A truck is a motor vehicle for transporting goods. The word "truck" comes from the Greek "trochos", meaning "wheel". In America, the big wheels of wagons were called trucks. When the petrol engine driven trucks came into fashion, these were called "motortrucks". Slowly the word motor in front of truck disappeared.

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The HEVT(Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc.) brings some important improvements to the famous pickup F-150 especially in regards to fuel savings and still using the Ford chassis. This truck serves as a model for pickups, SUVs and vans using the efficient technology of reducing fuels, gas and emissions. In the case of the Ford F150 the results of HEVT are quite surprising, pushing it from 16mpg(14.7l/100km) during a daily driving to just 41mpg(5.7l/100km).

The brain of this technology is the ACU(Adaptive Control Unit) which controls the hybrid drive train and, when driving, it controls the use of the electric motor and gasoline engine. The ACU features a display unit which shows all the time how much charge is left and how much energy is being recaptured through regenerative braking.

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Did you ever think at a car could be powered by an airplane engine? Although it is still a concept, Bell Aurens unveiled today their customized Land Rover , powered by a 27-litre V12 Merlin engine and capable to develop 1,500 hp. Called the Longnose, the car you see in the photos represents an exclusive interpretation of the old design of the British car. The vehicle is in fact an off-road convertible, featuring a yacht-like tail like the cars back in 1930’s which will be powered also by the Rover V8 4.6-litre engine or the 5.0 or the V16(two V8 engines).

Bell Aurens Longnose: the 1,500 hp Land Rover

Being a custom built vehicle, it is hard to give an exactly price due to the fact that it will be built after the exactly indications of the customers. For example, the basic price for a standard tail vehicle powered by the 235 hp 4,6-litre V8 engine will be around € 125,000 plus VAT. A Longnose featuring yacht tail vehicle powered by a 5,0-litre capable to develop 280 hp will be offered at a price of approximately € 150,000.

The all new 2009 Dodge Ram , presented in January 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show , is almost there. The first units should be reaching the dealerships in September.

For all the loyal Dodge Ram fans this truck should be worth the wait. The big 5.7L HEMI engine has been worked on to produce 10% more power (380hp / 404lb) and 4% better gas economy. The truck is packed with 42 clever storage spaces, such as the optional ‘ram boxes’ that act as miniature trunk space located in the rear fenders. Those boxes can be locked and are water proof as well. The interior is coming to a whole new level. With a dual tone instrument panel, featuring hand stitching and the first heated steering wheel in its class. But breaking through technology is located behind the rear wheels. The 2009 Ram will be the first pickup to receive coil over suspension. This technology is supposed to bring the Ram to another level in comfort and handling without altering its legendary capability.

We can’t wait to see if it is as good as they say it is, but it surely looks good.

Ford started building specialty trucks back in 1999 with the sporty 340hp F150 Lightning, and two luxury trucks, the ’King Ranch’ and the Harley Davidson. Sin Sin ce then, the Lightning production stopped in 2004, but both luxury trucks have been doing very well in sales. In fact, high end trucks are doing so well that next year Ford will bring out their all new 12th generation F150; with the luxurious ’Platinum’ trim as a part of the regular F150 line. The 2008 Harley Davidson truck is filling the gap in the meantime.

Volkswagen is preparing to take on Toyota! The company decided is about time to have a serious competitor on the market, this is why they will launch the Robust pick-up in 2010. The Robust will be the first pick-up Volkswagen ever had (not including the "Taro" that was actually a rebadged Toyota Hilux).

Volkswagen Robust

The 2010 will be offered on markets from Africa and South America, but no news about being sold on the North American market yet.

The Robust will be offered in a wide number of versions, both single and double cab. The top version will be a FWD version, but Volkswagen will also offer a cheaper 2WD version.

Under the hood of the new Robust there will be a wide choice of common-rail diesel engines and a V6 petrol engine.

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How to Make a Quick Buck on a Used Toyota Tacoma – Maybe

If you own a Toyota Tacoma, this may be the best chance you’ll ever get to unload it.

On Toyota.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Toyota is offering to buy back Tacoma pick-up trucks from model years 1995 to 2000, at a price which is 150% of the Kelley bluebook “excellent” condition value, regardless of actual condition.

The program, which is called a “Customer Support Program” by Toyota, is the result of repeated reports of premature frame rust on the target Tacoma trucks.

However, only some trucks will qualify for the buy-back.

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The Hot Ticket at “Midnite Auto Supply”

It’s the catalytic converter on your car, and it’s worth about $200 at some unscrupulous scrap yards.

Which is making for unpleasant surprises for owners of SUVs and trucks.

You see, those cars sit high enough above the ground that a bandit with a battery powered saw can slide under the car and rapidly appropriate the platinum based catalytic converter found in the exhaust system of every domestic and foreign vehicle. The precious metals in the converter are part of the vehicle’s emission reduction system. Replacing a catalytic converter – a “cat” - is going to cost the unfortunate vehicle owner, or the insurance company, about $1,000.

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Hummer HX Concept

GM announced that by the end of 2010 all the Hummer vehicles will feature biofuel capability. Recently a dealership called Classic Chevrolet Chevrolet / Hummer opened public biofuel pumps and GM revealed a 2009 H2 SUT, which was E85 capable, described by the public who first saw it, as a derivate of the HX concept.

The biofuel station called Classic Clean Fuels, located in Dallas, Texas, offers biofuel at nine dedicated pumps which cost over $500,000. The dealership announced that it will deliver E85 capable vehicles with an extra tank of E85 . “We sell a lot of trucks capable of running on alternative fuels like E85, and even though there has been some increased availability, we saw a need for more E85 pumps where drivers could fill up” said Charles Martin, general manager at Classic Chevrolet / Hummer.

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Amid the hoopla of the New York Auto Show and GM’s preview of the upcoming Pontiac version of the Holden ute produced in Australia – what we’d call the El Camino of today – comes a dissenting opinion, presented by one Peter M. DeLorenzo, the voice of

DeLorenzo thinks the things going to bomb.

DeLorenzo’s opinions are never equivocal, though his crystal ball sometimes needs Windex. After all, it was Lorenzo who said that the next Corvette was a sure thing for 2012 and would be mid-engine.

On the ute, his point is that the sport truck doesn’t fit into either the Pontiac line-up or the professed image of Pontiac for, as Bob Lutz put it in New York, “seductive performance.”

In fact, DeLorenzo doesn’t believe there’s any market for such a truck, under any nameplate. And then he asks why Pontiac doesn’t, instead, seek to exploit those of its model names that still have meaning, such as GTO and Trans-Am.

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Tundra Tanking?

Call it the miscalculation of the decade, at least so far: the Toyota Tundra.

The first note of taps for the Tundra was sung last week.

Toyota is cutting production of the Tundra. According to the Wall Street Journal, they may even pull production of the light truck from the Princeton, Alabama plant that Toyota built expressly for the Tundra and consolidate it with Tundra production in San Antonio, Texas.

Build a state-of-the art new plant to build a new truck. Within two years of introducing it, the nation’s premier financial newspaper says you may pull the entire show out of the plant designed for the product.

It’s ironic. The problem actually turns out to be that GM has too many dealers.

In trucks, turns out that’s not so bad.

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