Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

After Audi announced it will bring seven customized A1 to Wörthersee, Austria, Volkswagen has come back with an announcement of their own. Turns out, in true Volkswagen tradition, they will be presenting two special edition Golf GTIs: the Golf GTI Excessive and the Golf GTI Adidas. After all, the Worthersee is the traditional turned prime spot for Volkswagen to present its Golf models.

The first of them, the GTI Adidas, will be limited (limited being a loose term) to 4410 copies and will go on sale this June. The GTI Adidas will be offered with individualized exterior and interior equipment such as a specially developed sports seat design, standard bi-xenon headlights, and LED taillights on board. The Adidas will roll off in newly-designed 18-inch alloy "Serres" wheels.

The GTI Excessive is said to be inspired by the world of motorsports. So far, we know that the Excessive will feature a new front splitter, rear spoiler, and side skirts finished in black. These additional features were designed to look like race-ready aerodynamic add-ons. Unfortunately, this GTI is not slated for production.

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Volkswagen unveiled today the first details on the Golf blue-e-motion concept car - an electric vehicle that will be launched as a production model in 2013. Volkswagen declared today that the company "wants to use bestsellers such as the Golf to take electric vehicles out of their niche model status and to become the market leader for a new type of sustainable mobility by 2018. This strategy coincides with planning by the German federal government, which would like to see about one million electric vehicles on the streets by 2020."

The Golf blue-e-motion concept car is powered by an electric motor integrated in the engine compartment in front that delivers a total of 113 HP. The car has an autonomy of 150 kilometers and can hit a top speed of 86 mph, while the sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 11.8 seconds. The concept car will be undergoing tests in all conceivable weather conditions next year with the use of 500 test cars.

Volkswagen’s dedication to the environment does not end there, however. They are also moving forward with their hybrid line with the Touareg Hybrid that has already launched, a hybrid version of the Jetta due out in 2012, and in 2013, a Golf Hybrid and a Passat Hybrid.

Volkswagen is definitely making waves in terms of the electric car and hybrid car movement as we are sure eveyone will in the coming years. They are definitely not the first ones to tackle this feat, but they are surely not the last.

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The sixth generation Golf has just been unveiled, but that has not stopped the overachieving German company from starting to work on the seventh generation. Like many other Volkswagen models, the future Golf VII will be designed by Walter de Silva, so expect the same design lines as found in the recently launched Scirocco.

While the design for the seventh generation Golf will come as no surprise, the big news will be under the hood. For the first time in Golf history, the Volkswagen will use Twin Drive hybrid technology that combines a 1.5-liter diesel with three electric motors. Also a first in the Volkswagen model will be the HCCI engine - a petrol engine that acts like a diesel- with no spark plug and combustion due to sheer compression.

Aesthetically, there doesn’t seem to be too many changes to the Golf model. We do see a slight resemblance to the lines of the Scirocco, but we also see major resemblances between the sixth and seventh generations.

The new generation Golf is expected to debut in 2012 and will be offered in different body versions, including a convertible.

Source: SteeringNews

German tuner, Rieger brings us a new tuning package for the sixth generation Golf GTI . The package includes aesthetic modifications, a set of wheels, and a sport exhaust system.

The tuning package includes a lip spoiler kit with a fiber glass mesh and ABS inserts, lip spoiler middle splitter, side skirts with cutouts, a roof spoiler and a rear bumper diffuser made in carbon fiber. The exterior package is finished with a set of 20" OZ brand alloy wheels.

Rieger also added a sports exhaust system with an ESD exhaust sound control system and two oval tips.

Remember the Golf VI GTI RZR presented back in January? Well, today, Revozport finally unveiled the production version that comes with three upgrade stages.

The aerodynamic package includes: new front bumper, 2 adjustments for the front splitter, an approx 4kg lightweight carbon Kevlar reinforced bonnet, wider tracks at the front and rear, new side skirts, and topped off with 19 inch rims and wider tires.

Thanks to an ECu update, exhaust system, and intercooler, the maximum output has been raised to 300 hp.

