2014 Toyota Corolla Tourer

The Toyota Corolla is currently in its eleventh generation, but a wagon version hasn’t been offered since 2005 when Toyota decided to axe it. However, more and more customers have been asking for wagon models in the past few years, so the Japanese company has decided to bring the Corolla Tourer back onto the market. The model will be making its official debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and will be put on sale in early 2014.

The all new Corolla Tourer (known as the Auris in Europe) has been caught by our spy photographers during hot weather testing in Southern Europe. As you can see, the model is heavily camouflaged meaning that its exterior design will be significantly improved when compared to the current generation.

A few changes will also be made under the hood, but American customers will still enjoy the same 1.8-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine, which produces 132 HP, found in the sedan version.


What could be the most interesting feature of this Tourer?

It’s good if this Tourer makes their way also on other continents.

This Tourer will bring the next success of Toyota not only in European continent, but also in the Asian and American continent.

@BadStroller: I don’t think there will be confusion about having two Corolla names. Auris will be sold in Europe while the Tourer will be on other countries.

Toyota launches two models with a different model name. So Auris and Tourer are the same and sold around the world. Would it also bring confusion?

Please improve the exterior and interior design of this car, but some details must be retained so the car will be attractive.

Finally, Toyota responded on the demanding people about having a new line for family-sized vehicles.

What kind of camouflage is that? Are they sure they can give it a better result?

Maybe, there are little changes on this Tourer. The exterior and engine components under its hood do matter on us.

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