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Long established as the face of the marque, Vauxhall’s Griffin will be given a new look for 2008. The new incarnation follows the rapid progress Vauxhall has made in vehicle design and overall brand perception in recent years, underpinned by the success of both Astra and Corsa models.

Vauxhall revealed new logo

Displaying a more dynamic and contemporary look, the new Griffin will make its first appearance on the new Insignia, which will debut at the British International Motor Show in July. It will then appear progressively on every all-new Vauxhall launched in the future.

Bill Parfitt, Vauxhall’s Managing Director, said that the new-look Griffin represented far more than just a badge re-design: “While the new-look Griffin pays homage to our 100 year-plus manufacturing heritage in the UK, it also encapsulates Vauxhall’s fresh design philosophy, first showcased in the current Astra, and set to continue with Insignia.

Spy shots is what auto makers hate the most. What can be more annoying than seeing a top secret car all over the internet? Well, Vauxhall decided to release a series of spy shots with the upcoming Insignia.

Vauxhall release 'official Spy Shots' of the Insignia and explain how and why they camouflage test cars

The Insignia will make its world debut at the British Motor Show on July 22nd. With a highly attractive, completely new body line and sculptural design, Insignia is set to cause a sensation in its class – but surprises only work if they are not revealed beforehand.

The team responsible for camouflaging prototypes began making their preparations for the test phase when the new car first progressed beyond computer simulations and clay models. Together with chief designers and engineers, the team established which of the car’s characteristic lines should be kept hidden the longest from prototype paparazzi.

Vauxhall release 'official Spy Shots' of the Insignia and explain how and why they camouflage test cars

Together, they developed a "facelift" for the upcoming model that would disguise the prototypes as much as possible. One of the variants had an especially elegant, flowing rear section, for instance, so a pronounced spoiler was designed to mask it. A wooden model was built as a cast to form the plastic camouflage parts needed for around 200 test cars that have to be disguised in the run-up to series production.

After the jump, Vauxhall explain how and why they disguise their test cars

One of the nation’s best-loved hot hatches has returned to Vauxhall showrooms after a two-year absence. The latest addition to the New Corsa line-up, the SRi revives one of the best known hot hatch monikers in a package that offers incredible levels of driving excitement, great looks and affordability.

There was every reason to mourn the passing of the Monaro, but the Thunder from Down Under hasn’t stopped yet. What better to replace the 6.0-litre V8, rear-drive Aussie performance icon with than an all-new Antipodean muscle car. A car, in fact, just like the VXR8 – a car even more powerful and exciting than the Monaro.

Vauxhall has unveiled today a new top-of-the-range luxury variant of the Zafira to further strengthen its position as the leader in its market segment. Loaded with standard equipment and offering great value for money with on-the-road prices starting at only £18,950, the new Elite is at Vauxhall retailers now.

Vauxhall has revealed today the legendary SRi badge for the Corsa. Offered in either three-door or a five-door, the new Corsa SRi will go on sale starting September. The Corsa SRi is designed to appeal to buyers who don’t need all the performance of the VXR but still appreciate style and sharp driving dynamics.

A member of the www.vx220.org.uk Forums decided to brag about his top speed and posted a few images with him driving at 150 mph. The problem is that his post has been seen by The Sun who decided to catch him. The guy made a huge mistake and in just few hours he was caught by The Sun: he left his phone number on the forum and revealed the vehicle’s registration number. Anthony Coyne, 27 was driving his Vauxhall VX220 sports car and his passenger took a picture of the Speedo needle hovering (...)
Source: The Sun

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