2013 Toyota Tundra Pre-Runner by Alexis Dejoria

NHRA Alcohol Funny Car race car driver Alexis Dejoria is the only woman competing in the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge. To make a splash in the competition, Dejoria took the challenge of building a custom-tuned vehicle using the biggest vehicle in the lot, a stock, full-sized Toyota Tundra.

Not lacking confidence one bit, Dejoria enlisted the help of Dale Dondel and his team at Racer Engineering to built the meanest vehicle at SEMA .

The first order of business was to make extensive modifications to the chassis and body of the Tundra. Dejoria and Racer Engineering made use of fabricated long A-arms, trailing arms, while also installing massive racing shocks, a new front and rear bumper, a new brush guard, fiberglass front and rear fenders, a dual spare tire carrier in the bed, and a new set of 17" Mehod racing wheels wrapped in Maxxis tires.

All told, the result is 20" of wheel travel in front and 24" in the rear, enough to allow the Tundra Pre-Runner to run roughshod over just about any navigable stretch of desert race territory.

Inside, the modifications include NRG racing seats with custom Hooker 7-point harnesses, a full leather-wrapped roll cage, and a high-powered JBL sound system.

Under its hood, the Tundra Pre-Runner received a 5.7-liter TRD-supercharged V8 engine fed by a custom rear-mounted fuel cell.

“I wanted to do the best possible off-road vehicle we could,” DeJoria said. “I think this is going to be the baddest vehicle at SEMA.”

Not one to make bold exaggerations, DeJoria could be on to something here, especially if her Tundra Pre-Runner somehow wins the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge. Voting for your favorite project is now open at the Toyota Racing Facebook page until October 29, 2012. The winner will receive $50,000, money that will go to their chosen charity. In Dejoria’s case, that charity would be Safety Harbor Kids.


i bet this woman’s husband would want to drive a car made by her. i, for one, would!

this is a car to take to the north pole and back! it doesn’t look like it could get stuck in anything!

this car looks like it could beat a true sports car while running next to the track, not on it!

you can get into this car, go hunt a deer and make in time for dinner. love it!

that is one bad car. as men are some of the best chefs, it would only be fair a car show would be won by a lady!

she spends more than the 50.000$ she could win, but then again, she also gets the respect and appreciation of all the guys out there.

do not take it personally. just as I am feminist. I really think it’s a very good car

i love the balls that woman has to take the biggest car out there and tune the hell out of it.

huge car, 5.7 liter engine, tuned up suspension. what else can you want from a car capable of taking you to the edge of the world?

slow down, woman! anyone is saying here that women would not be good in this field?!

wow, this is a hard core off-roader. you can get wherever, whenever in such a car!

this looks like a LEGO car. andthat rocks!!!

you are damn right girl! let her prove to everybody that also a woman can be good in this branch.

you are damn right girl! let her prove to everybody that also a woman can be good in this branch.

I would also add a reason I vote for this project instead of the others: the competitor is a womansmiley

I would definitely vote for this project for many reasons: i like very much the car, i love this custom-tuned version and i like the cause.

oh, boy! this is sooo cute. i simply adore how it looks. cute and powerful in the same timesmiley

m-m-m!!! i looove this car. weeell, this is a real tuned vehicle, not that Sequoia Family Dragster.

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