Volkswagen Eos

Volkswagen Eos

The Eos has won an extraordinary readers’ vote: for the first time, women could vote for their favourite car at the web site, a British internet page conceived for women. The eight-member jury comprising editors and experts in technology and automotive sports saw the Eos as the clear winner in the final elimination involving 27 models.

Metal-roofed convertibles are sturdier, safer, and offer better handling and a dramatically quieter ride than any ragtop. They are sexy, unsafe, pricey, cramped, and eminently unsuitable for families. As a result, many prospective car buyers just glance at them longingly in the showroom before driving off in a minivan or crossover. But safety is increasingly less of a factor. That’s because these days auto makers offer convertibles with the sensuality of a ragtop and the solidity of a (...)
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Alfa Romeo Spider was voted 2007’s gay car of the year. With 87 points it edged out models like: Mini Cooper Mini Cooper , Bentley Continental Bentley Continental GTC, BMW BMW Z4 Coupe or Volkswagen Eos Volkswagen Eos . The Spider is available in two versions, there is the choice of either sparkling 185 hp 2.2 JTS engine or the powerful 260 hp 3.2 JTS. Top ten Gay car of the year 2007 Alfa Romeo Spider Bentley Bentley Continental GTC Mini Mini BMW Z4 BMW Z4 Coupe Audi TT Volvo Volvo V70 Jaguar Jaguar XK Volkswagen Volkswagen EOS (...)
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MotorWeek TV has named the Volkswagen Eos Volkswagen Eos the “Best Convertible” in its annual Drivers’ Choice Awards. The announcement was made today at the Chicago Auto Show and MotorWeek will feature the Drivers’ Choice Award winners on a special episode to air on PBS February 10. “The four-season retractable hardtop design of the Volkswagen Eos sets a new benchmark for affordable convertibles,” said MotorWeek host John Davis. “The cleverness of the top is obvious. Add in strong and efficient engines and (...)
The most successful manufacturer in the RAC What Car? Car of the Year Awards was Volkswagen, which won three categories. The first award went to the Golf which won the "Best Small Family Car". The second award went to the Passat which won the Best Family Car award. "The Passat is in a league of its own and keeps the flag flying high for the conventional saloon." The Eos was awarded the title of Best Open-Top Car. "The Eos is a cracking car to buy, and (...)
Source: What Car

Based on the new Passat platform and containing many interior pieces from the Jetta and Golf, the coupe/cabriolet employs a folding metal roof that incorporates an innovative sunroof that slides open before the top actually starts on its way into to the trunk, should you only want limited sun exposure.

In its annual Editors’ Choice Awards, Autobytel selected the Volkswagen GTI and all-new Eos as the Best New Performance Car Under $40,000 and Best New Convertible Under $75,000, respectively. The Editors’ Choice Awards names the best new 2007 vehicles on the market as decided by a team of veteran automotive editors. Autobytel commended the 200-horsepower 2.0T four-cylinder engine shared by the GTI and Eos, especially when combined with the sports-tuned suspension and responsive steering (...)

Individuality direct from the factory – a contradiction? No, at least not at Volkswagen. Firstly, Europe’s largest car maker offers almost countless possibilities to configure its new cars via the range of equipment options for its models. Secondly, there are Volkswagen Individual models –namely the Golf Individual, the Passat Individual, the Passat Variant Individual, the new Eos Individual and the Touareg Individual.

The 2007 Volkswagen Eos has been awarded a “2006 Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science in the automotive category. To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its respective category. The automobile distinguished itself from thousands of new products and innovations to represent the top 100 winners across 10 categories: Automotive, Aviation & Space, Computing, Engineering, Gadgets, General Innovation, Home Entertainment, Home Tech, Personal (...)

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