2012 Toyota FT-86 Race Car

Both the Subaru and Toyota versions of the FT-86 will be making their world debut in December at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, but Toyota will be utilizing their ingenious marketing strategies to unveil a race version of the FT-86. The car will make its debut at the German VLN series on the Nürburgring race track, similar to how they revealed the Lexus LF-A race car. It’s becoming sort of like a tradition of sorts for Toyota and Lexus to race with prototypes.

The FT-86 race car will be similar to the production model, but with a few changes to make it appropriate for the race track, including a huge rear wing, a roll cage for maximum protection, and improved performance. This means that the car we will be seeing at the Nurburgring will look almost the same as the one expected to arrive in December. All we need to do is train our eyes to strip away the livery so we can get a clear view.

We will have more details about this car after the official qualification tomorrow.

UPDATE 10/14/2011 : Fresh off the press, we have some new spy shots of the Toyota FT-86 Race Car as it qualifies itself around the Nurburgring. We also have some closeups of the racer from the pits, where the exterior and interior details are shown off in full glory. Enjoy!


Yeah right! However, I am hoping that they update the news about this Race car soon, especially about the figure performance of it. I am really hoping that it will truly be good enough for a sports car.

I really can’t wait for 2012 to arrive! I almost noticed that it had so many great and awesome concepts and coupe that will be out on that year! Just like this one, I will surely wait for this. smiley

Well, so much for the look’s guys but how about its figure performance? I hope that they perfectly boost the engine of this race car, and I also wondered if it had a comfortable interior?

It really looked so fresh! smiley I can say that the exquisite looks of this Toyota Race Car, is absolutely looks so stunning among all other race cars but I just only that it is also having an impressive engine.

The design that this Toyota FT-86 has was so trendy nowadays, I’ve seen lots of coupe and concept having that abstract art. Anyway, I think I should wait first for the other details about it before I could give some further comments, after all it’s already striking on its appearance.

When will they be planned to publish if what will really be the figure performance of this sports car? As for the exterior appearance of it, I can say that it was looking so aggressive on that design.

I wonder how powerful this car goes compared to Lexus LF-A race car. The exterior is simply designed but I know the powertrain is powerful.

It looks so aggressive on its appearance and styling though it only had a simple platform but it was very appealing and look so stunning on its design. Hmmm, I wonder if what will be the interior of this one will looks like even the figure performance of it.

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