2012 Toyota Engineering Society TES-ERA EV

Friday the 13th isn’t typically considered a good day for those that are a tad superstitious, but the people behind the Tokyo Auto Salon aren’t in the least bit paraskevidekatriaphobic (plague with a fear of Friday the 13th) because that’s when they decided to open their doors. Lucky for us (pun intended), because Toyota has chosen this setting to reveal their TES-ERA EV - a concept car developed by the Toyota Engineering Society that proves that even electric vehicles can be extremely cool.

The work on this project began back in March 2011 with a team of 20 members doing their best to produce a spectacular electric concept. This concept features an innovative design with sweet gullwing doors, a rich Dark Blue Mica exterior paint finish with 18-inch aluminum wheels, and height adjustable double wishbone suspensions. The interior of the concept gets a built-in touch-shift steering wheel, a rear and side view camera monitor system, an instrument panel, door trims with decorative illumination, and 4-point seat belts.

Joining the ranks of the beautiful exterior is the power setup. The TES-ERA is powered by an electric 4JM motor that delivers a total of 164 HP and 247 lb-ft of torque. The motor takes its power from a lithium-ion battery and is mated to a rear-wheel-drive system and the F1 "KERS’ system. With a total weight of 2535 lbs, the TES-ERA EV can hit a top speed of 124 mph.

All we can say is: we want it!


This is my total dream car. A race car that has unusual door. The bumper and wheels is astonishing.

This is very futuristic, and I love the exterior design. It is amazing that aside from its stunning look, TES-ERA EV can hit a top speed of 124mph. Amazing right?

The car has an amazing exterior with amazing concept features of gull wing doors. It has a fabulous electric car concept.

The doors are lifted straight from the early 90’s Toyota Sera. I should know I owned one for a couple of years. Even the name TES-ERA EV has the letters SERA in a row. I’d wager the entire thing is built off of a Sera body. Not that it isn’t cool looking.

I’ve found my car. This Toyota TES-ERA EV, the gull-wing door is one of the best part it contains. Rear and side view cameras perfect for driving and parking to prevent future disasters. Why there was no info about the interior design? It’s the best when it comes to exterior.

Very creative car concept! It looks like a super hero automobile used in movies.The exterior is so fantastic; however, I wonder how the interior would look like.

I’ve never seen such cool car like this in a great futuristic look! Haha. To be honest, for me it looks like a robotic car but something that the road should do have. The whole exterior is really fantastic!

Of course, who would never like this car? Anyway, will this article be updated? Because I am really keen to see the interior face of this amazing Toyota car. Please do some update. smiley

i love the futuristic look of this car! It looks like an alien vehicle with its door open but something that will catch everybody’s attention while
wandering on every street of every cities in the world. smiley

Toyota leads their design into a futuristic one meaning getting to be high-tech. Like their amazing gullwing doors and the very striking wheels plus the great blue body paint. But too bad that this is only a concept. Hoping that this will be released in the market.

Yes! I also want this car! This is one of the few of many futuristic cars that had caught my attention. Too bad that this is only a concept. Well, I am hoping to see this sometime in the market, this is really spectacular!

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