A truck is a motor vehicle for transporting goods. The word "truck" comes from the Greek "trochos", meaning "wheel". In America, the big wheels of wagons were called trucks. When the petrol engine driven trucks came into fashion, these were called "motortrucks". Slowly the word motor in front of truck disappeared.

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In the United States, trucks are a part of our culture. The same can’t be said in the rest of the world, but here, these vehicles are symbols of freedom and hard work. The big three have dominated this segment, but nobody has done it better than Ford with the F-150 .

With the new Dodge Ram being as good as it is, Ford had to step up their game with their newest version for 2011. In order to maintain their impressive bit of marketing gold for a 34th straight year, the Dearborn-based automaker is putting four brand-new engines into their best selling truck.

Reworking an icon isn’t easy, just ask the designers of the new Corvette. When it came out, those headlights were either loved or hated. With the new F-150, if something were to be too radical then you might lose buyers. So, did Ford keep things simple with this newest version, yet at the same time upgrade the winning formula?

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Racing trucks never really caught on, just as the NASCAR Truck Series, but that hasn’t stopped our friends over at from racing two new Ford F-150 trucks . The two trucks that faced off were both V6 models for 2011.

The website took these two new trucks to the Milan Dragway in Michigan and put them head to head in their Work Truck Shootout. While trucks usually don’t line up and drag race each other, it was interesting to see the power of these two new models.

The first truck, which ran a 15.87 second quarter mile, was the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter V6 with 302 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. The quicker EcoBoost model with 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque ran a 14.67 second time at 94.6 miles per hour. Interestingly, both of these two times were quicker than the half-ton V8 models tested by the site in 2008.

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Our motto at this website is ‘no boring cars’. Whether that’s sports cars, Italian exotics, or super luxurious sedans, we love them all. For this review though, we decided to change things up a bit. We wanted to find out what you can and can’t do in a truck during a week test and, living up to our motto, we went all out and got one of the biggest heavy duty trucks on the market, the 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Mega Cab.

The Ram 2500 might not be everyone’s choice for a daily driver and to be honest, it wasn’t ours either, but we put all that aside and used this four-door, four-wheel drive turbo diesel behemoth every day of the week, during which time we never came close to the truck’s full capabilities.

Although it couldn’t fit in our garage, or in a normal parking space, we did our best. Hit the jump to see how the week went and our new review style.

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Now this is what we call a real truck. It might not wear the Ram , Ford , or Chevrolet badge, but it’s just as good. The monster looking Bolero is a favorite of police, military, and some citizens who feel the need to be big and tall on the public roads, similar to driving a Hummer in the United States.

Now that the truck has been around 10 years, Mahindra are releasing a 2011 version truck with all the goodies that one might need to tame the Indian wilderness, such as a wicked light bar, a snorkel, tow loops, and a pick-axe.

According to the automaker, the Bolero is the best selling truck in India. It sold around 70,554 units year, which is quite a remarkable feat. This is certainly one of those vehicles that you either love or hate. Arnold Schwarzenegger types will love it, while green folk will believe it to be the anti-Christ. Either way, it sure does look neat.

In our world, we don’t really give particular importance to the whole Jesse James/Sandra Bullock saga; we leave that to the tabloid pages. See, when it comes down to it, we don’t really care about the whole cheating scandal the West Coast Chopper-builder was recently involved in. What we do care about is the fact that James recently purchased a brand-spankin’ new Hennessey VelociRaptor 575 complete with the tune-up kit that the TV star reportedly paid somewhere around $11,000 to bang up on his new truck.

There’s also a video of James’ new monster pick-up being given a dyno test by the folks at Hennessey where the supercharged monster produced 496 horsepower and about 473 lb/ft of torque. You want to hear the only kind of sound that’s music to the ears of all auto enthusiasts?

Check out the video and amp up the volume. That is, if you can handle the sound of a VelociRaptor 575 in the middle of a dyno test.

Source: Straightline

When the Ford F-150 Velociraptor 600 by Hennessey first popped up on our screen, a lot of people commented on how this tuning package was just what the F150 needed. Luxury tuning kits are not for a beast of a machine like this one and prepping this Velociraptor for a day of off-roading was just what the people wanted to see. Thankfully, Hennessey was on the right track because they have released a video of their Velociraptor in its natural habitat: right smack in the middle of a whole lot of dirt. This is the perfect place for the car to show the things it is capable of.

