2013 Tramontana XTR

The Tramontana R won’t exactly win any beauty contests, but what it lacks in overall physical appeal, it more than makes up for in power. It pushes out 720 HP from its V12 engine, bringing the supercar to a top speed of 201 mph, and now it has a little brother that exceeds even those expectations. Tramontana has announced the development of a new supercar that will deliver no less than 888 HP.

The first details revealed by the Spanish company suggest that this new supercar will be called the XTR (Xtreme sensations) and will feature radical chassis modifications and will clearly be oriented towards pure performance. That performance will come out of the same V12 engine found in its older sibling, but tweaked to pump out a total of 888 HP with the use of a new, ultra-rapid competition gearbox. Tramontana will also be offering additional aerodynamic elements to optimize the vehicle’s performance at high speeds.

Expect to see the new Tramontana XTR launched by the end of 2012, but get those speedy hands and checkbooks ready, only 12 units will be built a year and each will set you back $514,000.


The pre-release details of the Tramontana, which was called the XTR before, features radical chassis and a pure powerful performance.

Yeah, it’s very appealing and extremely aggressive. Who designed this XTR? It looks great.

Yeah I agree with you. This Tramontanta looks great, but in the production, it will another issue.

Well, I guess the Tramontana XTR will be the most appealing super-car if they push this on production.

I can’t imagine driving this kind of car. I think it has a very less chance of winning any awards in showcase competition. But it’s power will surely dominate when it comes to racing.

It’s simply good for me having a bulky built with sharp edges. I guess it’s just the manly vehicle designed for us.

This is too edgy on all sides. I don’t know if the aerodynamics works well in this XTR.

Buying this for such an inexpensive price isn’t such a great deal as its quality is apparently cheap. The style couldn’t get more dull, even the engine and its performance. Its interior is also deceiving if you look at it from the outside as it may seem roomy.

With the cool exterior and perfect aerodynamics, I’m sure it will not give us a failure on its performance.

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