Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI

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Hofele, the innovative company in the product-range of car-accessories especially for German manufacturers like Audi and VW, recently unveiled the Hofele-Design-Edition kit for the Golf GTI .

Hofele-Design Golf V GTI revealed

Using only high-tech accessories and super light materials developed in order to define the elegance of the Hofele Brand the Golf GTI kit features a front bumper with 2 big air intakes, sideskirts fitted as well with two air intakes, but also a rear apron to use with sports muffler.

To increase the power of the vehicle Hofele also used 4 tube sports muffler. Featuring four oval tail pipes the exhaust system is suitable for the well-known 2.0 FSI Turbo engine but, according to the manufacture, this is possible only mounted in combination with the rear apron.

The staff at US motoring magazine “Car and Driver” (January 2008 issue) have chosen the Golf GTI as one of the “2008 10Best Cars”. The GTI had already made a return to this list last year — following an absence of 21 years — and has now successfully defended its place in 2008.

Volkswagen announced that they were awarded two “Motorist Choice Awards” from PRIMEDIA’s IntelliChoice.com and AutoPacific for the 2007 Volkswagen GTI Volkswagen GTI and Jetta. The Volkswagen GTI was the top choice for the Image Compact Car category, while the Jetta was named the winner in the Mid-Size Car category. The award, which recognizes the most satisfying cars and trucks that are also the least expensive to own is based on a combination of IntelliChoice.com cost of ownership data and AutoPacific’s (...)

More than 25 years ago VW introduced the first pocket rocket and started a niche market that is now a style statement for many car enthusiasts. We wanted to build a car that let the best of the GTI and the best of the aftermarket kick asphalt! The H&R Project GTI has something for all. It is subtle, but different. The tone on tone paint difference is not always noticeable, but the power and handling definitely is! The new GTI has an automatic built-in market. The young car guys who built GTIs 25 years ago cant wait to get their hands on this new car. The Y Generation likes a well-engineered vehicle that offers a huge array of aftermarket to add to their style. H&R GTI has it all!

Volkswagen announced today that the Jetta and the GTI have each captured a J.D. Power and Associates APEAL award for 2007. J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study measures owner delight with the design, content, layout and performance of their new vehicles. "These awards and our overall rankings show that Volkswagen builds compelling, quality vehicles that our customers love to drive," said Adrian Hallmark, executive vice president, Volkswagen of (...)
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What more do you need to prove that your company cares for tuners when the Chief Designer owns a moderetly tuned street car? Well, in VW there is no doubt left in anyone’s mind. Instead of your usual top level management employees with little interest in their own product, Derek Jenkins (Chief Designer for VWoA) is proud to display his daily driver: a well-tuned 2006 VW GTi.

Source: EuroTuner

From 7 to 10 June Volkswagen will return to Germany’s biggest race with two Golf GTIs. The 24-hour race will take place at the Nürburgring The GTIs what will race have an output of 300 hp, exactly 50 per cent or 100 hp more than the production car. The two-litre TFSI turbo engine transmits its power through a six-speed DSG-Direct Shift Gearbox. Volkswagen Motorsport developed the race car in only four months. In addition to unique design solutions, the technicians benefited from the (...)

The Golf GTI Pirelli is back; a powerful, fast and very exclusive GTI. Volkswagen is continuing the history of one of the best known limited edition models in Europe. In May 1983, the “Original Pirelli” arrived on the market. It was based on the first generation, second series Golf GTI. A distinctive identifying feature: Specially designed alloy wheels with the “Pirelli P” on their outer edges. A remarkable 10,500 cars of the special model were built and sold within half a year. Then it was over – a limited edition! If there were an Automobile Hall of Fame for young-timers, the “Pirelli GTI”, as it was called by its fans, would have long held a place there.

Daring to create something unique, leaving conventions behind and awakening passion – these have been at the heart of the GTI concept since its inception. To date, more than 1.67 million car drivers have fallen under its charm. The Golf GTI has been an icon for a long time now. A brand in itself. A label of sportiness. To drive a GTI is to make a statement; across the globe. Sin Sin ce 1982, its greatest fans have been celebrating it every year at the Wörthersee in the Austrian state of Kärnten. Thousands come for this event. Five days of Mardi Gras in May. For this occasion, Volkswagen has put a Golf on wheels that is like no other: The GTI W12-650 showcar. This sports car is a tribute to our GTI friends at the Wörthersee, car fans who made the GTI a legend. It is a concept that was designed just for them.

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