2004 Vauxhall Tigra

Vauxhall confirmed that it is to name its stylish new two seater sporty coupe roadster the Tigra - the second niche model to bear the name. The car has its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March and goes on sale in the late summer. The electro-hydraulic retractable steel roof opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button, folding almost vertically into a shaft between the cabin and the boot. So the new Tigra offers the exciting immediate choice of convertible fresh air or coupe motoring. Tigra will be available with Vauxhall’s Twinport 1.4 litre 90hp or 1.8 litre 125hp ECOTEC engines. A five-speed manual gearshift is standard.

Externally, Tigra is a compact, well-proportioned two-seater with eye-catching details. The front features the characteristic Vauxhall family crease in the bonnet, large inlets in the bumper, and 3D ellipsoid headlamps with cylindrical lights. Attention to detail is evident in the air vents on the front bumpers with integrated side indicators, as well as in the distinctive line of the roof structure.

At the rear, large wraparound tail lights and an elegant matt chrome moulding in the bumper round off the dynamic appearance. The interior features two-tone bucket seats as standard, chrome-ringed instruments and subtle aluminium touches. For example, two aluminium-coloured strips connecting the centre console and transmission tunnel lend a special flair. The aerodynamic profile of the unusually shaped, aluminium roll hoop is another design highlight.


This Vauxhall Tigra is cool! I like its blue platform. However, I am not fully
impress with its engine.

It was very proportioned and very eye-catching. It has better and wider platform. The ocean blue color looks perfect with this car.

It looks so cool on its aesthetic design, and I must say that its body paint only adds more appeal on this Tigra. I’m just only curious if what will be the figure performance of it?

Tigra maybe looks so simple, but it still looks very appealing and attractive for me. Well, I hope that they would do an aftermarket version of it, and they would already update its interior even its engine.

Ally Marchesi is right despite of having a simple platform design it is still oozing with car appeal. Now, I really believe on saying that "simplicity is beauty!" haha

I simply love this Tigra, the simplicity that it had is really impressive despite that I found it also oozing with car appeal! I’m impressed with the beauty that it had.

I don’t find it really impressive, Tigra is only a cute car for me and as for the interior and exterior looks of it, it is so ordinary and not like the other convertible car that really an awesome.

I’m agreed that this Tigra had really an eye catching details even thought it is only a two seater car I still love and impressed with the features of this one.

It is really a great car. By just simply looking at this car, it had an impression of a cool and masculine car.

looks like a really great car, a feet of enginering

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