We’ve been harping about world records on this site for a little while now. It’s not because we’ve suddenly developed a fascination for them, but because we’ve always been on the look-out for records like this.

One record that seems to continually pop up recently is the land speed record for an electric car. And just as it always comes up in conversations, somebody is trying to take a shot at beating it. The latest attempt we’ve heard about comes from the Bluebird Team, a team of engineers and drivers building a car - the Bluebird Electric - with the hopes of breaking the top speed record for an electric car. Headed by land-speed racing veteran Don Wales, the Bluebird Team is looking at breaking 500 mph in the Bluebird Electric, a notable feat considering that the current record only sits at 307 mph, which, incidentally, was set just a year ago.

Despite the lofty goals being set by the team, the work done to jump start the entire project is still in its infancy stages. The dream is there; the money, unfortunately, isn’t.

"I have a team of 30 people requiring accommodation and feeding and volunteers are needed to help as course marshals and fodders, " Wales said in a statement. "Without a principal sponsor as yet, the development of the car is taking all of what limited budget we have".

Lack of money notwithstanding, the Bluebird Team is still pushing forward with their goal. As part of their testing, the team took the car to the Pendine Sands in Wales on July 2 and 3 for some testing.

If anybody’s interested in giving these guys a hand through donations, you can do so by contacting Rebecca Nicholls on her email at rebecca@bluebirdspeedrecords.com.

UPDATE 07/19/11: Bluebird Electric’s record speed runs has finally been penciled in at the calendar. The dates have been set on the weekend of August 13 and 14 at the Pendine Sands, South Wales. Circle the date, folks!

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The fourth episode of Top Gear 17 just aired and there seems to be a little confusion as to what these guys think a good episode constitutes. There were only a couple of notable segments for the episode, highlighted by a track review of both the new Jaguar XKR-S and the Nissan GT-R as well as an entertaining interview with British comedian, Rowan Atkinson, followed by one of the best laps a celebrity has had on-board the Reasonably-Priced Car.

The whole episode, however, was dominated by a rather confusing challenge between Jeremy Clarkson against James May and Richard Hammond on who could build the better automotive-pulled train. It sounds weird just thinking about it and trust us, it gets a whole lot weirder once you watch the segment. We love these guys to bits, but for all their great segments, they’re bound to have one or two that just aren’t as entertaining as we hoped.

What makes it even worse was that they decided to allot a significant chunk of this week’s episode on a forgettable challenge.

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Top Gear Season 17 moved to June 26?

The third episode of Top Gear was aired over the weekend and to our surprise, the show can actually put out a meaningful 60 minutes without all the usual wisecracks.

Granted, there were still jokes, but humor was somehow left in the sidelines in lieu of some pretty fascinating reviews on the McLaren MP4-12C and the Range Rover Evoque . On top of that, reigning Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel also stopped by for a quick chat with Jeremy Clarkson while also taking his talents behind the wheel of a Kia Cee’d as part of the Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment.

The two best segments though include the Stig’s scintillating lap of the MP4-12C, posting a lap time that you wouldn’t believe until you see it and a segment on second-hand cars that left us with an idea on the merits of owning a brand-new city car as opposed to a second-hand version of something that’s more appropriate to our tastes.

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We’re all advocates of law-enforcement officials that go to great lengths to help and protect their citizens from rowdy rascals like this kid on a Citroen Saxo. Having said that, though, we couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit after watching this video of the kid elusively evading the police in a merry-go-round car chase in Coleshill, England.

The car chase stemmed from a police crackdown in the area, forbidding what’s called illegal car cruise events. Clearly, the patrol cars wanted to make an example of the wily driver, except that they couldn’t catch him. In their attempts to do so, the driver went around all available lanes, speeding up, slowing down, running in reverse, and crossing the middle divider as the pursuers tried in vain to catch him.

In the end, the driver of the Citroen sped away only for the police to find the car abandoned about 12 miles away with the driver still at large. We sincerely hope that the police catch this hooligan soon before he attempts to endanger any more lives.

But, still, you gotta give props to this kid for his elusiveness and driving skills. We haven’t seen the police made fun of like that since the days of the Three Stooges.

Source: YouTube

The 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed took place this past weekend and featured a steady stream of car shows, birthday celebrations, a Bonhams auction, and of course, the annual Goodwood Hill Climb.

Eventful as it always is, this year’s installment of the Goodwood Festival of Speed saw a number of world debuts, including that of the McLaren MP4-12C and the Skoda Octavia vRS . On top of that, a couple of automakers also celebrated milestones of their own with one celebrating the 50th anniversary of its most iconic model with a sculpture in front of the Goodwood House, while the other celebrated their 100th anniversary in what can be considered as an invasion of all their UK models.

Not to be outdone, Bonhams also auctioned off some of the world’s rarest and most exclusive models over the weekend, raking in millions and millions of dollars in the process.

Then there’s the annual Goodwood Hill Climb, which features 50 of the fastest cars on the planet taking turns running up the 1.6-mile Goodwood driveway that leads to the front of the estate. The car that took that title? You’ll never guess if you don’t read past that jump.

On that note, head over after the jump to get your 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed recap!

Last Sunday, the second episode of Top Gear’s 17th season aired and like most of the shows these days, we were treated to some hilarious segments, a rather pointedly pointless car review, some canned and scripted studio jokes, and - for once - a surprisingly fast lap on the Kia Cee’d. Par for the course for Top Gear.

