Japanese tuning firm, Veilside, is no stranger to building new auto projects using their Japanese counterparts as their base model. This time around, the aftermarket company headed over to the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon to present their latest masterpiece, the 4509 GTR Supra .

Based on the fourth generation Toyota Supra that dominated the streets of the world back in the 90’s, the 4509 GTR certainly looks noting like its predecessor. The credit, for better or worse, certainly goes to Veilside for the sick as a high fever styling upgrades.

Though its not a completely original piece of work – we found a few traces on the car that makes it resemble a few of its European contemporaries – Veilside’s work on the Supra is nothing short of detail-oriented. And on top of the aesthetic improvements, Veilside also gave quite a performance package to boost up the monster under its hood. In the world of aftermarket lore, that’s about as good as you can get for a mid 90’s Toyota Supra, proving that no cars are too old for a quality modification.

Details on the Toyota Supra 4509 GTR by Veilside after the jump.

Source: Veilside

The Japanese tuning house Veilside can be personally held responsible for some of the most unique tuner car creations on the face of the planet, and their new Premier 4509 line of appearance packages promise to do the same thing for a few more high profile vehicles. The Premier 4509 line from Veilside features body kits for the 200 MPH Bentley Continental GT as well as for both the Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo super cars.

This particular modified Murcielago sports some new skin that appears to have been inspired by the Reventon . The kit consists of a new front bumper with larger intakes and more angular lines. The 4509 Lambo also gets a pair of redesigned side skirts complete with oversized intakes in front of the rear wheels and a new rear bumper complete with a set of equally impressive vents and a functional diffuser. This particular example also wears the Premier 4509 wing on top of the rear deck lid to ensure that the raging bull is stable when flying at 205 MPH and looks just as good as it rolls by at 5 MPH. Veilside is also offering an oversized twin exhaust tip that fills in the negative space in the middle of the rear bumper quite nicely.

Aside from the limited edition carbon fiber Premier 4509 Lamborghini Murcielago body kit, of which only 300 will be sold, Veilside has also come out with a set of matching shoes to go along with your super car’s new suit. The Premier 4509 PL-V Limited Model rims offer a sleek triple split five spoke design, complete with staggered fitment and one heck of a lip in the back that is available in sizes rangin from 19 to 22 inches in diameter. So if you are feeling a little insecure about your LP640 , perhaps the automotive styling specialists from Veilside can help you out with one of their new Premier 4509 body kits.

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Bentley Continental by Premier4509

Premier4509 is a Japanese based subsidiary of the world renowned tuners Veilside . They have most recently launched a limited edition of 300 aero packages that update the aging exterior of the Bentley Continental giving the car a much more aggressive stance. With each kit the owner will receive a uniquely numbered serial plate and a framed certificate of authenticity.

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