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We rarely hear about Vauxhall at this time but when we do hear about them, they sure know how to get noticed.

Opel ’s sister manufacturer will be hosting the Vauxhall Ice Skate event in London on January 28 and they’re bringing with them a gigantic snow globe that comes with at least 50 bags of artificial snow and a real Vauxhall Astra inside.

The snow globe, which is enormous by any stretch of the imagination, measures around 16 feet in diameter and is just one of the many attractions Vauxhall is bringing to their annual ice skating disco event.

Apart from the giant snow glove, the British carmakers are also scheduled to display their very own Gingerbread car and Corsa -inspired karaoke machine, which they appropriately dubbed as the ‘Car-aoke Corsa’.

There’s no telling what other kooky creations Vauxhall has in store for the ice skating event but judging from what they’ve already shown with the giant snow globe, we’re thinking that they may have a few more surprises under their sleeves.

Vauxhall revealed the new Astra ecoFLEX, the most fuel efficient model in Astra range. The model will go on sale this April at a price of £17,920.

The Astra ecoFLEX is powered by a 1.3 CDTi 95PS diesel engine mated to a five-speed transmission with new ratios to optimise economy. The result is a combined fuel consumption of 67.3mpg and a CO2 emission of just 109g/km.

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For those of you who have problems with parallel parking, there’s now a simple formula that you can follow to make even the trickiest parking dilemmas look like a walk in the park.

For you to understand it though, requires a strong grasp of Mathematics.

Worked on and formulated by Vauxhall Motors , in collaboration with Professor Simon Blackburn from the University of London’s Royal Holloway College, this formula will allow you to calculate your parallel parking endeavors by first using the radius of a car’s turning circle and the distance between the vehicle’s front and back wheels. Using the length of the car’s nose and the width of an adjacent car the formula can tell exactly how big a space needs to be for your car to fit.

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For most people, obtaining a driver’s license is their fastest ticket to independence. So naturally, those who take it would want to make the best impression to their instructors.

The British School of Motoring, Britain’s largest driving school is giving prospective drivers a much-needed assistance by acquiring a brand-new fleet of Fiat 500 s to replace its old Vauxhall Corsa line-up

You might wonder why these Fiat 500s would be a boon to student driver when all you have to do is, well, to not crash the car. Well, studies have shown that one of the hardest parts of a driving test is parallel parking, which we figure the Fiat 500 won’t have any problems with that.

The BSM’s recent tie-up with Fiat has resulted in the driving school acquiring over 14,000 Fiats with most of them being the 500 model.

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The BBC’s best automotive journal, Top Gear, has a problem with proper German sports saloons built for businessmen and that is that they are all just too similar. So that is why Richard Hammond decided to introduce a pair of very special GM cars from Australia. First up was the Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst Edition . Aside from being the most popular track on the V8 Super car calendar, it is also a blindingly fast version of what we here in America have come to know as the Pontiac G8 . The Bathurst comes complete with a set of racing stripes on the hood and a supercharger underneath it. The VXR8 wears some very race inspired bodywork to go along with the 560 HP and the bargain £44,995 price tag.

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World’s first Corsa rollerskates. Vauxhall Motors commissions a special pair of skates to promote a top secret roller disco event, Vauxhall Skate, that is going to be held in an undisclosed location on July 29th somewhere in East London.

The British automaker Vauxhall has just unveiled their most economical car in over one hundred years of producing automobiles. The new Corsa ecoFLEX has been rated with a fuel consumption of 85.6 MPG on the English Government’s extra urban fuel cycle.

The ecoFLEX model is powered by a 1.3-litre CDTi engine, which makes just under 75 HP but still performs as well as its predecessor. The ultra efficient Corsa is capable of going from 0 to 60 MPH in 13.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of 104 MPH, however Vauxhall failed to coment as to how long that would take.

The most economical model in all of Vauxhall’s history can be yours starting at just £11,295.

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If you are from the U.K. you’ve got another thing to look out for on the roads, because the new Insignia is also being offered in a police package. The English automaker Vauxhall is now offering three different power options for official use: a 2.0 Liter 220 HP turbocharged version, a 2.8 Liter 260 HP V6 with all-wheel-drive and a 160 HP 2.0CDTi turbo diesel. The Insignia patrol car will be made as both a sedan and station wagon.

What sets the Police Insignia apart from the rest of the Vauxhall crowd are: Mobile Data Terminal cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, light bar on the roof shining 360 degrees of blue, spot lights, sirens and full communications radio equipment.

Whatever you do, don’t compliment the bobby on his Opel!

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Toyota called it the iQ and Vauxhall is calling it Trixx, although these two compacts look different they both serve the same purpose, navigating today’s overcrowded city streets. The Vauxhall is inspired by the 2004 Trixx Concept, complete with an electric motor and batteries based on the units originally used in the Opel Ampera . The front end of the Trixx also benefits from being heavily influenced by Opel’s hybrid electric concept vehicle.

The Vauxhall will have a range of about 90 miles between charges, making the Trixx even better suited for day to day around town driving. The car will make its official debut sometime in 2012.

Source: AutoExpress

Students from the London based Royal College of Art have been asked by Vauxhall to create futuristic interpretations of what they envision will be on the road in 2049. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the College’s Vehicle Design course the artist responsible for the best Opel inspired design will be given the opportunity to intern at the General Motors European Design Centre in Germany.

The students were told to let their imaginations run wild and the resulting renderings ranged from futuristic single seaters to extremely abstract suggestions of movement. However one point of concern for driving enthusiasts who like to have control of their machine, the majority of the future cars are autonomous machines where humans are nothing more than passengers.

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