2013 Toyota Prius Persona Series

Toyota is slowly announcing the trim levels for the Prius ’ 2013 model year and it has been relatively “blah” so far. Toyota is at least attempting to spice things up – or at least mailing in its attempt – by releasing a :ahem: “Special Edition” model that it has dubbed the Prius Persona Series.

This so-called special edition has pretty much just two things that are special about it. The first is a black-cherry paint job that can only be found on the Persona Series model. Also unique to this model are the darker-finished 17-inch wheels and the “Persona Series” badges on the outside. In addition to the black-cherry paint, you can also opt for black and Blizzard Pearl.

On the inside, Toyota will fit the Prius Persona Series with black SofTex seats with red accent stitching. For those that don’t know, SofTex is imitation leather that Toyota patented earlier this year. Also wrapped in charcoal-colored SofTex with black accents and red contrasting stitching is the steering wheel.

Lastly, the Prius Persona Series gets dark chrome accents throughout the interior, including on the steering wheel, gear shifter ring, arm rest, door handles, and front cup holders. Other than those additions, the Prius Persona Series comes with the same 134-horsepower, 1.8-liter engine that the base Prius Two comes with.

Toyota has priced this special model at $27,890, which is about $1,300 more than the 2013 Prius Three. At least this is a step in the right direction for the Prius, but we are still waiting for Toyota to find a way to really make the Prius “cool.” The wait shall continue…


i also like the wheels and the seats. nice car.

I hate the color. Most of the time it looks like a flat shade of purple and I don’t like chrome accents, especially with anthracite wheels

I love burgundy, so that would be a sale. Really nice color.

I like the approach, but the color isn’t for me and those rims remind me of Venza wheels.

it doesn’t seem to have heated seats. I am not sure I would go with SofTex with no heated seats. The painted darker interior pieces doesn’t do anything.

I really love the Black Cherry Pear also. They could have done more to separate it from the regular Pri line. Darker color Five wheels were an easy way out.

I love that color so much I wish the Plug-in would have been offered in it as well.

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