Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen New Beetle entered production in 1998, and like it predecessors it was a very successful model. But Volkswagen is preparing to end the current generation of the iconic models; and to mark this even today at the Los Angeles Auto Show they have revealed the New Beetle Final Edition, for both coupe and convertible models. The company will build 1,500 units each, and prices will start at $20,240 for the coupe and $27,170 for the convertible model.

Volkswagen New Beetle Final Edition

The Final Edition beetle features a special Aquarius Blue paint with a painted black roof on the coupe, and a two-tone Aquarius Blue and Campanella White paint scheme with a white top on the convertible. Both the coupe and the convertible have a full sport suspension and special 17-inch alloy wheels that provide a more fun-to-drive stance, and make getting from point A to point B even more exciting.

Both versions are powered by a 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder gasoline engine rated at 150 hp and 170 lbs.-ft. of torque and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic.

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Volkswagen is offering the new New Beetle Black Orange special editions, available for both hatch and convertible. Customers in Germany can already start ordering this new edition with prices starting from €22,550 (around $33,800 at the current exchange rates).

Volkswagen New Beetle "BlackOrange" Special Edition

This new edition can be ordered in either a black exterior finish contrasting white stripes on the sides or an orange finish with black stripes. There are also 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, called "Sarasota".

On the inerior Volkswagen placed a three-spoke leather steering wheel and sports seats, fabric floor mats and gear lever gaiter with contrasting stitching in Burt marked orange and aluminum pedals.

Standard options include: air conditioning, radio "gamma CD," center armrest and electric windows.

Beetle fans, mark your calendars for 2012!

What’s so important about 2012, you ask? Well, according to Stefan Jacoby, CEO and president of Volkswagen Group of America, that’s the year when the latest incarnation of the transcendent car will be released.
In addition to his bold proclamation that the new Beetle is set to arrive in 2012, Jacoby also promises that it will be more spacious than any other Beetle Volkswagen’s ever released.

Whether that means that the venerable car will come in a bigger package is not far out of the question now, especially when you take into account that the Beetle has always been considered a classic compact car.
For a while now, Volkswagen has made it known of its goal to become the biggest car manufacturer in the world and the impending release of the new Beetle should validate VW’s intentions of global auto domination.

With the new Beetle set to lead the charge, VW is making an extra effort to cater to the comments of Beetle-holics regarding the rather cramped rear seats of the last generation Beetle.

As one of the most iconic cars in the history of the world, it’s hard to think of another vehicle that holds the same passionate following as that of the Beetle. So you can bet that if VW has any plans of overtaking the Toyotas and GMs of the world, they’re ambitions rest on how the public reacts to the new Beetle.

From the looks of things, it seems that VW understands all the concerns and are working tirelessly to create a new Beetle that will carry on the legacy of its predecessors.

Fiat was the first one to launch a special edition 500 to celebrate Barbie’s 50th Birthday. Today is time for Beetle to go pink. The car was transformed by customization artists ABD Racing Werks, Katzkin Leather and Interiors and FoamMolders.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Barbie Edition

From top to bottom and interior to exterior, Barbie® doll’s New Beetle convertible has left no detail unfinished. From the white custom leather interior and convertible top to the hand stitched floor mats and pink quilted leather lined door pockets and arm rests, even the dipstick is painted to resemble her favorite lipstick.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Barbie Edition

The New Beetle convertible is equipped with a motorized vanity in the trunk and plenty of rhinestone accents and vanity mirrors. Over five shades of paint were mixed together to create the perfect pink color for Barbie doll’s car.

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Volkswagen revealed the special edition Beetle Convertible Blush on the US market. The new special edition is value priced at $26,990 and only a limited number will be produced.

The “Blush” edition features a 2.5L engine that produces 150 hp, and 170 lbs.ft. of torque. The “Blush” edition comes with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Blush Edition

It features an exclusive exterior and interior color not offered on the standard version. An elegant metallic White Gold paint on the exterior nicely compliments the rich red leather interior, and red convertible top that gives this limited edition its namesake. The “Blush” edition is the only current New Beetle convertible available with genuine leather seating surfaces. Other unique features include a red boot for when the convertible top is down, and unique17-inch alloy wheels.

