Ultima GT-R

Ultima GT-R

Although Jon Olsson made a name for himself as a professional freeskier and alpine ski racer, the Swedish sportsman is currently known for his Gumball 3000 rally runs in the Ultima GTR -based Rebellion R2K sports car .

Borrowing its name from Rebellion Racing, a Swiss team that currently competes in endurance racing with two Toyota -powered cars and acts as main sponsor for Olsson, the bespoke vehicle resembles a LMP1 prototype, while retaining its street legal status.

It resembles the almighty, Le Mans -winning Audi R18 , hides a 600-horsepower Lamborghini engine under the hood and weighs only 2,205 pounds. It’s not only capable and ready to hit the track, but also unique in appearance.

But what makes the Rebellion R2K even more special is its owner and his passion for skiing. What’s one got to do with the other? Well, with no Winter X-Games in sight, Olsson decided to race the car up a snowy ski slope in his native country of Sweden. That’s right, no asphalt and no slick tires, just plenty of snow and a set of studded tires for better traction.

We know some of you had a terrible winter, but this is a feat you can’t miss. Just think about Olsson as the Ken Block of snow drifting.

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Having the chance to see an Ultima GTR out on the streets is quite rare, but not impossible. In its base format, the GTR makes use of a 6.3-liter V-8 from Chevy that delivers a total 534 horsepower and 528 pound-feet of torque, but this is no typical GTR..

The model in action here is powered by a Ford GT engine with a Heffner Performance Twin Turbo kit that pushes the engine to 850 horsepower. Just imagine the amazing performance figures given the fact that this GTR weights just a tad over 2,600 pounds.

In this video the folks over at Driving Force Club took the Ultima GTR for a little test drive, giving us the opportunity to hear the amazing sound delivered by the engine and the drone of the turbos. After getting a good listen to that beastly engine, the fellas took it out for some awesome hooning in the rain.

805-horsepower GTR + wet and empty parking lot = lots of donuts and drifts! Enjoy...

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In the past few years, Jon Olsson shown quite a passion for customizing special Ultima GTR supercars for the Gumball 3000 international road rally. For those of you who do not know, Gumball is an annual 120-car deep, 3,000-mile road rally that takes place on public roads with a different route each year. Last year’s Gumball took place in the U.S., so this year it is Europe’s turn.

Jon Olsson is one of the guys always present for the rally. For example, in 2011 he developed a special Ultima GTR in collaboration with ADV.1 wheels. For the 2013 rally, his sponsor is Rebellion Racing Team, which is where the name of the car comes from, obviously.

According to the first details, the new Rebellion is a prototype-like conversion, featuring Audi-inspired headlights and Veneno / LMP1 + rear fins and tons of sponsor stickers.

UPDATE 05/15/13: More photos of Jon Olsson’s Rebellion R2K race car have been released. Do yourself a favor and check out the gallery. It’s all worth it.

Click past the jump to read more about Olsson’s previous Gumball car.

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On August 27, 2012, U.K. banks are closed for a holiday and supercars are set to run wild in celebration of this holiday. At the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, the Supercar Showdown will take place and we will all get a good glimpse and listen to what these cars have to offer.

Some of the cars in this year’s Supercar Showdown include: Jaguar XJ220 , Ferrari F40 , Ferrari F50 , Ferrari 360 Spyder , Lamborghini Gallardo , Mercedes-Benz SLS , Ultima GTR Can-AM, Lightning GT Carbon, Ascari KZ1 GT3 racecar , and Aston Martin GT2 . That, of course, is not an exhaustive list of all of this year’s participants, but it gives us a great idea of what to expect.

The guest list also includes a laundry list of car clubs that are sure to bring numerous hot cars to the National Motor Museum. This year, there will be a course set up in the museum’s parking lot, so you can watch these supercars do what they do best, navigate a road course, though we doubt it will be a timed race, but rather a friendly drive.

You also can get involved in the show, as you can vote on the People’s Choice Award for the best supercar at the show. The winner of this award receives a 60th anniversary Beaulieu trophy and tons of bragging rights.

