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Back at last month’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota unveiled a number of GT 86 variants that made our heads spin.

Now, we’re being treated to another program for the Japanese sports car, this time courtesy of Japanese tuning firm, TOMS. As part of the program for the fabulous 86, TOMS built and designed an aerodynamic program that consists of a new carbon fiber front spoiler, a new rear spoiler, a pretty intense quad exhaust system, a plethora of brake chambers, a mechanical processor for the aforementioned exhaust system, and a new set of aluminum wheels that improves on the Japanese sports car’s already aggressive stance.

According to TOMS, their aero program can also serve as a supplementary kit for any of the other 86 kits being prepared by TRD , Modellista , or GRMN. Sharing is caring, right?

Mechanical improvements done on the GT 86 have yet to be announced, but we do expect some serious performance gains for the Toyota sports car.

One of the most anticipated cars of 2012 is Toyota ’s new rear wheel drive entry level sports car with way too many names: GT-86 , FT-86 , and FR-S . Test car specialist, Chris Harris, has traveled to Spain to get the most out of a short session with the car. This video is about 10 minutes long and shows off what one can do behind the wheel of one of the most talked about sports cars of the year.

As a reminder, the GT 86 is powered by a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat-four engine that delivers a total of 200 HP at 7000 rpm and maximum torque of 151 lb-ft at 6600 rpm. The engine is mated to either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. The only problem is that we don’t have an official confirmation of the car’s performance numbers just yet.

Toyota has a new concept planned for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and while it doesn’t come with the same pizzazz as the recently unveiled GT 86 sports coupe, it still gives us an idea on what a future compact city car could look like with a Toyota badge on it.

The car is called the FT-Bh concept - the ’FT’ tag follows in the footsteps of the FT-86 - and its being touted as a compact urban machine that boasts of low emissions combined with a fully aesthetically-pleasing design.

According to Toyota, the lightweight FT-Bh will pack a full hybrid powertrain, which is pretty obvious considering that it’s a concept for the future and thus, possesses materials and techniques that are being developed for use on the company’s future vehicle line-up.

UPDATE 03/06/12: This review has been updated with official specs and photos.

Find out more about the Toyota FT-Bh Concept after the jump

The new Toyota GT 86 is now officially on sale on the Japanese market and Japan was lucky enough to get a bare bones model that most likely won’t be available on any other market. It’s called the GT 86 RC Spec and will be offered as an entry level model, stripped of many of its features to save weight and cost. That decrease in cost will be passed on to Toyota’s customers as well; the RC Spec is cheaper than any other GT 86 version offered, priced at $25,800 at the current exchange rates. This is about $5,500 cheaper than the next model in the line-up.

So what do we mean by bare bones? The RC Spec will be void of the usual perks like air conditioning and cup holders, as well as the underfloor, intake manifold cover, and boot lamp. The fascia cover and plastic covering for the steering wheel and gear shifter were also stripped. The exterior also gets minimized with unpainted front and rear bumpers, exterior mirrors, and door handles, and the 17" alloy wheels were replaced with 16" steel wheels. As a result, the GT 86 RC Spec is about 132 lbs lighter and consumes less fuel than the standard GT 86.

The Toyota GT 86 RC Spec is powered by the same 200 HP 2.0 liter, naturally-aspirated petrol engine found in the standard model, but only a six-speed manual transmission will be available to partner with it. The limited slip differential also gets tossed out to save weight.

The Toyota GT 86 RC Spec will be joined on the Japanese market by G Spec, GT Spec, and GT Limited versions.

You have to give credit to Toyota for bringing to the market another good looking Toyota Camry; The new model look sportier than ever. To celebrate the new car, Toyota is releasing a trendy Superbowl commercial featuring some good fun. The best selling sedan, known for its bullet proof reliability is turning cops into massage therapist and couch into supermodel wearing bikinis. We would’ve liked to see a bit more of the car itself but check it out and tweet away on the special #reinvented hashtag, made specially for the new Camry’s rejuvenated, or shall we say, reinvented campaign.

Check out after the jump our favorite Camry commercial, praising the muscle power coming out of their V6.

Toyota Racing has unveiled the first details on the 2012 Le Mans challenger - the new TS030 Hybrid. The race car was built as the successor to the iconic TS010 and TS020 cars which participated at Le Mans with podium success during the 1990s. The Toyota Sport 030 will race at the Le Mans 24 Hours event scheduled for June 16th - 17th, 2012. There will be two cars entering the race.

The new TS030 is powered by a THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System – Racing) powertrain that combines an all-new 3.4 liter normally-aspirated V8 engine with a hybrid system with capacitor storage developed by official team partner Nisshinbo. The car was built on a brand new carbon fiber LMP1 chassis developed and produced at TMG.