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Volkswagen has big plans for US: 1 million vehicles sold a year by 2018. Figures that large means VW must sell over four times more then they sell now (GM sells about that many cars in Latin America, Africa and Middle East combined.) So how how will be this possible? VW believes in expanding the product lines, including a possible Beetle truck.

the Beetle-based pickup that might be added to the line-up after the second generation Beetle will be launched on the US market in 2011. Other bug variants include crossover and wagon versions.

Less outrageous ideas include Volkswagen may bring over a new family of small vehicles based on its space up! concepts. Short term, Volkswagen will try to generate excitement this year with the introduction of the Routan, a rebadged Chrysler minivan, and the coupe-like Passat CC. Next year, the redesigned Rabbit (Golf) reaches showrooms.

On the horizon, a compact sedan that will compete with the Honda Civic will be launched in 2012. The redesigned Jetta debuts in 2010, with SportWagen version coming in 2012. A new mid-size sedan, similar in size to the Passat, will go on sale in 2011. A less-expensive successor to the Phaeton luxury sedan could go on sale here as soon as 2011.

Volkswagen is currently developing the next generation Beetle, a car that according to AutoExpress will get more sporty and striking look. The new Beetle needs to be good because it now has more competition from models like Mini and Fiat 500 . Sales will begin in 2010.

The gas engine range of the 2010 Beetle will include: a new 1.4-liter engine (both naturally aspirated-80 hp and turbocharged-120 hp), a 102 hp 1.6-liter engine, 2.0-liters engines (both naturally aspirated-150 hp and turbocharged-200 hp), a 150 hp 1.4 dual-charger TSI, and a diesel TDi engine. All the engines will be mated with a DSG paddle-shift transmission.

Source: AutoExpress
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A little while ago there was a remarkably strange and one-off Beetle, that was pieced together using metal stands, which you can see for yourself here just in case you have missed it. But now I’ve across something even better. This utterly crazy and insane Beetle has one mission: dare present-day supercars’ performance numbers.

Up front, things look normal and casual. But the action and adrenaline come into play as you glance at its back. A 1,450 hp GE T58-8F chopper turboshaft engine staged at the rear.

The really entertaining bit is Ron Patrick, the architect, hasn’t got rid of the Beetle’s factory-fitted engine. He utilizes it to drive in the city. But when there is an open stretch, you understand what he’ll do, won’t you? Totally strange and totally cool. Rejoice by viewing the video.

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We can’t seem to put forward enough of Beetle mods, restorations and peculiar cars based on this epic hatch. So why would somebody do such a thing of acquiring a Corolla and making a VW out of it?

Possibly it could have been a man’s discontentment over the $60,000 expenditure to import the Beetle into his nation. Even so, this Corolla-derived Beetle borrowed from other company’s parts bins to try and make it whole. For instance, the seats are from BMW BMW , the mirrors are from the Honda Civic, and countless interior bits are from unknown places. Merely the badges and lights are loaned from the Beetle making this a project car that has truly gone nowhere.

Volkswagen is working on a new generation Beetle. It will come as a 2011 model and will be built on the sixth-generation Golf platform. Volkswagen will adapt the Beetle’s distinctive style to a North American version of the Up! minicar.

The new New Beetle will come off the same platform as the Golf MK VI, in the 2010, or more likely, the 2011 calendar year and will include a hybrid version. VW would be smart, in fact, to make the MkII New Beetle hybrid-only, as its distinctive style lends it the same kind of instant recognition as the Toyota Prius. VW of America hasn’t officially confirmed the next New Beetle, saying only that it’s under study.

Volkswagen is rumored to be considering a Beetle-style version of the rear-engine, monobox/hatchback Up! concept unveiled last year at the Frankfurt show.

Source: MotorTrend

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