Vauxhall Insignia

Vauxhall Insignia

The Vauxhall VXR lineups is far and away one of the most feared lineups that GM offers, and that lineup has been undergoing some aesthetic changes lately. The latest of these changes hits the Insignia VXR SuperSport , which is regularly known as "UK’s fastest car under £30,000." Well, it not only retains that title through an increase top speed, but it also gets a nice revision for the end of the 2013 model year.

Available in its traditional hatchback and Sports Tourer variants, the new Insignia VXR gets a nice refresh to its front and rear fascias to help add a little extra style and aggression to the model. Not that it needs the aggressive look to scare most cars its size off of the road, but it certainly helps.

Unfortunately, this late-model-year refresh involve mostly just aesthetics, but then again, with 325PS (320 horsepower) under its hood, it’s all good.

We’ll Vauxhall reveal all of the Insignia VXR Supersport’s information at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12th.

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Most of you are familiar with the awesome Opel Insignia OPC , or the Vauxhall Insignia VXR if you are from the British market. With an impressive output of 325 horsepower, this model can hit a top speed of 155 mph. Today, however, the company has improved this model even further with the addition of a new VXR SuperSport edition that can hit an astounding top speed of 170 mph.

The new VXR SuperSport is powered by a turbocharged 2.8-liter V-6 Ecotec engine. This engine features a micro-alloy forged steel crank, classic 60-degree cylinder angle and a die-cast alloy sump. It delivers a total of 325 horsepower, which launches the car to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds.

In order to deliver the best possible handling at high speeds, the new SuperSport has been equipped with a HiPer Strut front suspension, which maintains negative camber and improves grip levels in wet and dry. Also included on the SuperSport is the FlexRide adaptive damping system.

Vauxhall has also placed blue "Brembo" lettering on the front brake calipers plus additional increments on the speedometer in order to help customers identify the model.

Vauxhall is offering a new range of diesel engines for both the sedan and Sports Tourer models of the Insignia . The first engine is a 2.0-liter Turbo that delivers 160 HP and a peak torque of 350Nm from 1750-2500rpm. This is all accomplished with a fuel consumption of 57.6mpg for the sedan and 55.4mpg for the Sports Tourer model.

The second engine is an improved 2.0 CDTi 160 HP engine that now has a fuel consumption that has been improved by 6.5%. There is also a new 2.0 CCDTi engine that delivers 130 HP and, finally, a 2.0 CDTi engine offered in both 130 and 160 HP versions.

Engineers have designed a stiffer fixing between the injection pump and engine, while also reducing piston noise at all engine speeds. The addition of scissor gears to the cam-drive enhances engine refinement still further, while supplementary noise-absorbing foam shields complete the NVH package.

The greatest part about these new engine additions, other than the obvious environmental factor, is that the Insignia’s pricing will remain the same and the new engines are available starting today!

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Vauxhall unveiled today a new version for the very successful Insignia . It combines the Adaptive 4x4 all-wheel drive system with the adaptive FlexRide chassis and the electronically controlled rear limited slip differential (eLSD). The car will go on sale this September.

The new Insignia will be offered with four petrol engines ranging from 140PS to 325PS. Vauxhall will also offer a diesel engine to the tune of 160PS 2.0 CDTi. The 2.0 CDTi engine will be found int he ecoFLEX model that will have low fuel cinsumption and CO2 emissions.

The new Insignia Sports Tourer 4x4 is powered by a 2.0-liter 160HP CDTi diesel engine. It also features a power tailgate with programmable opening height, Automatic Self Levelling Rear Suspension (standard with Towing Pack), and the FlexOrganizer cargo management system.

Vauxhall has also announced a new trim level called SRi Vx-Line. It features a VXR-style sport leather steering wheel and gearshift gaiter and 19-inch, five-spoke alloys. The second trim level introduced, the Indian Summer interior, adds Nappa leather and cashmere stitching to the mix.

