If you’ve ever heard of Ginetta Cars and they’re flagship supercar, the F400, then you need to pat yourself on the back for actually knowing the story behind this British supercar.

The name ’F400’ actually wasn’t the car’s first name. Matter of fact, Ginetta actually didn’t build the car, either. That distinction belongs to Farboud , which conceived, designed, and developed the car back in 2002 as the GTS . But for one reason or another, the Farboud GTS project never got off the ground and in March of 2010, the rights to the brand and the car were officially sold to Ginetta.

With a new supercar in tow, all Ginetta had to do was re-badge the GTS to the F400 and thus, their newest supercar was born.

For all of its backstory, the F400 still remains a largely unnoticed supercar. But in the year that has passed since Ginetta acquired Farboud and the GTS, the only way for the F400 to go is up.

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In a strange and unpredictable marketing strategy, Subaru UK has decided to give potential customers the extra oomph they may need to go out and purchase an Impreza WRX STI. Between now and June 31, 2011, Subaru UK will be selling the standard WRX STI models for the typical £32,995 (about $53,500 at the current exchange rates), but add on an upgrade in engine power and satellite navigation system for FREE. Yes, that’s F-R-E-E.

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI comes with a 2.5 liter Boxer 16-valve turbo engine that produces 300 HP, but during this promotional period, the engine will be tweaked to deliver 320 HP and 331 lbs-ft of torque. With this extra 20 HP, the improved STI will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds.

Next to the engine upgrade, the STI will also get a Pioneer satellite navigational system fitted as standard. The system features touch-screen capability, Bluetooth, and iPod connection. The screen is also detachable and can be connected to a laptop via a USB port for easy downloading of additional information.

The list of equipment for the Subaru will also include symmetrical AWD, keyless entry and push button start, hill start assist, climate control, SI-Drive, leather Recaro seats, 18 inch alloy wheels, remote locking, satellite tracker, and cruise control.

Subaru UK didn’t mention the reason behind this added bonus, but we don’t think anyone in the UK will mind.

Not one to back away from the bombardment of complaints they’ve received over the years, the producers of Top Gear have returned fire at Tesla over the latter’s surprising lawsuit against the popular British show.

Tesla is suing Top Gear for libel and malicious falsehood over a review of the Tesla Roadster that happened a little over two years ago. For their part, Top Gear is not one to lay down without a fight, or in this case, a response to Tesla’s claims. So the show’s executive producer, Andy Wilman, went on the offensive and released a letter explaining their side of the story.

It’s not the first time that Top Gear has been in hot water, but there seems to be a certain sense of seriousness with this particular lawsuit and we won’t be surprised if the British show sees this case all the way through the courts, as opposed to their usual routine of witty banter on one of their episodes.

To read about Andy Wilman’s response to Tesla’s claims, proceed after the jump.

Source: Top Gear

It seems that BMW is in a feisty little mood today as we may be looking at their second April Fool’s Day prank. Earlier we reported on the new M3 Pick-up which was an obvious prank and now the German automaker is using the popular M3 once again as the base of another special edition model. BMW UK has unveiled a special M3 Royal Edition as a tribute to the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton.

The new M3 Royal Edition will be offered in a choice of three exclusive colors – Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue. It is exquisitely upholstered in Windsor White Dakota leather and features commemorative "Will" emblems. Yeah, that’s the best part. Good one BMW!

Joe Kerre, BMW Junior Operations Kindle Executive at BMW’s Forschungs und Narren division in Munich, spoke passionately about the latest M car: "The Royal Wedding has captured the people’s imagination so we thought that it would be a fitting tribute to offer an exclusive edition of one of our most majestic models. Given the Windsor’s German heritage, the BMW M3 Royal Edition should make for the ideal wedding gift."

UPDATE 04/04/2011: If you haven’t guessed already; this special edition was another April Fool’s joke by the German automaker. It seems BMW was feeling rather frisky this year!

