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Leave it to Toyota to turn a seemingly ordinary mini-van into a stretched-out limousine whose interior looks more awesome than our living room. Such is the case with the Toyota Sienna ‘Swagger Wagon Supreme’, a 3.5-liter V6 engine minivan with a 6-speed automatic transmission that was recently unveiled at SEMA. Talk about rolling around town with swag.

Built and created with B.A.D. Company, the Swagger Wagon Supreme is everything we’ve always wanted in a minivan, nevermind, of course, that the vehicle has been stretched 44 inches. It’s not going to be the easiest car to bring to soccer practice, but it’s the perfect ride to use while waiting for the kids to finish kicking those balls around.

Before we get to the interior, Swagger Wagon Supreme’s exterior bears a few things that need to be talked about. Apart from getting stretched longer than a giraffe’s neck, the minivan-turned-mobile-office was also given its own suspension set-up and a set of 20-inch chrome wheels courtesy of KMC rims. The exterior also features a custom fabricated rear spoiler, shaved door handles on automatic sliding doors, a custom acrylic roof replacement that stretches a ridiculous eight-feet long, and custom chrome exhaust tips.

As for the interior, well, this is where it gets a lot more interesting. For starters, the tuned-up, stretched-out Sienna has custom seating with reversible cushions, a Spa seat that has a multi-function massage unit, a custom cabinetry with a veneer finish and a DuPont countertop, a glass-front refrigerator, two swiveling captain’s chairs in the passenger area, a 23-inch HP TouchSmart computer that’s been mounted on a custom bracket, an Xbox gaming console, a DVD player, and a custom JBL surround sound audio system.

Wrap yourselves around those features for a minute and after you’re done, check out the press release for the full details.

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Anybody whose ever been associated with Toyota will tell you that few people are as respected and beloved as Master Test Driver Hiromu Naruse.

The iconic test driver for Toyota began his career with the company as an accountant, but quickly displayed a knack for his expertise in building and developing sports cars. In the past 47 years, Naruse inspired and had a hand in building almost every sports car built by Toyota, including his latest work of art, the Lexus LF-A .

Sadly, Naruse’s life was taken while driving the last masterpiece he helped build, the LF-A, after a tragic car accident cost Toyota more than just its “NurMiester”. The company lost a friend, a brother, a hero, and an icon.

As a sign of respect to honor the man many say is one of the best test drivers in history – he’s logged more hours than any Japanese driver at the Nurburgring – Toyota released a short video in tribute to Hiromu Naruse, the one and only master.

Source: Toyota
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This is the ultimate bar room and barbecue debate that has been raging on for years and will no doubt persist for years to come. What makes a car cool? Is it cutting edge technology, timeless and sexy good looks, or ultra high performance?

We think it’s all of those features and then some. In addition to a combination of those factors, we’d like to think that a cool car can be defined as something that has influenced our attitude and thinking towards how we perceive what a car is and stands for. Some of them have an intangible quality that has captivated our hearts and minds.

Here then is our Top 50 coolest cars of all time. This is obviously a very subjective and contentious topic so feel free to leave your comments, criticisms, and additions at the bottom of the page.

Hit the jump for the hallowed list.

Toyota brought the Tundra Sportsman to the SEMA Show. This is a unique show truck, inspired by the outdoor tradition of hunting. It’s based on a 2011 Tundra Double Cab 4x4 equipped with the TRD Rock Warrior Package and 5.7-liter V8 with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The exterior is painted in a muted color palette of Grays and Black, semi-gloss paint was used for the body and shell while a flat finish was applied to the trim. Other features include a three-inch suspension lift, a custom air intake and snorkel, and a custom exhaust that was created with pipes routed up through the center of the bed and exiting the roof top deck. Finishing the package is ATX 18-inch Teflon-coated wheels fitted onto 33 x 12.5-inch Nitto Mud Grapplers.

Inside, the truck was designed to be a command center for extended hunting trips as essential field electronics such as a weather station and GPS have been installed. To minimize wear, the TRD Rock Warrior bucket seats were upholstered in waterproof Black and Gray material. The black Rock Warrior carpeting is weather protected by all-weather Browning branded camouflage floor mats. The stock 10 speaker JBL sound system is supplemented by JBL all-weather outdoor speakers that are wired into the bed area to create a simple but comfortable recreation space.

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Automakers from all over showed up to the 2010 SEMA Show with a slew of accessories to slap on to their existing models. Jaguar has their Black Pack , Chevrolet has their Z-Spec , and now we get Toyota with their Plus Performance Package. The future Plus brand of accessories will be available in limited production beginning in April 2011. Showcasing their future line of accessories in the hybrid Prius.

The Prius Plus Performance Package features a seven-piece aerodynamic body kit that includes a uniquely styled rear diffuser, which enhances its already sleek appearance and maintains its 0.25 coefficient of drag. The aero kit also includes front and rear bumper spoilers and side skirts. The whole package is finished by race-inspired 17-inch forged wheels.

The package also includes sport-tuned lowering springs that provide a lower center of gravity, enhancing the vehicles on-road performance through quicker turn-in, enhanced steering response, and improved cornering ability. A rear sway bar is added to reduce body roll for flatter, more stable cornering and maneuverability. And of course lets not forget the "Plus" logo on both the exterior and interior.

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The second concept car to be displayed at the SEMA Show is a Toyota 4Runner SUV customized by Wheeler Magazine. Called the 4Runner Backcountry, this SUV comes packing some serious features that will allow just about anyone to take a successful trip of hiking, camping, or just plain exploring through any and all roads.