In this episode, James May will tell you things about the Aston Martin Virage that you already probably know. This is then followed by a highly-entertaining hot hatch triple threat madness along the streets of Italy that included finding a dog, an ice cube, and branch from a cedar tree.

Comedian Russ Noble also stopped by for a little chat with Jeremy - an entertaining interview by our measure - after which the former strapped on his helmet for his hot lap on board the show’s Reasonably Priced Car.

The show concludes with a sort of dream of dreams, at least as far as Jeremy Clarkson was concerned: three laps around the Monaco Grand Prix. It probably didn’t matter that the cars they were driving were the same three hot hatches they drove in Italy. At the end of the day - Clarkson especially - had a blast to finally drive their way around Monaco’s world famous street circuit.

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BMW UK is offering a new special edition 3-Series offered for both coupe and convertible models. Called Sport Plus Editions this model is based on the existing M Sport trim level and adds a package of styling and functional enhancements designed to highlight the dynamic qualities of the BMW 3 Series.

For the exterior this new package adds 19-inch double-spoke light alloy wheels, a new rear bumper with integrated body-colored diffuser and Jet Black mirror casings. For the coupe version there is also a rear lip spoiler. The interior will add Black Dakota leather with M-piping and Royal Blue stitching and aluminum "Edition" door sills to further distinguish these models from their regular M Sport counterparts.

Despite this new features, the BMW 3 Series Sport Plus Editions is only at £1000 ($1,600 at the current exchange rates) more expensive than the standard 3 Series Coupe and Convertible M Sport models. And if you will also pay another £750 ($1,200) you will also get an upgrade to BMW Professional Multimedia Navigation and an upgraded Harman Kardon speaker system.

Following last year’s Peugeot RCZ Asphalt, the company has now opened its ordering books for the 2011 RCZ Asphalt LE. What’s the difference? This new model is limited to just 75 right-hand-drive units for the UK as opposed to the 500 units offered last year. Each model will be priced at £29,995 - or around $48,000 at the current exchange rates.

The new Asphalt LE edition will be distinguished by a special matte Telluric - that’s fancy for gray - body and can be ordered only with the top-of-the-range GT trim version. The Asphalt package also includes a black roof, "Asphalt’ badging, and 19" Solstice black alloy wheels complimented by matching black brake calipers. For the interior, the package adds bespoke "Asphalt" branded and stitched Nappa leather trim, an Alcantara / leather steering wheel and gear stick, and bespoke "Asphalt" sill covers and floor mats. The list of standard equipment includes front and rear parking aids, auto lighting (with approach and follow me home modes), Peugeot Connect Media Navigation, and a top-of-the-range JBL sound system.

The RCZ Asphalt LE will be powered by the standard 1.6-liter THP petrol engine producing 200 HP and 188 lb-ft of torque. This power is good for a 0-60 mph sprint time of 7.6 seconds.

UPDATE 08/29/11: Peugeot has announced that in addition to the new HX1 Concept, their booth at the Frankfurt Motor Show will also carry the RCZ Asphalt Limited Edition. The special edition RCZ was introduced back in July, but will only make its public debut in Frankfurt in the coming weeks. Be on the look out for the car because, according to Peugeot, only 75 models will be released.

The Hennessey Venom GT may not look the part of a Veyron-slayer, but we’ve always come to realize not to judge cars by their outward appearance.

This little monster is the perfect example of what we’re talking about.

The Lotus-derived, American-tuned supercar packs plenty of punch with its 6.2-liter LS9 V8 engine that produces an insane 800 horsepower. And if you just happen to be spending your time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, you can get a chance to see the Venom in all its glory.

As a preview of the Hennessey madness that will befall all of us come Goodwood, the American tuning company has released a video featuring the Venom GT partaking some test runs to stretch its proverbial legs leading up to the Goodwood Hill Climb in just a few days.

In this video, the Venom GT is being driven by John Heinricy as he tries to corral a traction control-disabled 800-horsepower bullet on a wet track doing some cursory track time ahead of its Goodwood appearance. Enjoy the reel and make sure to mark your calendars for this weekend’s event!

Source: Hennessey

Typically, automakers don’t create vehicles just for the sake of making them weekend riders, but that’s because many of us can’t afford to buy a car just to use it two days out of the week. Rolls Royce owners, on the other hand, can have a different car for every day of the week and it wouldn’t matter. Maybe that’s why the British luxury automaker decided to offer its British customers a very special Phantom Drophead Coupe that "was designed to capture the essence of a perfect weekend get-away, offering drivers and their passengers the ultimate luxurious and relaxing experience in roof-down motoring."

This one-off Phantom model will be painted in a Mazarine Blue - a color inspired by the Mazarine Blue butterfly - and will also receive a one-off Asprey jewelery box, housed discretely in the glove compartment. Think of it as the perfect place to store rings, cufflinks, earrings, and while you’re at it, throw in your diamonds too. Other features of the interior will include a luxurious natural-grain leather in a Seashell color contrasted by Navy Blue floor and door panels with embroidered R-R logos finished in the headrests. There is also a yacht-inspired teak decking, with mother-of-pearl inlays throughout cross-banded Santos Palissander wood veneers. And as a final touch you will also get white instrument dials, rotary controllers, and a clock finished in mother-of-pearl.

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