Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

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Yet another special for Beetle lovers. You have seen your favorite car taking on different avatars, a wide range of color schemes, shapes, attachments and modifications but I bet on my bottom dollar that you haven’t seen anything like this as such.

This Beetle owner thought about customizing his Beetle in a totally different way. He used the sheet metal of the car as a template and made another body welding strands of metal and the final result is terrific. Black paint should have made it look a lot better.

In terms of performance, the loss of weight should improve handling, braking, acceleration, and top speed, but is all of that of any importance in a theme car? What is even more so a useless bit of info is the enhanced engine cooling gained due to the free air-flow through the grills. I wouldn’t want to be the driver maneuvering through city roads on a rainy day though. Enjoy!

Source: Sense4Fun
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Bugged- Not one, but two Beetles planned by VW

For those who visited the Chicago show back in 2005, the Ragster Concept would have given you some idea on what was being planned, but then VW remained tight-lipped about the developments. News last month suggested the upcoming bug arriving sometime in 2011 will see a version with its top removed and even a small-sized SUV will feature in the list. VW will get there by using the 6th generation Golf platform to make the hatch and it would not be built stateside.

But now, Motor Trend reports that VW is considering anotherBeetle based on the VW Up! . The Up! debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt show and received a lot of positive response, especially from the American audience. So, VW might have decided to make use of it as a base to serve America exclusively with this iconic and hip car.

Bugged- Not one, but two Beetles planned by VW

If the car is going to be based on the Up!, then it makes it a rear-engined, rear wheel-drive layout bringing it ever so close to the original version. The renderings are neat and the car should in all probability look like them.

What does all this mean. Simple-another sub-brand for VW. With the amount of waves the Beetle has created in America, launching these two vehicles under a brand new banner makes a whole lot of sense.

Source: Motor Trend

There are just a couple of weeks left before the big double birthday party: Volkswagen New Beetle fans from all over Europe are going to be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the cult car line; at the same time the New Beetle Sunshine Tour is starting its fifth run in July. Alongside the production models, special paint jobs or completely new body work will all be on display at our grand review drive along the Baltic Sea coastline. The birthday tour starts midday on Saturday, July 19, at the Volkswagen Center in Lübeck. Its goal? A beach party featuring New Beetles on the beach grasslands at Grömitz.

The private initiative of the “New Beetle Sunshine Tour” got started by Beetle Cabriolet driver Gabriele Kraft of Lübeck in 2004. She takes charge of the organization of the party, which comes along each year in July. “What had its origin on a small scale has grown meanwhile into a regular international meeting. This year three New Beetles from Ukraine will be joining us as a first,” she says. More than some 190 cars with participants from all over Europe have registered already, and Gabriele Kraft is pretty optimistic that there won’t be a single spot left on the beachy grasslands at Grömitz. Even Beetle freaks from as far away as Scotland have logged on with us.

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Retro is cool. The Fiat 500 and the BMW Mini were yesteryear’s successful cars and their modern counterparts sell like hot cakes as well. The VW Beetle is amongst the most successful mass-production cars in automotive history and how does VW try and bring back that accolade and relive those times? Naturally by making a spanking new one that goes with the style and trend of the modern world but without losing some of the original flavor.

It has been ten long years since the new beetle arrived and it’s high time something is done about it. The anniversary edition is refreshing, but then, new colors and bumpers in limited numbers won’t help the situation completely.

But now VW has some news. They are working on a range of beetle models which will go live sometime in 2011. The word range insists that VW is trying to adopt the strategy that was used by BMW BMW on the Mini. A beetle station wagon or SUV, as the site claims, will be riveting too see but not without controversy. The question of why a small-scale SUV or a roadster would undoubtedly pop up.

The next-gen Beetle would mechanically be based on the Golf, technically developed in Germany, styled in California and constructed in Mexico. Nothing is known on the powertrain options but one can obviously expect to see hybrid variants or possibly battery powered beetles in the future.

Pictured- VW Ragster concept at the 2005 Chicago Auto show

Source: Retro to go

Driving off in iconic, head-turning vehicles like the 2008 New Beetle and New Beetle convertible just got easier with new option packages from Volkswagen. The New Beetle sedan now is available in a well-equipped base model “S” as well as the “SE” model with premium sound, heated front seats and heated windshield washer nozzles.

Volkswagen will launch the next generation Beetle in 2010. Built on the same platform as the Golf VI and the upcoming Scirocco, the 2010 Beetle might look the same as the current generation, but at a closer look everything is changed. It will get a more modern and aggressive look, and also for the first time it will be offered in many different versions: hatchback, soft-top convertible, a micro-van, a wagon-based crossover and even a pickup variant that will be offered in both 4x4 and a hot GTi version.

In the Volkswagen’s ambitious plans of overtaking Toyota, none of the models will be left unchanged. A new Beetle, totally redesigned will be launched in 2012, but not only in the usually coupe and convertible version; a roadster version, completely unknown, will be added to the line-up.

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