We know Germany is the home to some of the most exclusive and luxurious auto brands in the world, so you would expect a country that counts Mercedes Benz , Porsche , BMW , and Audi as home grown brands to have a more-than-normal fixation with vehicles.

Apparently, that fixation has extended far beyond the world of the auto industry and into luxury housing for tourists. Yep, one hotel in Germany has decided to turn some of their rooms into auto-themed spaces that could help us revisit our inner childhoods.

Among the rooms that have been ‘themed-up’ include a drive-in movie theme with a Caddy bed called the ‘AutoKino’, a racing-inspired room ‘Racing’, a garage-type room called ‘Werkstatt’, a junkyard – yes, there’s inspiration in junkyards too – room called ‘Nostalgie’, an outdoors themed room called ‘V8 Camp’, a Shell gas station-type room that comes with its own Herbie Beetle called ‘Tankstelle’, a carwash-themed room with a Mercedes called ‘Carwash’, an ode to Route 66 room called ‘Motocycle’, and a turbine-inspired room called ‘Vision’, among others.

Despite the room themes ranging from the weird and wacky to the cool and classy, all these rooms have their own appeal and we won’t be the least bit surprised if each of them has attracted their fair share of tourists in the past.

Whatever your taste and preference is, each room definitely has its own appeal, and the next time you find yourself in Stuttgart, Germany, do your curiosity a favor and check in to the V8 Hotel.

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With the quest to increase the capacity of battery powered vehicles, a group of enthusiasts from Australia, Germany, and Switzerland have set off in their battery powered vehicles on what’s being billed as the "longest and greenest" round-the-world drive to promote emissions-free transport and November’s world climate conference.

The UN-supported "Zero Race" has been organized by a Swiss Louis Palmer, who made headlines with his 18-month pioneering world tour in a solar-powered "taxi" two years ago, picking up celebrities on the way.

Palmer said: "With this race we want to show that seven billion people on this planet need renewable energy and clean mobility. Petrol is running out and the climate crisis is coming, and we are all running against time."

A Korean vehicle failed to reach the start line at the United Nations in Geneva in time after it broke down with "a minor battery problem" about 60km up the road, Palmer said, but would join the other three teams later in the day.

The Zero Race team is set to stop off at the World Climate Conference in Cancun, Mexico, after touring through Europe, Russia, China, Canada, and the United States before heading back to Geneva in January 2011.

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Ferrari’s famous "World Abu Dhabi" park will open on October 28, but before then the company decided to reveal the list of the park’s main attractions, and we need to admit its quite a long one.

Of course, Ferrari World’s main attraction will be "Formula Rossa" - a Formula One-inspired roller coaster that can hit a top speed of 240 km/h. The roller coaster will be able to carry 16 people and climbs to a maximum height of 52 meters while sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds.

But that is not the only attraction set to provide a mind twisting experience. Ferrari World even has some fun things for the kids to do. For the kids Ferrari will offer three different entertainments: Junior GT, Junior Grand Prix, and Junior Training Camp. All of these programs will allow kids to drive reduced scale F430 GT Spiders or F1 inspired cars under the supervision of expert instructors.

Ferrari is also offering lots of virtual "fantasy journeys", a cinema that tells the story of Maranello, and, of course, the possibility of dining and shopping.

We cannot wait for this theme park to open so we can hear just how awesome this place is. We probably won’t be able to head on over there to experience it ourselves, but we are sure that people will be buzzing about their thrill rides on these attractions. Elvis and Graceland; eat your heart out.

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It’s not at the same level of awesomeness as Iron Man, but when you’re given an opportunity to fly, those things became pretty irrelevant. For only $10,700, you can enroll yourself in a "test pilot" training program where you’ll be given an opportunity to try out a Total Experience Jetpack.

Of course, you’re going to have to meet some requirements to be eligible for the program, including being under the age of 18, weighing less than 90 kilos, and in the possession of a current driver’s license. Oh, and the program’s a long ways away in New Zealand so going there might be another problem altogether.

Nevertheless, the program looks to be a no-brainer for anyone with thrill-seeking tendencies and about 11 grand (NZD15,000) lying around somewhere. The whole program, which is the brainchild of Total Experience in collaboration with Martin Aircraft, will take place at the Martin Aircraft in Christchurch, New Zealand and will be held in a supervised, controlled environment to, we guess, minimize the already remote possibility of having someone fly off into yonder on a jetpack.

According to Total Experience, flying a jetpack is about as easy as learning to ride a bicycle with some students already capable of engaging in solo flight after only a few minutes of instruction.

It looks and sounds like one of those things that we’d have to give a go whenever we chance upon New Zealand. Costs nothwisthanding, we’re defintely putting this on our bucket list.