The newTS030 Hybrid completed several hundred kilometers, showing an impressive level of reliability and performance for this very early stage in the car’s testing program.

UPDATE 06/04/12: Weeks before its debut at the at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Toyota Racing TS030 Hybrid is now dressed in full racing livery. Toyota even marked the occasion by releasing a new gallery of photos of the car dressed for racing action!

Toyota is about to add another model to its hybrid line-up and, no surprise here, it’s based on the company’s best sold model on the European market: the Yaris. The new Yaris Hybrid is set to make its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March with sales in Europe beginning shortly thereafter.

The new Yaris Hybrid will be powered by the first downsizing of Toyota’s HSD powertrain that combines a new 1.5 liter petrol engine with a lighter, more compact electric motor, transaxle, inverter, and battery pack. This new system is about 20% lighter than that of the engine found in the Auris Hybrid and will deliver a total of 100 HP. It will be mated to a standard automatic transmission.

Next to having a hybrid powertrain, the new Yaris Hybrid will also be offered with an exclusive, aerodynamically efficient exterior design. This means it will have a new, more assertive Under Priority trapezoid opening frontal design element with the Keen Look design implemented on the front lamps.

More details about the new Yaris Hybrid will be unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, so stay tuned.

The Toyota Vitz , or the Yaris as it’s known in a lot of international markets, isn’t exactly the type of car that would receive a sports concept program. Apparently, Toyota and GRMN, thought that it would be a pretty good idea. Thus, the Vitz/Yaris Turbo Concept was born.

Prepared by GRMN, which stands for "Gazoo Racing Master of Nurburgring," the three-door Yaris received some pretty impressive bodywork, complete with Gazoo Racing’s signature livery, a new grille set-up, a redesigned front bumper, a front lip spoiler, widened front and rear fenders, side skirts, a roof spoiler, a new rear bumper and diffuser, and a new set of 18" wheels wrapped in high-performance tires. In terms of performance, the Yaris Turbo Concept received an improved engine, courtesy of a modified 1.5-liter supercharged engine that produces 180 horsepower and 162.3 lb-ft of torque. The engine was then combined with a five-speed manual transmission, a new lowered sports suspension, and a high-performance braking system.

It wasn’t surprising to see Toyota and GRMN pull out all the stops with their Tokyo Auto Salon contingent. What raised our eyebrows was the impressive detail Toyota and GRMN went through to build a sporty and aggressive Toyota Yaris.

Friday the 13th isn’t typically considered a good day for those that are a tad superstitious, but the people behind the Tokyo Auto Salon aren’t in the least bit paraskevidekatriaphobic (plague with a fear of Friday the 13th) because that’s when they decided to open their doors. Lucky for us (pun intended), because Toyota has chosen this setting to reveal their TES-ERA EV - a concept car developed by the Toyota Engineering Society that proves that even electric vehicles can be extremely cool.

The work on this project began back in March 2011 with a team of 20 members doing their best to produce a spectacular electric concept. This concept features an innovative design with sweet gullwing doors, a rich Dark Blue Mica exterior paint finish with 18-inch aluminum wheels, and height adjustable double wishbone suspensions. The interior of the concept gets a built-in touch-shift steering wheel, a rear and side view camera monitor system, an instrument panel, door trims with decorative illumination, and 4-point seat belts.

Joining the ranks of the beautiful exterior is the power setup. The TES-ERA is powered by an electric 4JM motor that delivers a total of 164 HP and 247 lb-ft of torque. The motor takes its power from a lithium-ion battery and is mated to a rear-wheel-drive system and the F1 "KERS’ system. With a total weight of 2535 lbs, the TES-ERA EV can hit a top speed of 124 mph.

All we can say is: we want it!

The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon is just chock full of tuning packages for the Toyota GT 86, or any of its sibling iterations. Next to the GT86 by TRD featured earlier, Toyota has also brought the GT 86 Modellista version to Japan. While both versions mostly focused on adding some flare to the small sports car, they both proved that the GT86 is the perfect car to upgrade, in any way the customer dreams or desires.

The Toyota GT 86 Modellista has received a new front spoiler, a new rear spoiler, and chrome door moldings. Both headlights and rear lights have been modified, with the headlights receiving eye lids to simplify the car’s front and the taillights receiving covers to blend with the rest of the car. The final touch for the exterior is a new set of 18" wheels wrapped in high performance tires and a very cool white exterior paint. There aren’t any details on the interior modifications, but stay with us and we’ll keep you posted!

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