX and particulate (PM) emissions. The engine uses a maintenance-free timing chain and has no drive belts, improving reliability and bringing further cost savings.

As far as performance figures go, Toyota is keeping mum. However, they stated that they had a few problems when making the Yaris hybrid, so we are expecting less than impressive numbers. After all, the current standard Yaris uses a 1.5L four cylinder engine that produces 106 hp at 6000 rpm and 103 lb.-ft. at 4200 rpm. A hybrid version of the same car would provide even lower numbers. Then there’s the idea that if Toyota had problems getting the Yaris to go hybrid, what’s to say those problems won’t be reflected in the road? Toyota isn’t exactly synonymous with safety these days.

When Can I Buy One?

Toyota Yaris HSD concept

The production Yaris HSD will go on sale in 2012 with prices being announced at a later date.


Toyota Yaris HSD concept

The biggest competitor for the Yaris hybrid is the recently launched Honda Jazz hybrid . This model features a 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine combined with a CVT gearbox. An electric motor can be found smack dab in the middle of the two to create a parallel hybrid system with a total output of 101 HP. The bad news, however, is that the Jazz Hybrid will not be offered on the US market. Well, technically, this is good news for Toyota.

Toyota Yaris HSD concept
  • Better looking compared to standard Yaris
  • HSD system
  • Looks better than competitor
  • Less impressive than Prius
  • Expect stale performance numbers
  • Problems with conversion may lead to problems on the road


Toyota Yaris and Suzuki Kizashi Ecocharge concept are almost the same, from the headlamps and their looks. If I’m going to compare, Toyota Yaris will stand out than Kizashi Concept. It is nicer and cool.

Yaris concept really had the elegance and sophisticated look that everyone would love to have in a car. This concept is really worth waiting for, for sure many car lovers can’t wait to have such a pretty car like this.

I hope that this concept will no longer be just a concept. I absolutely like the car, especially its exterior designs. It has the luxurious, elegance and the sportiness of the car. This is truly awesome.

I like the sportiness of the original concept but we couldn’t admit that this car look so decent and luxurious with its styling. Too bad that its still a concept.

For a hybrid car, the styling of the car seems so luxurious. I like its decency and clean design . I wonder on what does the Yaris waiting before debuting this car? I can’t wait to put my hands behind the steering of this vehicle.

Wow!What a sophisticated car! The style of the headlamps is great, and it is much looking better than the competitor.

Yeah Agreed! that the HSD Concept looks better compare to the regular Yaris. IMO, this car would be better than the Prius though its kind of pricey. And let’s not forget that this car is still a concept ..

I do love the coupe version of this car. However, compared to the standard version HSD concept really stands out when it comes to fabulous design of the exterior. The performance is great but of course we should expect that this car would come in a higher price tag.

Nope, they haven’t given a definite say on that one yet, which is really kind off disappointing, considering how well this concept was received by the public.

so have they had any word out yet if they would release a production version of the car? From what I can see, this one is really quite good and will certainly be successful.

Definitely I’ve been choosing this car for my prospect model type that suits my taste as well as being the most aspiring car made. Just staring this stunning concept no wonder how it will make a hit demand for customer itself. 

The Toyota yaris will go on production sale on 2012. That was actually been waited for the aftermarket expansion.

Yaris HSD concept has a true beauty meaning of full competent enough for the competitors, As a hybrid version this expecting to be the expensive cost of savings.

Toyota yaris have an impressive concept that compliments as well,It represents the true beauty of hybrid-specific styling indicate.

Toyota Yaris HSD Concept is the best selling for its new release. And the biggest competitor for the yaris hybrid.

I definitely say, that this is the better looking compared to standard Yaris. The new Toyota Yaris had has a the ability to perform well and smooth way of driving,the new model features has its own way of driving the incredible performance as well.

Honestly, When i saw the Yaris it reminds me of Korean cars. However, i was impressed with the HSD technology. And I do believe that its competitor the Honda Jazz hybrid looks better compare to this.

The hybrid version is definitely another big step for the Yaris. I really welcome this, as I have always loved how versatile the car is.

Nice, so they are doing a hybrid version of the Yaris. This one is definitely a great development for the line, as it will add more versatility to the car.

It would definitely be hard to choose between the Yaris and the Honda Jazz. But I would probably take the latter over the Yaris, as it is more spacious.

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