The German tuner, Je Design, revealed the first details on their customization program for the new Volkswagen Golf VI today. The tuner says they will offer a complete bodykit, lowered springs or coilovers, multispoke alloy-wheels, sport-exhaust systems, exclusive leather interior, and a performance upgrade.

While there are no other details offered, you can see that the aerodynamic package will offer a new front spoiler, side skirts, and a rear diffuser.

The tuner gave no details on the engine’s upgrades, but we expect them to be impressive.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen has announced that they will be adding a sporty model division to their lineup. The Volkswagen R GmbH division was developed and is expected to turn out sportier versions of Volkswagen’s existing models using the R and R Line names. Examples of that are the already previewed Volkswagen Golf R and Volkswagen Scirocco R . Europe is also seeing the Passat CC R Line that was previewed at the Detroit Auto Show .

“Our vehicles contribute to the emotionalisation and growth of Volkswagen brand,” explained Ulrich Riestenpatt gt. Richter, General Manager of Volkswagen R GmbH.

Volkswagen undoubtedly wants to take advantage of the popularity behind the BMW M series and the Mercedes AMG division by creating a separate division of their own. Their vision is to supply the market with an answer to its demand for “individualised vehicles with contemporary sportiness and exclusivity.” Volkswagen R GmbH will be responsible for developing, implementing, and selling the R and R Line cars. These cars will be “turbocharged” versions of their already existing models and will also come with unique R line packages as well as Volkswagen exclusive items.
We expect the Volkswagen Golf R to hit the US market in late 2011 and hope the next R Line model follows shortly thereafter.

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Abt Sportsline joined the ranks of the number of tuning houses who made their presences felt at the Geneva Motor Show with their new offering: a tuning package for the new Volkswagen Golf R.

And as with most of Abt Sportsline’s works-of-art, the tuned up Volkswagen Golf sure does live up to that ’R’ (racing) label attached to it after the tuner spiked up the Golf’s engine to deliver 310 horsepower with a 0-60 sprint time in 5.2 seconds. The Golf R’s top speed was also raised to 162 mph.

Overall, Abt Sportsline’s tuning package for the Golf R comes with a new front skirt, daytime running lights, front lip spoiler and a choice between 18-inch or 19-inch wheels.

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You might be familiar with Senner Tuning and their positively-received customization programs for models like the Audi R8 or the Audi A5 . This time, though, they’re turning their attention on a completely different project, namely the Volkswagen Golf R32.

Thanks in large part to a BMC Carbon Airbox, as well as a stainless steel sport exhaust system, and some ECU tuning, the tuned-up Golf V R32 raised its engine output 24 horsepower to a hugely-impressive 270 ponies.

Apart from the bump up in engine power, Senner Tuning also included in their tuning package for the Golf V R32, among other things, a new sport suspension, 3-piece alloy 20" wheels, performance brake pads and a set of carbon fiber parts - front grill inserts, a roof spoiler, a rear diffuser and side-mirror housings.

Whoever said that Senner Tuning only knows their way around Audis is sadly mistaken; they seem to be completely adept in souping up a Volkswagen, too.

Word to all the fans of the Volkswagen Golf: the latest addition to the Volkswagen Golf line-up - the CrossGolf - will be revealed next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Placed between an MPV and an SUV, the new CrossGolf will be offered with both direct-injection turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, with the output reaching up to 160 horsepower. All engine variants will be mated to a 6-speed gearbox and with the exception of the 105 horsepower TSI, all units can also be mated to an optional 7-speed DSG.

Like all the new Volkswagen models that have been released recently, the CrossGolf is defined by the horizontally-aligned band of the radiator grille between the headlights, which is reflected to the horizontal form of the front bumper. The interior gets sport seats (front) with two-tone fabric covers and a "small leather package" with a three-spoke steering wheel, gearshift lever trim and grip-in leather.

Shortly after its debut in Geneva next week, the Volkswagen CrossGolf is expected to go on sale a one month later in April.

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