2012 Toyota GT 86 by TOMS

Back at last month’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota unveiled a number of GT 86 variants that made our heads spin.

Now, we’re being treated to another program for the Japanese sports car, this time courtesy of Japanese tuning firm, TOMS. As part of the program for the fabulous 86, TOMS built and designed an aerodynamic program that consists of a new carbon fiber front spoiler, a new rear spoiler, a pretty intense quad exhaust system, a plethora of brake chambers, a mechanical processor for the aforementioned exhaust system, and a new set of aluminum wheels that improves on the Japanese sports car’s already aggressive stance.

According to TOMS, their aero program can also serve as a supplementary kit for any of the other 86 kits being prepared by TRD , Modellista , or GRMN. Sharing is caring, right?

Mechanical improvements done on the GT 86 have yet to be announced, but we do expect some serious performance gains for the Toyota sports car.


TOMS could have been better.

I wish TOMS has added something which would make it pompous

Mild changes can be seen. LEDs in the headlamps and new set of wheels can be seen, but is there more than they can brag to us? 

Unfortunately, it seems like TOMS has removed the essential luster of Toyota GT 86. It looked so much better before.

The added features are least likely to be noticed by the eyes. It’s more distinguished on its run.

I think Toyota is an expert on choosing materials to use on their innovations’ parts. It is evident on some point, but still this looks plain.

Toyota has given something new for their followers to follow and to talk about. The front and rear carbon spoilers to the quad exhaust system that show intensity to it.

The carbon spoiler who includes in this program was placed in the front and back. The quad exhaust system looks great in the rear lining in the rear spoiler. The wheels were about to give off aggressive stance making it more remarkable on any motor show it will be engaged.

Toyota has been quite these past few years. But they totally amazed me with Toyota GT 86 model. It looks like they finally came up with an idea that will make money for them.

Toyota uses a great program this time. The spoiler was aggressive together with the quad exhaust system. It has an intense output for sure.

It’s very professional and glossy on the body paint. I’m expecting a lot from its performance to gain more speed of it on the road.

Great style! It looks like a cobra ready to strike. I like the side skirts and the four mufflers are so sick! It would look more fierce in black and red paint.

Wow! The body paint is very glossy and the exterior design is very attractive. This new model of Toyota uses more high-tech features to build its better ride quality and good handling.

This is one of the best concepts that Toyota ever made. I’m sure that the materials used are of high quality, and it has a good feature list. I’ll surely wait for the update of this model.

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