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If you are from the U.K. you’ve got another thing to look out for on the roads, because the new Insignia is also being offered in a police package. The English automaker Vauxhall is now offering three different power options for official use: a 2.0 Liter 220 HP turbocharged version, a 2.8 Liter 260 HP V6 with all-wheel-drive and a 160 HP 2.0CDTi turbo diesel. The Insignia patrol car will be made as both a sedan and station wagon.

What sets the Police Insignia apart from the rest of the Vauxhall crowd are: Mobile Data Terminal cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, light bar on the roof shining 360 degrees of blue, spot lights, sirens and full communications radio equipment.

Whatever you do, don’t compliment the bobby on his Opel!

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Opel is introducing its third body type to the 2009 Insigna line-up, a wagon. Known as the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, this wagon is an important car for Opel considering the popularity of wagons in Europe. While this will be considered a lager family car in Europe, it would be consider a mid-sized wagon in the U.S. There is no confirmation yet that this model will also make the trip to these shores when its sedan sibling replaces the Saturn Aura possibly in 2010.

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer

There are nine total engines expected for the Insigna family. Choices include five gasoline — naturally aspired and turbo charged four cylinders as well as naturally aspired V6s. Also expected are four turbo-diesels. Power over the entire range should be from 110 to 260 hp. The wagon will also get the same optional all-wheel drive system as the rest of the Insignia line.

The Sports Tourer is expected to make its official debut at the Paris Auto Show in October, and it should be in European showrooms along the sedan and hatchback variations by early 2009.

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Opel Insignia with great seats

Opel has not made headlines in a while with its new Insigna , so that may be the reason for their latest press release. The Insigna’s new sport seats have received a seal of approval for ergonomics by a German panel of doctors and therapists. While this will usually not make news, the pic of the Brookstone-like chair is something pretty cool for an everyday sedan. Hopefully these back friendly seats will make its way on the Saturn Aura replacement whenever it finally makes it to the U.S. If you’re not rejoicing about this news, then I guess you’re not thinking with your butt.

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Opel’s revelation of a new driver-aid system comes a day after we found a new application for classmate Distonic plus present on the Mercedes S-Class. This technology would support rather than irritate buyers looking for a mid-size car with extra safety features.

Some of the S-Class’s customers complained the Distronic plus along with other safety allies, snatched most of their effort while driving. A group of onboard computers were found guilty for this problem of turning drivers into merely passengers. A car which can brake and accelerate on its own is not a driver’s car after all, is it?

What a driver’s car needs is a device or a group of electronic gizmos to promote driving and not monotony. Opel’s answer couldn’t have come at a much better time.

Opel’s technology uses a camera fixed to the front windshield behind the mirrors, which detects road signs on the go. By clicking and analyzing 30 pictures every single second, the system can detect road signs displaying speed limits. Instead of applying the brakes or setting a constant speed, it will alert the driver by displaying the speed limit on the instrument cluster. If the speed limit changes, the driver is alerted again.

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Spy shots is what auto makers hate the most. What can be more annoying than seeing a top secret car all over the internet? Well, Vauxhall decided to release a series of spy shots with the upcoming Insignia.

Vauxhall release 'official Spy Shots' of the Insignia and explain how and why they camouflage test cars

The Insignia will make its world debut at the British Motor Show on July 22nd. With a highly attractive, completely new body line and sculptural design, Insignia is set to cause a sensation in its class – but surprises only work if they are not revealed beforehand.

The team responsible for camouflaging prototypes began making their preparations for the test phase when the new car first progressed beyond computer simulations and clay models. Together with chief designers and engineers, the team established which of the car’s characteristic lines should be kept hidden the longest from prototype paparazzi.

Vauxhall release 'official Spy Shots' of the Insignia and explain how and why they camouflage test cars

Together, they developed a "facelift" for the upcoming model that would disguise the prototypes as much as possible. One of the variants had an especially elegant, flowing rear section, for instance, so a pronounced spoiler was designed to mask it. A wooden model was built as a cast to form the plastic camouflage parts needed for around 200 test cars that have to be disguised in the run-up to series production.

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