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A lot of people have been cruising along with the wind in their hair and their radio blasting when all of a sudden their euphoric state is disrupted by blue and red flashing lights. Dozens of thoughts start circling in your brain. What does he want? Was I doing anything wrong? Was I speeding? Doesn’t he have anything better to do? Yes, a lot of people have been the victim of a speeding ticket. Whether you meant to be speeding or not, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you cry or flirt or make excuses, it doesn’t always work. Every once in a while you will be handed that flippin’ speeding ticket that instantly deflates your mood and blasts you from the oasis you’ve been hanging out in all day.

Why such a dramatic intro, you say? Well, we are here to tell you that even though a lot of people have been dealt a speeding ticket now and again, some states have it worse than others. A thought to ponder…do these states have more speeding tickets because there are tons more people speeding or is it simply because there are more boys in blue dedicated to stopping the insanity that is a speeding deviant?

It may all boil down to the classic chicken and the egg scenario of which came first, but, nonetheless, you may want to hit the jump to check out which speeding ticket happy states you may want to avoid in your automotive travels. And if you are unfortunate enough to live in one of them then please accept our condolences.

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Brabus GL63 Biturbo

We have all been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic traveling to or from work at some point in our lives. The frustration, the anguish, the need to flick someone off when they just don’t know how to drive; are the ever existing dramas we experience on a day to day basis. We can’t say that AAA can change any of that, but we can bring you AAA’s top vehicle picks for commuters and hope that finding the right vehicle can improve safety and comfortability during those times of utter despair.

The average motorists spends about 41 minutes of their day going to or from work traveling about 22.5 miles during that time. With that in mind, AAA has reviewed and tested hundreds of vehicles based on practicality, safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, and affordability to provide readers with the top choices for these commuters. And, don’t worry; AAA has also taken into account the longer list of bells and whistles that come along with being comfortable in your ride by providing a second list that takes those aspects into account. Highlights from these lists include: Volkswagen Jetta TDI , Chevrolet Corvette , Mercedes-Benz GL , and BMW 3-Series .

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When you reach the age of 50, it’s normal to start thinking about things that you still want to accomplish before you become too old to do them. For 52 year old, Roy Locock, that involves circumnavigating the world in a car.
Now if you think that this is more than just a pipe dream from an ambitious man, guess again.

Locock is dead serious about going around the world and he’s doing it behind the wheel of the unlikeliest of vehicles, a 1977 MG Midget. Locock purchased the car three years ago and began touring parts of Italy and Spain. Not content with the miles he covered in his first go-round, Locock decided to take his trusty Midget – which, by the way, goes by the name of Bridget – to see the world. Literally.

Armed with nothing more than five-days of ration, two 10-liter gas cans, and his trusty old Bridget, Locock set out for his journey a year ago, starting from Oxford, England and moving all the way to Chennai, India. Not long after that, Locock took a boat down to Australia, where he proceeded to drive around the entire continent before hopping on another boat, this time to Argentina, where he has gone all the way up to Canada.

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Thanks in large part to AT&T, your iPhones are about to become more than just a regular handheld.

The telecommunications giant is set to release the AT&T Navigator application on the iPhone, which would, in effect, provide users their very own GPS system – all from the comforts of their iPhone.

The AT&T Navigator is the fastest and most efficient way you can get to your destinations without spending an inordinate amount of your hard-earned cash on a separate GPS system.

The Navigator also supplies a plethora of different features, which includes searching for the closest coffee shops, ATM machines, Wi-Fi hotspots, and gas stations with the lowest gas prices.

The Navigator is unique for its voice-capable, three-dimensional screen that checks all the turn-by-turn directions and at the same time, automatically updates the vicinity you are in so you can skip out on all the congested areas and get to your destination as fast as possible.

Never before has a navigation system been as cheap and as accessible as the AT&T Navigator. For only $10 a month, you’re guaranteed that you’ll never get lost out on the roads again.

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Jaguar XJ Diesel triumphs in 2008 Towcar Awards

There are award categories for cars with the best engine, best design and even security. Here’s another you can add to that list. The car with the best towing ability.

In this year’s Towcar awards, contestants were put through a series of challenges to ultimately decide which car was the best for camping trips that involved towing caravans. It not only included towing ability but practicality, driving ability otherwise, safety etc.

The evaluating panel were specialists in this field. It included industry experts, motoring journalists and caravanning enthusiasts who watched closely at the ability and performance of all cars.

The judges chose the XJ Diesel as the champion because: "Stability and ride comfort don’t always go together. Cars with rear suspension that’s firm almost to a fault in normal driving are often the most composed when towing. But the XJ combines unflappable stability with limousine comfort. The suspension’s alchemy was worth its weight in gold through the lane-change test. The XJ changed direction quickly, gripping hard and holding the intended line. However much the caravan slid behind it, the Jag wouldn’t budge. Data from the ATC shows how much G-force was generated in the van, but the smooth curve of the graph speaks volumes as to how undramatic the Jaguar made this manoeuvre."

The body of the Jaguar XJ is built out of Aluminium and notably in the past it played a special role as that of an armored vehicle, which demonstrated its rugged attribute. So if you are on the lookout for a vehicle to haul your caravan, we have an answer- Jaguar XJ diesel.

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