2012 Toyota GT86 RC Spec

The new Toyota GT 86 is now officially on sale on the Japanese market and Japan was lucky enough to get a bare bones model that most likely won’t be available on any other market. It’s called the GT 86 RC Spec and will be offered as an entry level model, stripped of many of its features to save weight and cost. That decrease in cost will be passed on to Toyota’s customers as well; the RC Spec is cheaper than any other GT 86 version offered, priced at $25,800 at the current exchange rates. This is about $5,500 cheaper than the next model in the line-up.

So what do we mean by bare bones? The RC Spec will be void of the usual perks like air conditioning and cup holders, as well as the underfloor, intake manifold cover, and boot lamp. The fascia cover and plastic covering for the steering wheel and gear shifter were also stripped. The exterior also gets minimized with unpainted front and rear bumpers, exterior mirrors, and door handles, and the 17" alloy wheels were replaced with 16" steel wheels. As a result, the GT 86 RC Spec is about 132 lbs lighter and consumes less fuel than the standard GT 86.

The Toyota GT 86 RC Spec is powered by the same 200 HP 2.0 liter, naturally-aspirated petrol engine found in the standard model, but only a six-speed manual transmission will be available to partner with it. The limited slip differential also gets tossed out to save weight.

The Toyota GT 86 RC Spec will be joined on the Japanese market by G Spec, GT Spec, and GT Limited versions.


For once, it’s more beneficial to the buyers!

I compared its price to its specs, and I must say that it’s more favorable to consumers.

They say that looks can be deceiving. Maybe they’re right after all. The set of wheels from Toyota looks dull and doesn’t fit with the style. The front bumper looks lacking in details. I think it’s much better if uses other colors to make it more appealing. 

The look, specs, features, performance figure, and everything else are highly ample in qualities. The astounding fact is that you can afford all of them at a reasonable price.

Isn’t it amazing? For a cheaper price, you can afford this new well-performing innovation.

Unlike Subaru BRZ RA, this one is more complete, but the exterior seems to lack from details. The same with BRZ, the wheels were untouched and very common with the older version of the cars.

All I can say was “wow!”. I don’t know what was in the car, but I found it beautiful. However, the wheels turned me off. Why it was designed like that? They have spoiled the supposed beauty of this RC Spec.

It was simple and yet so elegant. Japanese will surely grab this opportunity to have this car since it will be available on their market only. Do not deny the fact that it was aggressively looking on the provided photo.

I like the color combination of this car because it’s very refreshing to look at. It’s very aggressive on style as well as the steering wheels of it.

I must agree in this article that Japan is very lucky enough to get a bare bones model that is not available on other market. I’m sure this much cheaper than any other GT 86 version offered. This proves that Toyota is innovating on their concept with high quality of materials.

I think what they are saying is; go to aftermarket companies and chose what you need

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