DAMD Builds an LF-A Kit for the Toyota GT 86

There is arguing about the striking differences between Toyota’s GT 86 and Lexus’ LF-A supercar. Honestly, the former doesn’t even belong in the latter’s category.

Even though there’s a huge disparity in performance, it doesn’t mean that the GT 86 can’t look the part of the LF-A, which is something the imaginative people from DAMD decided to do when they went and gave the GT 86 a full LF-A makeover.

At first glance, you can hardly tell the difference between this rechristened "LFT-86" from the standard version. Once you take a closer look, however, you’ll notice that the cars bumper and the triangular-shaped side vents are near replicas of the mighty Lexus supercar’s bumper and side vents. The side skirts have also been fitted to mimic the LF-A, as has the rear bumper with the honeycomb vents, the diffuser, and, last but not least, the inverted pyramid-style tri-tailpipes.

About the only thing missing is the 560-horsepower, 4.8-liter V-10 engine of the LF-A. Guess anybody who gets this kit will have to settle for the 200 ponies of the GT 86.


It is nice for the company to come up with LF-A Kit for Toyota GT 86. A make-over for the car sounds very nice. At least the horsepower and V-10 engine of LF-A are something that will differentiate the car from the Toyota GT86.

I’d love to drive it, just for a couple of minutes..It seems to be cool,powerful and safe

Yes, Brad, you are right.It’s surely interesting how little can create so much

I’ve seen it at the Tokio Auto Salon. It is magnificent, such little changes, that seem to be even not-so-important, really have the power to make a better car out of this Toyota

It seems like DAMD knows what they’re doing, especially when we talk about this Toyota

Pretty cool engine.I like it.And these new details give this car a more elegant look.Thumbs up!!

I love it!The red one looks really hot!
I’d go for such a change, if I had this car

Although it looks a little bit better, I don’t think someone should give money for such an operation ..

Was it really necessarily to do this makeup thing?I don’t seem to understand it..

Anything that improves the aesthetics of this car is a huge bonus. While the lines are decent on the FT86, everything else about the car just seems so overwhelmingly bland. Maybe that’s just a toyota / volkswagen / honda thing; design for efficiency, not for beauty.

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