The VelociRaptor 600 is an F150 powered by a tuned-up 6.2-liter V8 Raptor that is reported to produce over 605 HP and 622 lb/ft of torque. These numbers help the car to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in an amazing 5 seconds. The truck also gets a twin-turbo system with matching intercoolers and a stainless-steel exhaust, an upgraded fuel system and boost controller.

For those who can’t handle this amount of power, Hennessey is also offering a 500 version that gets a 5.4 Liter power plant with 501 HP and 520 lb-ft of torque.

Land speed records are usually set by exotic sports cars that have no problem setting 200 mph without breaking a sweat. The last thing - or at least vehicle - people will associate with speed records are trucks. Big-bodied, mammoth trucks that are less about speed than they are about power.

Try telling that to Boije Overbrink, who was determined to make sure that he went down as driving the fastest semi-truck in all the world. Easier said than done, right? Apparently, not for Mr. Overbrink. Using a specially-built Volvo semi and bringing it to Hultsfred Airport in Sweden, the 59-year old, who also happened to be celebrating his birthday on that very same day, clocked in an average speed of 81.32 mph for 500 meters and 103.58 mph for an entire kilometer.

Taking into account the slow acceleration of trucks that size, speed runs for this category are only measured on the average time it clocks over an entire course. Taking all that into consideration, the truck clocked in a speed of over 155 mph over an entire course.

Relative to the speed set by high-powered sports cars, 155 mph may not be all that impressive, but when you’re talking about a semi-truck with all that sheet metal, 155 mph is by far both impressive and scary at the same time.

Source: Moto Bullet
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The Nissan pickup has never sold all that well here in the United States, but with tough competition from Ford and Chevrolet , it’s easy to see why that is. Nissan has an all-new Titan ready for 2014, but they might have a few changes in store for next year.

The 2011 Titan and Frontier get all-new trim level names, including S, SV, and SL. There will also be 4x4 badging on the truck if the buyer gets the four-wheel drive version. In the comfort department, captain’s chairs will be fitted as standard on the top-level SL trim. The 5.6-liter 317-horsepower V8 will remain.

The trim-level name swap will be on the Frontier as well, but the PRO-4X model will carry over on both trucks. The smaller pickup loses its six-speed manual on the long wheelbase SL King Cab and SV Crew Cab.

Luckily, there is still a six-speed manual available on the lower S trim level and the PRO-4X short wheelbases. The SV adds the Luxury Package and you can even get LATCH child safety seats.

The new Titan for 2011 goes on sale in August and the new six-cylinder Frontier will follow it in September, while four-cylinder Frontiers will go on sale in October.

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With the launch of the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee upcoming, Jeep might already be looking further into the future. The company hasn’t offered a pickup truck in North America since 1992, but they are currently debating the idea.

Mike Manley, president and CEO of Jeep expressed interest in a compact and midsize truck in an interview with

“That’s a segment that I’m very curious about. I know it’s had a rough time here in the U.S., but globally it still seems to be an important sector.”

“I know there’s a lot of elasticity in the Jeep brand globally, so we’re not limiting our search for new-vehicle opportunities or new markets,” Manley said.

Manley seemed very open about the idea of competing with the likes of the Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma .

Yet, this isn’t the first time that trucks have been brought up by Jeep. Remember the Jeep Gladiator concept from 2005. When the press got their hands on it, the truck got nothing, but rave reviews.

Jeep won’t have it easy though. Chinese auto manufacturer Mahindra is already preparing a truck launch in the United States and, with rising gas prices, trucks might not be the best area to explore.

In any case, don’t expect any further comment from Jeep, just keep hoping that something will come along very soon.

EMBED-Monster Trucks Rolls Over Driver - Watch more free videos

Racing with monster trucks on a wet and muddy truck isn’t exactly the safest thing to be racing on, but for some people, it’s the perfect recipe for having a good time. That is, until something like this happens to one of the participants.

The driver of this particular truck was in the middle of his run and was - given the circumstances - running smoothly despite all the splashing mud it was running over. That’s when all hell began to break loose. In the middle of his run, the truck unexpectedly hit a deep hole that was being hidden by the excessive amounts of water and mud on the track. As soon as he hit the hole, his truck lurches forward and fell on its side pinning the driver, who, idiotically, wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

Race officials immediately scrambled to assist the driver who miraculously escaped being squashed like a bug by the truck. We’re not the type to blast people for enjoying the things they love to do provided, of course, that they know where their limits are. It is apparent that this guy was so way in over his head that his limits were obviously not realized. Or maybe he just needs to wear his seat belt next time.

Either way, he’s lucky to be alive after coming this close to getting pinned under a two-ton truck.

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