For all the fun and hilarity Top Gear has given us for the better part of a decade, the show has also been a lightning rod of controversy as evidenced by the countless number of complaints and law suits the show – and BBC as a network – has received from just about everybody it has ‘offended’ since the show became a worldwide phenomenon.

Apparently, one of the recipient’s of Top Gear’s sometimes brash and swaggering wrath has decided to bite back.

Two years ago, the British show caused quite a stir on one of their shows for their sharp and pointed criticisms of the Tesla Roadster . Understandably so, it didn’t sit well with the folks over at Tesla Motors and after a few back and forth barbs with the British show, the California-based automaker decided to turn the other cheek – with the strong arm of a lawsuit.

According to Tesla, Top Gear’s whole review of the Roadster was predicated on their pre-existing grounds that electric cars don’t work – if you watch the video, you’re going to notice James May tease a future segment later on in the episode, debunking the notion of electric cars being the future of the auto industry – and in turn, giving viewers a distorted image of the Roadster as a completely unreliable and irrelevant car.

Tesla’s VP of Communications, Ricardo Reyes, elaborated on the issue through the company’s blog site. In it, he wrote that “the show’s script, written before the cars were tested, has host Jeremy Clarkson concluding the segment by saying, "in the real world, it doesn’t seem to work."

Top Gear has ruffled a lot of feathers on its show, but Tesla seems to be taking this very seriously. Whether BBC decides to engage in a sartorial volley with the American automaker is totally in their character, but in this instance, it looks like they may have to play nice and put on a serious look before facing an automaker that’s throwing libel charges at them.

Or, they could just avoid all the hoopla and just stop rebroadcasting the episode in question and set the record straight about the car. But knowing Top Gear and BBC, what are the chances of that happening?

Check out the controversial Top Gear segment after the jump.

Source: Tesla Motors

The new McLaren MP4-12C is quite a slice of heaven if you’re into supercars. Only a handful of other supercars can stake claim to being as capable – if not more – than the MP4-12C so judging by that factor alone, there’s a piece of this McLaren machine that every gear head in the right frame of mind would want to have a piece of.

But seeing as McLaren is a brand that doesn’t produce new models every year, the bigger and far more intriguing question is how their new bad boy stacks up against its bigger brother, the F1 . Or in this particular case, how it can hold up against the racecar version of its predecessor, the F1 GTR . Steve Sutcliffe of Autocar went to the only place where you can pit the two rockets on wheels head-to-head with one another: the race track.

On sheer stats alone, the F1-GTR already has the leg-up over the MP4-12C not because both have an output of somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 horsepower, but because the former, as a pure and unadulterated race car, is about 1,000 lbs lighter than the latter.

At the end of the test, it was pretty evident that despite all the new technologies that come with the MP4-12C, it’s heavier frame still played a pivotal role in the competition – albeit barely – failing to edge the F1 GTR in a good ol’ fashioned sprint to the finish line.

Nevertheless, the MP4-12C is still one of those rare supercars that any man would be lucky to own, regardless of how it stacks up against a race version of its older brother.

Source: Autocar

This week, we saw BMW release the Carbon Racer and Land Rover introduce the Range Rover Evoque bicycle. Kind of odd to have two automakers release bicycles in the same seven-day span, isn’t it?
Apparently, though, there’s still another automaker – a luxury supercar brand – that also has a new bicycle scheduled for release. We don’t know what the deal is, to be honest, but it seems that these car brands are branching out more than we thought.

McLaren , one of the foremost and esteemed supercar brands on the planet, has just launched their very own sports bicycle, the S-Works Venge. Who would’ve thought?