The 4Runner Backcountry features an ARB Steel Touring Style Roof Rack - used to mount the ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent and ARB Awning 2000 -, HID driving lights, and a rear tire and Expedition One Geri fuel can carrier that moves the spare tire from under the vehicle to the back. More cargo space out back was achieved by modifying an Old Manu Emu (OME) suspension system and lifting the SUV by about three inches higher than a standard 4Runner. This tweak made it possible to fit P285/70R17 Falken WildPeak A/T tires mounted to 17x8 Teflon-coated ATX Mojave wheels to the vehicle.

The interior of the 4Runner Backcountry doesn’t get much changed, but there’s a ton added to make those trips that much more convenient. The 4Runner gets a Cobra CB radio and a dash-mounted Garmin GPS system, along with factory switch blanks to clear out the dash. The SUV also gets a rear cargo area-mounted Power Tank on-board air system for airing up tires and an ARB Fridge Freeze for those yummy snacks.

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Toyota has arrived a SEMA with a special Yaris hatchback inspired by the IMSA GTP Toyota Eagle Racers of the 1990’s. The concept is called the GT-S Club Racer and pays homage to the popular GT-S grade Celica’s of the 1980’s and 90’s.

The new Yaris GT-S Club Racer features Molly Designs inspired graphics, a Seibon carbon fiber hood and hatchback, AeroCatch hood pins, Racing Lifestyle fender flares, I/O Port Racing Supplies tow hooks, and Lexan side and rear windows.

Under the hood there is a a Toyota 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with VVT-i modified to deliver 145 HP. These modifications include several bolt-on performance parts including a K&N air intake, a DC Sports header, and Rebello Racing Engines camshafts and cylinder head work, to name a few. A Mishimoto radiator and Coast Fabrication Ultra Lightweight racing muffler were also added. The engine is mated to a SPEC aluminum flywheel and three-puck clutch, a Kaaz limited slip differential and a 4.312 final drive gear set swapped in from a Scion xB .

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It seems that this year’s SEMA Show is all about customizing hybrid models. Toyota , for example, has brought quite an impressive number of tuned Prius models to dazzle the crowds at one of the biggest tuning shows in the world. One of them is the work of the Conversions and Accessories group at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan.

The Prius C&A Custom Concept features light-weight carbon fiber all the way from the front of the hybrid to the rear, including aero side skirts with vertical spoilers, front bumper and fender flares with radically large air intakes, the engine hood, roof, rear hatch, rear spoiler, rear bumper with vertical spoiler, and rear garnish. Forged wheels with aluminum aero rings set at 18-inches finishes off the exterior package.

For the interior of the Prius , the new concept offers black Alcantara simulated suede fabric on the ceiling, “A” and “B” pillars, door trim, rear seat, and console box. As for the technologies, Conversions and Accessories has placed a navigation system by DENSO that features an eco function that displays total electric motor and engine kilowatt output.

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We were not exactly elated when we heard Toyota was bringing a two-door Camry to the SEMA Show this year. An everyday sedan isn’t really what we would call a tuning marvel. Then we saw the photos for the new RK Collection Camry NASCAR Edition and were a little surprised to see a car with a little more spunk than what we’re used to seeing on this boring little ride

The Camry NASCAR Edition was built as a model that could show Toyota Racing Development (TRD) the potential for the vehicle. RK Collection managed this seemingly impossible feat by adding a custom body kit, a Toyota grill, carbon fiber brake ducts with fog lights, TRD emblems, and new 20" TSW Jarama wheels.

Under the hood there is a powerful TRD NASCAR V8 engine that measures 358 cubic inches and delivers an impressive 680 HP at 8500 RPM. The engine is mated to a Tremic T-56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission with a Ram dual-disc street clutch.

The interior sees custom leather-covered panels, a suede headliner with integrated rear tweeters, leather-covered power seats with custom TRD billet logos, a billet shifter, and a dashboard with SPEK gauges by Proparts. Further racing spunk was added with a four-point roll cage. Handling was improved with the use of Camry modified Macpherson struts in the front and a Venza modified multi-link independent suspension in the rear.

After the SEMA Show, the RK Collection Camry NASCAR Editionwill be headed to the Phoenix International Raceway on November 12th for the start of the NASCAR race weekend.

UPDATE 02/13/12:It took a lot longer than we expected, but hey, it’s always better to be late than to never show up at all, right? Check out the video prepared by RK Collection of the Camry NASCAR Edition. We don’t need to remind you how surprisingly sick this car is, so just watch the video after the jump and see for yourself!

Press release after the jump.

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It’s amazing, as even though the Toyota unintended acceleration issue was some time ago, some stories keep popping up at least once a month. This time, there are accusations against the Japanese automaker that they forced people to keep quiet about the issue. Part of this deal was that Toyota would buy-back these problematic vehicles, but in order to get them to do that, owners had to sign a confidentially statement that stated they couldn’t talk to anyone about it.

The suit also points to Toyota documents that stated engineers and technicians were able to recreate the issue. This entire thing aside, the suit is basically saying that Toyota knew about the issue, but failed to act for years.

Toyota has stated that all owners who sold their vehicles back were asked to sign a liability waiver and there was no confidentiality statement in this waiver. Frankly, while they might have failed to act, this story seems a bit to mafia-like for a car company.

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