To get into the show, all you need to do is purchase a general Beaulieu attraction admission ticket and you’re good to go. You can get tickets online at the rate of ₤18 for adults, ₤16.65 for those 60 years and older, ₤10.80 for those 13 to 17 years old, and ₤8,95 for those 5 to 12 years old. Alternatively, you can pick up family admission tickets, which are good for two adults and up to three children for just ₤47.25. This ticket also gives you admission to the museum, World of Top Gear, On Screen Cars, Beaulieu Abbey, and Palace House and Garden.

Nope, this is not the Ultima GTR ! This is the Ultima GTW - a model based on the GTR, but with some impressive engine modifications! A standard GTR is powered by a 6.3-liter Chevy V8 producing 534hp and 528 lb-ft of torque, while the GTW has received a new 7.2 liter Dart Aluminum SBC engine from Peter Knight Racing that delivers a total of 648 HP and 616 lbs-ft of torque!

The project was started Wayne Lansdowne, who wanted to enhance the qualities of the existing Ultima GTR. When the project stalled out, George Williams took over and finished the build in an exquisite fashion.

The car’s body was modified by Steve Smith Custom and features a single piece carbon rear wing, modified headlights with new LED lights, and different carbon fiber elements, including new front and side splitters. The GTW now sits on a new set of Magnesium center lock Dymag one piece wheels finished in black, just like the entire body.

The interior was also modified, with Alcantara covered bucket seats in Antracite and black, a Sparco removable steering wheel, and numerous aluminum insertions.

Check out the full list of specifications after the jump.

Photo credit: George Williams.

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Talk about a ‘Unicorn Project’ if there ever was one.
Jon Olsson, the Swedish free-skier and alpine ski race, has made no bones about his love for finely tuned supercars, which includes his own stable of machines like the Nissan R35 GT-R and the Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce . Now, Olsson is collaborating with ADV.1 wheels to create and develop the “ultimate” Ultima GTR project. Details on the car are still not known with the exception of these jaw-dropping renderings, but if you know what the Ultima GTR is capable of, then you know that this car project is going to be a one sweet ride.

Fast, powerful, and road-legal, the Ultima GTR is one of the fastest vehicles on the planet, no questions asked. It’s got a Chevrolet -sourced 6.3-liter V8 engine that produces 543 horsepower – the chassis, however, can take in engines that have an output of well over 1,000 horsepower – and 528 lb/ft of torque. The car also weighs a little less than 1,000 kilos, thanks in large part to a number of lightweight materials, laminated glass, and a carbon fiber rear wing. According to ADV, the project is well on its way to developing so we’re going to stay tuned for all the important updates. For a car that has the stature of the Ultima GTR, we highly suggest that you do the same.

UPDATE 05/24/11: After a few months of lying under the sheets in constant testing and development, Jon Olsson’s Ultima GTR, which has since been christened the "Rebellion R1k", finally made its first appearance under the sun in Stockholm, Sweden. In this video captured by Olsson and his team, the Swedish ski racer takes his newly-built baby out for a nice test run along the streets of Stockholm while he prepares for the 2011 Gumball run from London to Monaco. Check out the look and sound of Olsson’s Rebellion Rk1 in all its fiery red glory.

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The title of being the World’s Fastest Supercar is a name that has been restricted for the Bugatti Veyron of today and the McLaren F1 of the past. Many different vehicles can be considered for this prestigious title, but the main component that makes it relevant is the fact that the car that holds the title is a production vehicle. This means it goes from a manufacturer’s factory to a dealership and into the hands of a customer who drives it off the lot. What happens when aftermarket companies and kit cars are put into the mix?

Basically, you end up with some of the fastest “production” vehicles ever made. The Hennessey Twin-turbo Vipers are some of the fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet, but don’t exactly come from the factory. The Ultima GTR has broken nearly every speed record in the book and the company that created it has claimed it to be the Fastest Supercar in the World. The biggest difference with the Ultima is that you could build it in your garage.