Built in collaboration with American manufacturer Specialized and designed by Chris D’Aluisio, the head of research and development for Specialized, the S-Works Venge is a high-end performance bicycle that has an aerodynamic frame built completely from carbon fiber and weighs at a ridiculously light weight of less than 1 kg, which is about two pounds if you’re keeping score. Add in all the necessary parts and elements of the bike, including the fork, the seat, the crankset, and the electronic gearshift, and you have the whole thing weighing in at just 2.07 kg, or about 4.5 lbs.

The bike will be available in two different specifications, the McLaren and the S-Works Venge. Both versions are expected to hit the market no later than 2011 with the latter scheduled to hit stores in the UK next month with the former following suit later this year, possibly around September.

We don’t know how this is going to affect McLaren’s rep as a purely exotic automaker, but given that so many other brands seem to share the same train-of-thought these days, launching your own high-performance bicycle isn’t a bad idea.

While the whole concept is something that we’ve come to see in the past, we still raised a curious eyebrow on what appears to be a growing trend among automakers these days.

Not content with producing four-wheeled vehicles, some of the most esteemed automakers in the world have gone the route of building two-wheeled modes of transportation, i.e. bicycles.

The latest to dive in to the bicycle fixation is Land Rover , which is introducing the road bicycle extension for the Range Rover Evoque . Built in cooperation with Karbona and designed by the Land Rover design team headed by director, Gerry MCGovern, the Evoque bicycle uses Formula One-derived technology, featuring a carbon fiber frame with an integrated seat tube, alloy handlebars, black chrome trim, a leather saddle, and a 20-gear Shimano Ultegra system. The Evoque bicycle is expected to be a light, nimble, and clean-looking bicycle that doesn’t compromise its performance capabilities.

Having said that, those interested in the bicycle might as well go ahead and place an order for the whole package, SUV included. Having one without the other just doesn’t seem right, at least as far as we’re concerned.

We’ve only reached the middle of March, but we’re already beginning to think that if there ever were an award for “Breakthrough Tuner of the Year”, the British tuning company, Amari Design, would run away with it. In the six weeks that they’ve come to our attention, Amari Design has already released three strong tuning programs: the Lamborghini Gallardo Invidia Edition , the Range Rover Windsor Edition , and now, the Bentley Continental GT Evolution.

The last of these projects is their latest offering, which is made all the more impressive considering that we didn’t even know these guys existed when the calendar struck 2011. For theContinental GT , Amari Design gave the car’s exterior a number of modifications, including a new front bumper, lip spoiler, a new hood, fenders, side skirts, panel extensions, a new rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and exhaust. All these components were made from high-quality plastic and carbon fiber. Inside the car, you’ll find plenty more improvements, including re-upholstered seats using Alcantara and Nappa leather and carbon fiber trimmings on the dash paneling.

Not much was divulged on the engine improvements, although the tuning firm did say that they were installing a hybrid supercharger to the Bentley’s 6.0L W12 engine to go with an ECU upgrade and in the process, bump up the Bentley ’s output up to 750 horsepower.

The next step for these guys is to actually show one of their products – maybe all three at the same time – so we can ogle over them and see whether these guys are as good as we think they are.

The British market is once again receiving a pretty cool car: a limited edition Honda Civic TI. There will only be 500 units built, with sales beginning in March 2011 at a price of £15,995 for the 1.4 i-VTEC and £16,995 for the 1.8 variant.

The new Civic TI is inspired by this season’s Honda Racing British Touring Car challenger and comes painted in Premium White Pearl contrasting with matte black wheels and ‘GP’ body kit finished in Crystal Black. The body kit includes: front spoiler, rear spoiler (finished in white), side skirt inserts and rear body skirts.

For the interior, the new Ti model is offering Pioneer Navigation Multimedia System, which offers full-scale sat nav, entertainment and communication with a 3D graphic touch screen. The navigation system includes a map database covering 44 countries, multiple sensors to ensure more accurate positioning, a traffic message channel receiver to avoid traffic jams and a hands free telephone system. It also plays CD, DVD, iPod, iPhone and USB devices, with on-screen controls.

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