2012 TranStar Dagger GT-D Outlaw

Anyone can drive up and down the Autobahn at excessive speeds all they want, but we highly doubt anyone would be crazy to push a 2000-3000 HP hypercar to its limit anywhere. Of course, that didn’t stop Transtar Racing from developing the Dagger GT - a 2800 HP hypercar with a 0-60 mph time of 1.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time of just 6.7 seconds. At least, that’s what they said it did; we don’t know if anyone was actually present when any of this happened and Transtar hasn’t exactly produced the car yet. In an even crazier spin, Transtar Racing has now announced modification for the 2012 model year with a new vehicle called the GT-D Outlaw, the D standing from dragster.

This new version will develop a total of 2700 HP and sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than 1 second. With the new GT-D Outlaw, TranStar Racing hopes to set a new Standing Mile record at no more than 280 mph, or about 76mph faster than the Bugatti Veyron’s current 204 mph in the Standing Mile.

Lofty goals, now if we could actually see the car in action.

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Exterior and Interior

TranStar Dagger GT-D Outlaw

If you have an accessible race track, or have a death wish, and can’t wait for the GT-D to be produced then you can revel in the fact that Transtar will be hand-making the GT-D according to the customer’s specifications. The build will start off with a carbon fiber composite space-age body combined with an aluminum and carbon-fiber/Kevlar monococoque frame. Once the body and interior features have all been dropped, the car will then be given to award winning After FX Customs for some extreme customization.

TranStar Dagger GT-D Outlaw

The GT-D will be equipped with Goodyear Pro Stock Slicks, or DOT ET Drag tires, hydraulic-launched double drag chutes, a drag wing, an NHRA rollcage, a drag racing transaxle, a drag racing rear suspension that will emulate a Pro Stock Dragster, and four rear-exit 4-inch sculpted exhausts. Customers will also have the ability to choose between race, sport, or luxury interiors, as well as a nine-inch touch-screen with a voice-actuated computer monitor, three rear-view cameras with night-vision, and an extreme biometric security system.


TranStar Dagger GT-D Outlaw

For the Dagger GT-D, TranStar will be using a polished aluminum 632 Dart big block with 80 mm twin Turbonetics turbos at 30 psi and multifuel injection with race and pump gas. The engine will be combined with a 6-speed TranStar Racing polished aluminum-cased and 300M steel transaxle clutch and gearbox made exclusively for TranStar Racing by Mendeola Transaxles. All of this engine talk will lead to the aforementioned 2700 HP and 205 mph in the quarter mile, plus hopes to match the 0-62 mph time of 1.2 seconds provided by the 1900 hp Nissan Project Zed and a 280 mph Standing Mile to beat out the Bugatti’s Veyron’s 204mph.

Here’s a full list of the records Transtar is hoping to beat with the new Dagger GT-D Outlaw

  • 315 mph top speed goal (with landspeed safety package)
  • 280 mph standing mile (new record)
  • 205 mph quarter mile (with drag package)
  • Under 6.6 seconds quarter mile
  • 1.2 seconds zero-to-sixty mph (current Nissan 1900 hp dragster record)
  • VIR Grand Course Lap Record
  • Nurburgring Lap Record
  • Lap records at Talladega, Daytona and Indianapolis Raceways
  • Slalom record
  • Zero-to-sixty-to-zero record
  • Multiple Show Car First Place Awards


TranStar Dagger GT-D Outlaw

Prices for the Dagger GT-D have not been released yet, but with Transtar’s record, we’d wait for the car to be seen in public before requesting a price.


TranStar Dagger GT-D Outlaw

Once the TranStar Dagger is released out on the road, automakers like Bugatti, McLaren, and Ferrari should be a tad bit weary. Transtar’s real target though, is the Bugatti Veyron , as evidenced by Transtar’s constant comparison of the Dagger GT and the Veyron.

In its Super Sport version, the Veyron delivers a total of 1200 HP and a peak torque of 1106 lbs-ft. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 2.5 seconds and top speed has already been recorded at an impressive 267 mph. Impressive numbers, but TranStar plans to do better and their projected numbers illustrate their goals. Will they actually manage to do it? Only time will tell!

TranStar Dagger GT-D Outlaw
  • Sleek appearance
  • 2700 HP!
  • Great projected performance numbers
  • Not road legal
  • We haven’t seen the first version out on the road yet
  • Projected numbers mean nothing if they can’t be backed up


It looks fabulous on its sleek appearance; it exudes a very powerful vibe, mostly resulting from its futuristic look.

Is Transtar accurate in their statements? If it’s true, then a big wow! It’s probably the fastest car with a great number of horsepower. The exterior design is striking; this is too good to be true.

I’m impressed with the 2700 horsepower that it had, so powerful! The unique exterior design and platform are a head Turner. smiley I’m excited to see this one on a race.

A really exotic but impressive sports car! I also noticed that it had a futuristic touch which adds more appeal on this one. 2700 horsepower of it is absolutely so cool about it! I just really wish that they would put this on the market.

Wow!I love this TranStar Dagger. I noticed that it was oozing with angst and aggressiveness and yeah! It was so exotic on its platform and styling and for the engine that it had, I noticed that it was too powerful for it.

It looks so fabulous on its sleek appearance, and I’m impressed with the 2700 horsepower that it had, so powerful! The unique exterior design and platform are a head Turner. smiley I’m excited to see this one on a race.

I love the exotic appearance of this Dagger. The headlights give so much angst with this, and I noticed that it is more aggressive to look on the black color. But, how about the interior features of it?

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