Being a kit car has its advantages and every owner has the opportunity to build it to their exact specifications. The factory in England will ship out all the necessary parts so you can get the engine here, and not have to deal with meeting safety regulations. Let’s delve into this so-called record breaking connector set called the Ultima GTR.

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Who doesn’t know what the Ultima GTR is, right? After all it’s the mid-engine, rear-wheel drive supercar that has held a long list of world records: sub 10 seconds runs up the strip, quickest acceleration from 0 to 100 mph (5.3 seconds), quickest deceleration from 100mph to 0 (3.6 seconds), and many more. The Ultima GTR is powered by an American Speed engine called the Ultima GTR640 that produces 640 bhp (477 kW) and a 720 bhp (537 kW) engine that is called the GTR720. The power-to-weight ratio for the GTR720 is 727 hp (542 kW) per tonne.

The reason we are providing a brief synopsis on the Ultima GTR is because Racer X Design has taken a bit of an interest in this supercar. The kind of interest that could only lead to greatness. Based on an Ultima GTR chassis, Racer X Design has developed a vehicle called the RZ Ultima. The car is destined for those who want an extreme supercar with an attractive look and smoother design. The design team have taken the exaggerated bubbly shape of the Ultima GTR and smoothed it out to provide a cleaner, more simple flow to the line of the vehicle. This ensures the vehicle doesn’t have a trace of the prepubescent-style awkward shape it had before.

The RZ’s styling was designed to leave the chassis and running gear untouched because Racer X Design thinks the way it is built is the way a supercar should be. The Ultima GTR is extremely quick, stylish, and unique. Adding the RZ aesthetic touches takes the Ultima GTR to the next level of prominence.

As you are used by now, when you say Ultima GT-R you automatically think of a new world record. Well, you are not wrong! The British supercar managed to smash another one: 1 minute 9.9 seconds on the Top Gear circuit. However, before you’ll get to excited, you will not see the Ultima GT-R on the official list, as the test was not conducted by the Top Gear company.

With the new time, the Ultima GT-R is faster than models like: Ferrari FXX - 1 minute 10.7 seconds and Caparo T1 with a record lap time of 1 minute 10.6.

Richard Marlow, director of Ultima Sports said: "We are all absolutely thrilled with this lap record. I could see that the Formula 1 inspired Ferrari FXX looked supremely quick in the hands of Michael Schumacher, but I had every belief that it wasn’t a match for our legendary Ultima Ultima GTR720 road car. Of course unlike the Ferrari FXX, which is not road legal, we were able to drive our road car back home afterwards."

Short reminder: Ultima GT-R is powered by a 7-litre V8 Corvette engine that delivers 720 hp, makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 2.6 seconds and is capable of a top speed of 231mph.

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Ultima GTR has already impressive performances: 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds, a standing quarter mile time of 9.9secs @ 143mph, 0-100mph-0 in just 9.4 seconds. And now Ultima wants their car to have a Nurburgring lap time below 6mins 55secs.

Ultima GTR - sub 6min 55secs Nurburgring lap time?

The road tired 231mph Ultima which was driven to the circuit, was on target during public testing to create history by recording a sub 7 minutes lap of the Ring thereby setting a new outright road car lap record, but unfortunately severe rain on the day that the track had been exclusively booked by Sport Auto Magazine for the record run meant that a fully verified attempt wasn’t possible.

Ring specialist and pro driver Tom Coronel was employed to pilot the car to the new record and was staggered with the pace that the Ultima GTR had to offer during his public testing of the car in dry weather conditions.

Ultima GTR - sub 6min 55secs Nurburgring lap time?

He commented: "The Ultima GTR720 is the most powerful and by far the fastest road car I have ever driven. It’s an absolute missile and a huge buzz to drive! The guys at Ultima Sports have a product which is a very special machine indeed. The Ultima is an extremely well developed and sorted package. I am confident I can set a new lap record time of below 6mins 55secs for a lap as measured by Sport Auto Magazine in this car. I can’t imagine any other road car ever being able to compete with the overall performance envelope that the Ultima has to offer."

Nurburgring lap records after the jump.

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